Support Brompton

Our Charter school is strongly supported by our parents, family and friends in a variety of ways.  We welcome volunteers, corporate sponsors and financial contributions to keep our school moving forward to educate our students in the 21st Century skills to make them successful and positive leaders in our communities in the future.

If you would like to learn more  about how you can assist us to continue moving  forward, please contact 262-359-2191.

Fundraising Information

Print a copy of the fundraising checklist before you begin each fundraiser. Use it as a guideline for your fundraising activities. Please pay close attention to the “Time frame” to allow enough time for follow through without putting unnecessary stress on those involved.

External Parties Fundraising Checklist (This information applies to all fundraisers by external parties in the name of the Kenosha Unified School District or any individual school. (i.e. PTO/PTA’s Booster Clubs, Educational Foundations etc.)

District Fundraising Information Checklist (This information applies to all fundraisers performed by District and School Personnel and Student Activity Fund participants.  Additional information found on Advisor.

Below are the links to forms mentioned on the External Parties Fundraising checklist:

Fundraising Permission Form

Criminal Background Check

Post-Fundraising Report Form

Student Fundraising Permission Form


Happy Fundraising!