Who were are and what we believe! History PPE

School should be a place where children enjoy learning; the faculty displays a passion for teaching, all in an environment where we produce results in academics & growth of character with opportunities to show what you know!

~ We invest in displays that show what students are learning, art work from students, and creative pieces on the doors and on the walls for others to see.

~ Strong students are strong readers and writers!  We are proud to display the great written outcomes of our students.

~ Character is EVERYTHING!  We recognize, teach and celebrate acts of good character.

~ We believe learning should take place in a comfortable environment, a clean building, and where the outside reflects the inside.

~ We are a community!  We have a common purpose and we share a common bond in doing everything we can to create the best learning experience and memories for our children.  To do so, we work together and contribute in ways that enhance the school, their education, and strengthen our families.

~ We strive to be a professional organization with up-to-date technology, efficient ways to communicate and with a high level of respect among adults and children.

~ We are committed to advocating for children and their futures.  We want students to feel loved, important and smart and we will do everything we can to accomplish this.

Pleasant Prairie School History

Community is a huge part of our success at Pleasant Prairie Elementary School and it has been that way for over 140 years!  Our Motto that is posted over the main entrance is the same that was in our building in 1922, “Let the Spark of Learning Glow”. With this motto and a strong sense of community we have everything we need to succeed!  We have a proud history, a wonderful focus on character and a deep history that has taught a community the power of learning and the importance of a light that will shine.