Welcome to the 2020/2021 School Year!

MIDDLE SCHOOL course selection:

Please review the letter that was sent home to all current 5th graders.  Use this form to select next year’s middle school courses by Feb. 19th, 2021.

Please call the office if you have any questions!



Phone: 262-359-7711  or 262-359-7700

Email: helpdesk@kusd.edu 

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Find all CURRENT 2020 Covid-19 Resources and District Response, here!

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Kenosha Unified School District’s 4K program provides the basis for your child’s success by offering an engaging learning environment that will make his/her first school experience exciting and fun. Our certified, high-quality educators will nurture your child’s curiosity by listening to your child and creating individual learning goals that meet his/her social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities.

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Dress Code

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Click here to access the STUDENT DRESS CODE


Southport families, “Do you know what ALICE is?” Any form of threat against the school, staff or students is taken seriously.  Please click on the following flier to be informed.

KUSD Hear-Say Something – English

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