Professional Collaboration

Washington Middle School Collaborative Leadership and Content Teams

As educators, we are committed to ensuring that all of our students are successful. Every teacher serves as a member of a collaborative “Leadership Team” and a member of a collaborative “Content Team”. Each Leadership Team is focused on the goal of achieving our school action plan. Each Content Team is focused on the goal of improving student learning in a particular content area (math, language arts, science, social studies, music, art, 21st Century Technology, foreign language, theater, Project Lead the Way, and physical education). Listed below is a brief discussion of our collaborative Leadership Teams.

Relationships – We will create relationships that ensure trust through communication, and responsible, respectful, safe, and ethical behavior by everyone: This team will inspire and support positive relationships of students and adults alike, and promote a climate/culture that ensures student engagement. This team will develop and support actions related to cultural competence, Positive Behavior intervention System, etc.

Engagement – We will implement strategies and activities to ensure that all students are engaged in their learning: This team will develop and support activities related to technology (Promethean technology, digital learning, etc.), CLC, student mentoring, co-curricular, etc.

Goals – We will develop a plan to ensure that individual achievement goals are identified and successfully completed by all of our students: This team will provide students with the tools to write academic goals while involving parents in the goal writing process. They will also provide opportunities to recognize students as they successfully complete individual goals and improve their own self efficacy.

Instruction – We will ensure that we are using research-based instructional strategies in order to effectively implement District curriculum: This team will facilitate working together in a systematic process in which teachers will analyze and improve classroom practices, and work in teams that engage in an ongoing cycle of questions to promote deep learning, analyze and improve classroom practices, and engage in an ongoing cycle of reflection.

Intervention – We will implement appropriate levels of academic intervention and enrichment to ensure student success: This team will implement strategies within and outside of the classroom in a school-wide system of interventions and enrichment that includes strong parental partnerships to promote and enhance student learning.

Washington Middle School Educators:

  • Shared mission, vision and commitments.
  • Collaborative teams.
  • Collective inquiry.
  • Action orientation/experimentation.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Results orientation.