About Prairie Lane Elementary School

School Highlights

  • Collaborative teacher teams, who maintain high academic standards, provide students with diverse learning experiences to support critical thinking and engage learners.
  • Participation in activities that extend beyond the classroom, such as our school garden, for students to see the power of their collective effort.
  • Proudly houses the District’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program for elementary students.
  • Strong partnerships with families, who play a critical role in supporting our students, including a Parent Teacher Organization that organizes many events for students and families.
  • Multiple clubs are available after school for students to further develop their skills and talents.

School Vision

  • To be a model school for personalized learning where students and staff exceed expectations.

District Mission

  • Provide excellent, challenging learning opportunities and experiences that prepare each student for success.

School Facts

  • School Colors: Blue and Gold
  • School Mascot: Eagles