School History

Kenosha’s far north side was expanding rapidly in the 1960’s. Residents of the area called for a new elementary school to serve the needs of their children.  In February of 1967, construction began on Bose Elementary School.

Progress was steady during 1967 despite a change in the organization of the school system and a completely new school board.  Work continued without interruption even when it was discovered there was no money to finance the project due to a shift from a joint to a financially independent unified school district.  Promissory notes to the city’s banks cleared up the problem and on January 29, 1968, Bose Elementary School opened its doors as scheduled.

The new school was named for the Bose family of Somers Township and also honors other pioneers of the community.  The land was acquired from Joseph Bose, a member of the Somers Town and Election Boards.  His father, Edward Bose, was a leader of community affairs for many years.  Other members of the family still reside in the area.

Bose School was specifically designed for team teaching.  In 1970, the School Board designated Bose Elementary as a multi-unit individually guided education school.   Bose School has an open enrollment policy and parents from anywhere in the District may enroll their children there.

In the 1980’s, the individually guided education program was modified to reflect changes in the Kenosha Unified School District curriculum.