BCP Information

Our parent organization, The Brompton Community Partnership (BCP), is an important part of our school community. The Mission Statement of the parent organization pledges “…to support educational opportunities, nurture social experiences for students and to foster a sense of community spirit and pride among students, parents and teachers of The Brompton School.”

The BCP does many fundraisers to support the school, plans family activities to bring the families together and develop a strong sense of camaraderie and provides many ways for families to get involved.  The BCP holds bi-monthly meetings that all families are expected to attend.

2023-2024 Executive Board

  • President, Kara Easton
  • Vice-President, Allison Bell
  • Treasurer, Michelle Kloet
  • Secretary, Jill Derwae
  • Elementary Liason, Elizabeth Williams
  • Middle School Liason, Marcus Gallo
  • Social Committee Chair, Valerie Shike
  • Fundraising Chair, Terry Jensen

Contact the BCP at bromptoncommunitypartnership@gmail.com

BCP Bylaws