School History

Built in 1953, Wilson Elementary has always been a small to medium sized neighborhood elementary school. An 8 room addition was constructed in 1961 to complete the school as it stands today. Over the years the building has housed the Headstart Program as well, though Headstart moved out in 2003.

In 1998 Wilson adopted the Marva Collins reform model and added Direct Instruction in 1999. Wilson severed ties with Marva Collins in 2000, but continues to implement a school uniform policy consisting of shirt, pants, tie, and dress shoes. A strong school-wide discipline policy is also employed. Direct Instruction continues to be our instructional model.

Wilson became a program site for the district’s bilingual/ELL program in the 2004-2005 school year. Since that time our bilingual program has grown from 3 classes (approximately 40 building-wide students total) to 5 classes (over 100 building-wide students total).

Wilson Elementary applied for and received a Reading First grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in the spring of 2003. We are currently in the 4th year of the 6 year grant. As a Reading First school, Wilson utilizes SRA Reading Mastery as the core reading program and SRA Open Court as the supplemental reading program. DIBELS testing is done 3 times per year: September, January, and April. ERDA testing is performed in the fall and spring. The Terra Nova test is given in March and the WKCE test is given in November. Professional Development is an extremely important component of Reading First. Each member of the teaching staff participates in a minimum of 36 hours of professional development each year. This includes grade level collaboration; coaching from Educational Resources, Inc. (ERI), and Insight; as well as national, state, district, and building in-services, workshops, and conferences.

In addition to Reading First, Wilson is a SAGE school and a Title I school.

Wilson students benefit from varied enrichment and extra curricular activities. These include: service learning projects, KABA Mentoring Program, Save One Student Mentoring Progran, CLC after-school program, sports teams, Battle of the Books, Safety Patrol, Eagles Club, Choir, Band, and Orchestra.

Programs and Services

  • Bilingual – Grades kindergarten through 5
  • Reform Model – Direct Instruction
  • Service Learning – Projects initiated in all grades
  • Reading First – 2003 to present
  • SAGE – Grades kindergarten through 3
  • Title 1 – All grades
  • Mentoring – KABA Mentoring, Save One Student Mentoring Program