Wilson Elementary School is an urban neighborhood/choice school in the Kenosha Unified School District. Approximately 225 students attend Wilson Elementary’s Pre-K – Grade 5 classrooms. All Wilson students benefit from a high quality education in inclusive classrooms focused on the principles of Expeditionary Learning that promote a deep engagement in schoolwork and allows all students to achieve at a high level.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wilson Elementary, a model school which values rich diversity, hard work, and perseverance, is to empower all students to maximize their social, emotional, and academic capabilities by providing a safe, supportive, and structured learning environment through collaboration of students, families, community, and staff.

Wilson Elementary’s 2014 – 2015 Expeditionary Learning Goals

  • Students at Wilson Elementary School are avid, vibrant readers.
  • Relationships among students, families, and staff promote student success.
  • Wilson staff motivate and engage students with rich topics.

Highly Qualified Teachers

The Wilson staff is comprised of highly qualified, talented teachers. Eighteen of the twenty-six staff members, or 69%, have advanced degrees. 94% of all members of the full time teaching staff have at least 10 years teaching experience. All of our educational assistants have achieved  highly qualified status. Even with this amount of expertise and experience, the Wilson staff recognizes that continued learning and professional growth is necessary and desirable. The staff is consistently taking college classes and participating in educational book studies to extend their knowledge base.


Students are required to wear uniforms. Our uniform consists of powdered blue blouses/shirts, navy blue pants and tie. We carry the French Toast label and uniforms can be purchased at school. Our prices are less expensive than most retail stores. If you have any questions about the uniform please give us a call.