About The Brompton School

School Highlights

  • The Brompton School offers a challenging, academically focused, innovative curriculum. The program is based on project based learning with the belief that a solid foundation in reading and math is important for academic success, that students learn best by constructing solutions to real life problems, and that all students should be academically challenged.
  • A Franklin Covey Leader in Me school, which is an evidence-based, comprehensive school improvement model used to empower students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in today’s world.
  • Variety of clubs and organizations available for students, including an archery team, in addition to an active parent organization.
  • The small learning community and single track focus allows staff to collaborate in vertical teams, monitor student progress closely, and plan for the use of a variety of powerful teaching strategies and interventions.
  • Before and after school child care program offered to all families.

About Us

The Brompton School, a Charter School of the Kenosha Unified Schools, serves students in PreK-8 (when budget and space allow).  The Brompton School seeks to provide all of our students with an optimal educational setting and opportunities through an innovative academic curriculum.  The Brompton School program is based on the project based learning method with the belief that a solid foundation in reading and math is important for academic success, that students learn best by constructing solutions to real life problems, and that all students should be academically challenged.  Project based learning allows students the platform to not only secure core skills but also to apply the skills in their daily lives while enriching and extending their knowledge through differentiated, personalized learning opportunities.

It is the philosophy of The Brompton School that a small school population, rigorous curriculum and high expectations for student achievement along with a high degree of parental involvement are essential components for student success.  We believe success earned through hard work will develop self worth, confidence, and ensure future achievement. We believe students learn best when they are challenged to set high goals, are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals and experience success in attaining them. For an optimal, positive learning experience, teachers provide a personalized learning experience for students.  When their needs are meet, students gain confidence and are motivated to accept the challenges of increasingly demanding goals.

Instructional methods based on an inquiry based approach to instruction and student learning are used at The Brompton School. At the K-3 grade levels, basic literacy skills are taught directly and are reinforced during afternoon project time.  Likewise, at the middle school level, content is taught directly, however, there are significant efforts to integrate the content into realistic projects.  Project-based learning is an approach to education which supports the belief that students learn best when they’re interested in a real-world problem and then, with a teacher’s skilled guidance, take ownership of the challenges involved in solving it.   Solving a real world problem may, in some cases, take the student out of the classroom to observe the outdoors or community, talk with experts, and create such products as service programs, business plans, museum exhibits, or working models. Students who complete projects like these achieve a deep understanding of the standard curriculum, while also building lifelong learning habits and vital workplace skills. In particular, they develop 21st century skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and information media literacy.

We believe that each student is unique, and so learning experiences must consider the abilities, interests, learning styles, and preferred ways of expression of each student.   At Brompton, teachers use project based instruction to create customized, engaging lessons that encourage students to apply, deepen, and extend their learning.  The teachers assign projects that are individualized to the specific student’s needs and interests. Using provided online resources, teachers choose critical thinking activities, virtual field trips, independent study activities, and online activities to meet the preferred learning styles and interests of each individual student.  Brompton believes that differentiation addresses the needs of a variety of learners in the classroom through different approaches that change instruction, assignments or assessment.  We also believe that learning can be easily personalized by assigning enrichment and/or intervention activities according to the students’ needs and interests.  Students have opportunities to showcase their work and are required to attend school events to present their projects to The Brompton Community.

In addition to our academic component, we believe a well-rounded curriculum is important for our children to become outstanding adults. Character traits are reinforced through The Leader in Me program.  Music, Art, Student Council and Interact all provide a challenging, disciplined learning environment that children enjoy.  The overall school culture at Brompton is special, too.  Brompton students wear uniforms. Our teachers and parents describe Brompton as a tight knit community or family where students feel safe. Our involved parents meet monthly to discuss school issues, plan and run monthly social activities for the entire school, frequently work in the school or classrooms, and are encouraged to eat lunch with their children. In fact, one of our parents summed it up well when she said “I like knowing that my child’s classmates have parents as committed to their child’s education as I am”.