About Chavez Learning Station

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Chavez Learning Station is the home of the Head Start Program for Kenosha Unified School District. Head Start eligible families can attend school at Chavez Learning Station or at various neighborhood schools. To find out more about the Head Start Program, check out our 22-23 Annual report, and Head Start Eligibility to find out if you qualify.

School Highlights

  • Chavez Learning Station is a preschool-only building for 3, 4 and 5-year-old children and is home to the Head Start program, which promotes community awareness, child health and school readiness.
  • Chavez is a Pyramid Model Implementation Site, which is a research-supported approach to address students’ social and emotional skills at school and home.
  • Head Start’s mission is to create a meaningful learning environment for children at school and home through research-supported play-based curriculum, intentional teaching of math and literacy skills, developmentally appropriate learning goals, supportive development of social and emotional skills, hands-on learning and more.
  • Head Start is focused on developing strong families through family engagement activities, home visits to support relationships and transitions to school and by teaching effective, empathetic, and respectful communication.
  • In addition to addressing the academic, social and emotional needs of each child, Head Start also supports health and nutrition needs of students.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Chavez Learning Station is to create a meaningful learning environment for children at school and at home; to develop strong families by teaching effective, empathetic, and respectful communication; and to promote community awareness, child health, and school readiness.

Chavez Learning Station is the only school in KUSD that serves ONLY 3, 4 and 5 year old children.  It opened in 2003 with 12 classrooms serving children in the Head Start program, Early Childhood Special Education, and the Pre-school Peer Program.

Currently, there are five Head Start classrooms and two Early Learners classrooms at Cesar Chavez, with offices that house a variety of Head Start and KUSD support staff for the children and families that go to school here.