About Bose Elementary School

School Highlights

  • Bose Elementary School is committed to keeping every student’s academic and social-emotional needs at the heart of our work through a strong partnership between school, families and our community.
  • Crew structure connects students with peers and learning targets throughout the day and celebrates the growth of students on a monthly basis.
  • Award-winning Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) school that provides social and emotional learning to help all
    students succeed.
  • Character values and habits of learning instilled through lessons include integrity, responsibility, collaboration, quality, perseverance and kindness.
  • Emphasis on technology, extracurricular activities and early education to ensure students are engaged early and stay engaged.

Bose Facts

  • School Colors…… Green & Yellow
  • School Mascot….. Bobcat
  • Number of Students…… 270
  • Total number of Staff….. 40
  • Total number of Teachers…. 25
  • Grades Early Education through Fifth Grade
  • Total number of items in Library….. 11,391

Character Values and Habits of Learning


I have a strong spirit.  I can make good choices regardless of recognition.

  • I can make wise choices for myself and for my community.
  • I can admit when I make mistakes and fix them.
  • I can be truthful and respectful.
  • I can demonstrate honesty about my learning.


I can demonstrate responsibility in all settings.

  • I can be on time and prepared for learning.
  • I can listen and follow directions.
  • I can make good choices everywhere.


I know small acts can make a big difference

  • I can empathize with others by listening and showing concern
  • I can demonstrate kindness through my words
  • I can take actions that show I care for others in my community.
  • I can be respectful towards others even when we disagree.



I can engage constructively with others to create quality work that impacts a common goal.

  • I can help others and ask for help when needed.
  • I can participate with others by doing my part.


I can use feedback and reflection to produce my best work.

  • I can use time efficiently.
  • I can create multiple revisions
  • I can use academic language in my work and conversations.


I can keep trying until I am successful.

  • I can take risks in spite of obstacles.
  • I can set goals and monitor my progress.
  • I can use revision strategies to improve my work and actions.
  • I can work until I am proud of my quality product.