Academic Program and Instructional Beliefs

The Brompton School serves students in Kindergarten through grade eight. We offer a challenging, academically focused curriculum. The Brompton School program is based on the project based learning instructional method.

We believe success earned through hard work will develop self- worth, confidence, and ensure future achievement; the success children achieve through their own efforts cultivates a desire to achieve greater success.  We believe students learn best when they are challenged to set high goals, are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals and experience success in attaining them.

We offer a rigorous and fast-paced academically focused curriculum that challenges our students and encourages them to put forth their best effort.  Curriculum materials which reflect the philosophy of the school are chosen by the Principal and staff to support the mission and academic program of The Brompton School.

We attain our educational goals through:

  • Use of curriculum materials and teaching strategies that support its philosophy
  • Involving parents in all aspects of their child’s educational experience at Brompton.
  • Employing qualified staff that believe and support the Brompton philosophy.
  • Maintaining a small school environment that allows for effective instruction and learning experiences while providing opportunity for individual student attention as needed.
  • Maintaining high expectations for student academic progress and behavior