About Forest Park Elementary School

School Highlights

  • Strong sense of school pride through many teachers whose parents also worked at the school, and many students whose parents also attended the school.
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) school, which is a culturally responsive multi-level system of behavior support.
  • Forest Park School Association is a collaborative team made up of teachers, families and administration who work closely to provide community-building activities and learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Students learn the importance of giving back to the community through service-learning projects.
  • Second Step school focused on the social, emotional and academic success of every student.

Here at Forest Park…

Here at Forest Park Elementary School, our caring staff consistently strives to provide the best instructional strategies in reading, writing and math. We integrate subjects, as well as technology. Each classroom is equipped with a Promethean board, and laptops and iPads are used by students each day. We collaborate weekly, differentiate our instruction, and provide interventions to meet the diverse needs of our learners, as proficiency on the Common Core State Standards is our goal. We are a School of Distinction for Positive Behavior in School, teaching students to be respectful, responsible, and safe, and to concentrate on learning. We recognize that keeping our students healthy and moving, as well as good attendance help students to be successful in school and in life.


Forest Park students have an outstanding record of achievement.  Faculty and students are encouraged by the strong support of an active parent organization.

Forest Park is a Title I School. View our Title I plan.

Mission Statement

The mission of Forest Park Elementary School, a progressive Learning community dedicated to academic excellence and enriched learning is to empower all students to be proficient, enthusiastic and responsible learners by ensuring a safe and nurturing environment which utilizes research-based instruction supported by the combined efforts of students, families, community members and staff.