Lottery Application

Brompton students are selected through a lottery-based enrollment opportunity. The lottery application process is open to all students of the District with the expectation that the parents/guardians who choose Brompton agree with the philosophy of the school.

Students must be Kenosha Unified School District students, reside in the Kenosha Unified School District by May 1 of the registration year, or have completed an Open Enrollment application within the state window of opportunity and received KUSD approval.

Parents are encouraged to consider the expectations of Brompton for academic commitment when choosing the school.

Return here to apply for the Brompton K5-8th grade lottery Nov 27th – Noon Dec 20, 2023.

Click here for the latest information on the KUSD right-sizing process.

All Applications received after noon December 20th, 2023 will be added to the waitlist.

Brompton Lottery Application