Elementary Music


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2017-2018 Music Programs

All music programs are held in the auditorium at the west campus and start at 6:30 PM.

November 14th-5th Grade

November 16th – 4th Grade

January 30th-   3rd Grade

February 1st-2nd  Grade

March 20th–       1st Grade

March 22nd-Kindergarten

All-City Choir Performances – select 5th grade students

Fall Performance – November 20th, 6:30 PM at Tremper High School

Choral Festival Performance – February 10th at Indian Trail High School

Classroom Music News

Riser Expectations



Musical symbols, Classical period and dynamics- 3rd grade study

Musical Symbols-The staff and dynamics study- 4th grade

Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

Recorder Play-alongs

Piano Unit and Study

 Sight-Reading Resources

Additional Sight-Reading Exercises

Flash Cards: Rhythm & Sight-Reading

Major Scale Exercises & Charts

Minor Scale Exercises & Charts

Chromatic Scale, Running Triads, Modes, & Whole Tone Scale

The Sight-Reading Project

Rhythmic Dictation


All City Choir Website

1st Graders Sing at Craft Fair

Music Class Fun

Mrs. Middleton – KTEC’s west campus

Mrs. Dittlof – KTEC’s east campus