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Register for Summer School by June 1st!

Join us for online summer school from June 15th- July 2nd, 2020.

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Wilson Elementary End of Year Pick Up


WHEN: This Friday, May 22nd from  1:00-6:00 p.m.

WHAT: Pick up date for your child’s personal belongings still at school. Items may include medications, personal belongings, supplies, art, awards, etc. 

WHERE: Drive or walk to the Wilson sibling circle.

HOW: Follow the outdoor signs and use Social Distancing Guidelines (stay 6 feet apart, wear masks if you have them)

We are teaching in Google classrooms!

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All School Zoom Community Circle at 2pm on Thursdays.       Check your Google classroom for details.


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Please email Principal Lopezwith Chromebook issues or requests. 

KUSD Lunch Pick Up Locations

  • Mon-Fri 12-2 p.m.
  • Boys and Girls Club, 1330 52nd St.
  • Educational Support Center, 3600 52nd St. (behind the building)
  • ELCA Outreach Center, 6218 26th Ave. 
  • Shalom Center, 4314 39th Ave.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 8760 37th Ave. 

Online KUSD Resources

Summer School Registration


How do we get into the Wilson Community Circle Video Meetings each week?

Here’s a message from your teachers and staff on what’s coming up the next Community Circle!


All KUSD schools are closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more information in English or Spanish at the district website.

Todas de las escuelas de KUSD estarán cerradas efectivamente desde lunes, el 16 de marzo, 2020.  Hay más información en Inglés o Español en el sitio web del distrito.

Please follow us on Facebook Wilson Elementary @wilsonkusd for daily updates and educational resources during this shut down.

Por favor síguenos en Facebook Wilson Elementary @wilsonkusd

Contact Principal Rhonda López with questions and concerns at rlopez@kusd.edu.

Para comunicar cualquier pregunta o inquietud enviar un correo electrónico a rlopez@kusd.edu

Below are additional locations offering free meals and/or food pantries:

  • Shalom Center, 4314 39th Ave.
    Food Pantry Mon/Wed/Fri  Sessions from   8:30-9:30 a.m., 10-11:30 a.m., 1-2:30 p.m. (we must set limit of 40 people per session)
    Meals served 5pm-6pm daily
  • Grace Welcome Center, 2006 60th St.
    Breakfast served Thurs./ Fri. 8:30-9:15 a.m. 
    Food Pantry open Tues. 4:30-6:30 p.m. (currently allowing families with children to come weekly due to the current epidemic)
  • ELCA Outreach, 6218 26th Ave.
    God’s Kitchen lunch served daily at noon
  • Grab’s Burger Bar, 2324 18th St.
    Kids eat free special, 11-9 Monday – Friday

¡Pero las aulas de GOOGLE en línea apenas comienzan! Vea la página Enseñanza en Google Classroomspara más detalles. Por favor revise sus correos electrónicos con frecuencia para obtener información de nuestros maestros y director durante este tiempo. Las Chromebooks se distribuyeron el 4/7/2020. Envíe un correo electrónico al director López con problemas o solicitudes. rlopez@kusd.edu

 School Day Hours

Horario de Clases

  • Monday-Thursday 8:14 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
  • lunes a jueves 8:14 am-3:15 pm
  • Friday 8:13 a.m. – 12:08 p.m.
  • viernes 8:13 am-12:08 pm

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Covid-19 Resources for Kids

The Approach to Learning at Wilson


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