About Roosevelt Elementary School

Roosevelt school building.School Highlights

  • National Blue Ribbon Award Winner
  • Operates with a true school community feel – parents, community, students and staff are part of the total operation of the school.
  • Houses the Kenosha Unified Enrichment Program alongside our neighborhood students, blending the program seamlessly within our school community.
  • Part of the Kenosha community for more than 95 years and our citizens are very proud of our staff, students and their personal ties to the school community.

Imagine a School…

In which all children achieve at high levels regardless of their backgrounds… That recognizes all children as talented and builds on their strengths through enrichment strategies, independent research, scientific experiments, writing, music, art, and problem solving… In which all members of the school community develop a vision of their ideal school, collaborate to achieve that vision, and make major decisions about learning, instructional strategies, and school organization… Where ideas count… WELCOME TO ROOSEVELT SCHOOL!

“The schools we want for our own children must be the schools we want for all children.” Thomas Dewey

Vision Statement

Roosevelt Elementary School is committed to achieving the highest results for all students. Roosevelt’s staff, families and the community will work diligently to develop meaningful connections with every student to ensure individual success for each student. The culture of Roosevelt is built on a commitment to excellence, continuous growth, and celebrating our success.

Mission Statement

The mission of Roosevelt Elementary School is to create a community of thinkers and learners who strive for excellence by developing the knowledge and attitudes of productive, global citizens.