Whittier Elementary School is a Community of Learners who believes and supports each other as we all stretch and grow to meet the needs of ALL of our children on a daily basis.

We are grouped into three families.
4K, 5K, and  1st Grades – Explorer Family
2nd and 3rd Grades- Adventure Family
4th and 5th Grades-  Trailblazer Family

Position / Grade  Email
Explorer Family – 4K, 5K, and 1st Grades
Mrs. Yvonne Cook 4K AM/PM
Mrs. Ellen Goratowski EC
Ms. Tammy Clark Speech Impact  Mrs. Clark’s Website
Mrs. Judy Hutchins 5K
Mrs. Maggie Jagel 5K
Mrs. Judy Wynstra 5K
Mrs. Tammy Webber 1st Grade
Mrs. Kelly Gehrke 1st Grade
Mr. Tim Mattner 1st Grade
Adventure Family- 2nd and 3rd Grades
Mrs. Valerie Quintero 2nd Grade
Mrs. Christine Vasarella 2nd Grade
Mrs. Tanya Cornell 2nd Grade
Mrs. Susan Tenuta 3rd Grade
Mrs. Marianna Alho 3rd Grade
Trailblazer Family- 4th and 5th Grades
Mr. Matt Dahl 5th Grade
Mrs. Keri Galley 4th Grade
Mrs. Kathy Prozanski 4th Grade
Mrs. Diane Knudtson 5th Grade
Mrs. Jennifer Olsen 5th Grade
Mrs. Rada Preston 5th Grade
Specialty Area Teachers
Mrs. MaryBeth Braun Art
Mrs. Amy Dollar Art
Mr. Michael Clements Physical Education
Mrs. Elisa Jeffson Music
Mr. Matt Maccari Band
Mr. Andrew Modory Library  Library Website
Mrs. Lindsay Pytel Orchestra
Specialized Student Services
Mrs. Ashely McArthur Special Education
Mrs. Catherine Schmitz Special Education
Mrs. Christine Slawson Special Education
Mrs. Molly Casarsa School Nurse
Mrs. Rebecca Clements Instructional Coach
Mrs. Heidi Dryer Guidance/Social Worker
Mrs. Becky Grundy Physical Therapy
Mrs. Cassandra Harris Psychologist
Mrs. Angelina Hollingsworth Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Mrs. Therese Jensen Vision
Mrs. Heather McKay Speech
Mrs. Naomi Padjen Vision
Mrs. Carolyn Preston Technology Specialist
Mrs. Malorie Schmit Language Assistance