“Life’s a beautiful thing.”


Meet our heroes

Go to Alex Perez

Alex Perez

Meet Alex, who helps give a voice to those who need it most and uses her talents to share important stories with the world.

Go to Alexandra Duchene

Alexandra Duchene

Meet Lexie, who has always had a passion for leadership and helping people, which has contributed to her dream to serve in the military. She has since gone on to attend the Air Force Academy and swim at a Division 1 level.

Go to Amalia Perez

Amalia Perez

Meet Amalia, who has found ways to shed light onto the darkness of her past and be a shining example of how to treat others.

Go to Amanda Becker

Amanda Becker

Meet Amanda, whose leg needed to be amputated due to a birth defect. She’s used a prosthesis ever since and takes pride in being different.

Go to Amari Robinson

Amari Robinson

Meet Amari, who had a difficult childhood but was determined to change her past into a promising future.

Go to Amelia Marien

Amelia Marien

Meet Amelia, who has physical limitations due to cerebral palsy but continues to excel academically. Despite her physical challenges, she never gives up and is always willing to try something until she gets it right. Her positive attitude and perseverance inspires those around her and helps build incredible relationships with her classmates, teachers and beyond.

Go to Amosia Agee-Hill

Amosia Agee-Hill

Meet Amosia, who comes from a humble background but is determined to acquire higher education and become a successful person. She also hopes to inspire the youth in her community to become successful despite where they may come from.

Go to Ben Wirch

Ben Wirch

Meet Ben, who loves and cares for his disabled twin brothers and hopes to someday use technology to help them enjoy life to the fullest.

Go to Comfort Lawrence

Comfort Lawrence

It’s a beautiful thing when someone’s name reflects who they are as a person, and Comfort truly captures the spirit of this inspiring young girl.

Go to Enze Price

Enze Price

Meet Enze, who plans on using his passion and knowledge for politics and positive leadership to become the president of the United States.

Go to Gabe Johnson

Gabe Johnson

Meet Gabe, who succeeds academically despite the health conditions he’s battled since birth. He keeps a positive outlook on life with the support of his family, especially his twin brother, Jed.

Go to Haiden Batson

Haiden Batson

Meet Haiden, who lives with cerebral palsy but never lets it hold him back from being who he is.

Go to Hannah Sorensen

Hannah Sorensen

Meet Hannah, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at four years old. She has since had to care for herself at a level that exceeds most, but wants to use her experience to someday give back to children going through similar hardships.

Go to Heidi and Eydie

Heidi and Eydie

Meet Heidi and Eydie, best friends who work hard to protect the environment, spread knowledge and encourage others to help plan on making the world a cleaner and better place.

Go to Jacob Goss

Jacob Goss

Meet Jacob, who works hard at all he’s involved in and gives himself a lot of options in order to keep an open future full of endless possibilities.

Go to Jaliyah Boston

Jaliyah Boston

Meet Jaliyah, who helped her family escape a house fire at a young age and has found strength in her challenges.

Go to Joe Eakins

Joe Eakins

Joe Eakins is much more than the labels that have been assigned to him.

Go to Jose Ibarra

Jose Ibarra

Meet Jose, who suffers from numerous health conditions at a young age but continues to keep a positive outlook on life and find ways to make others happy.

Go to Kevin Campos

Kevin Campos

Kevin Campos has experienced more change in his life than some have experienced in a lifetime.

Go to Kyah Jernigan

Kyah Jernigan

Meet Kyah, who lost her mother to cancer at a young age but has since found peace in her passion for music and strength through her special bond with her father.

Go to Lily Lachman

Lily Lachman

Meet Lily, who was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy as a first-grader and has since received a heart transplant. She now has adapted back into her everyday routine and happy outlook on life with the help of therapy and the support of her family, friends, school, community and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin staff.

Go to Payton Lange

Payton Lange

Meet Payton, an avid figure skater who was suddenly diagnosed with a spinal epidural hematoma that paralyzed her from the waist down at age 15. Payton has since beat the odds of her medical outlook by strengthening her body and learning to walk again. She also is making strides to get back onto the ice as she continues to be as a constant inspiration to those around her.

Go to Peyton Herrick

Peyton Herrick

Meet Peyton, who is blind but has developed an inspiring amount of independence, positivity and courage in his everyday life.

Go to Rebecca Reget

Rebecca Reget

Meet Rebecca, who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in fifth grade, but, despite all that the condition has taken from her, manages to find joy in each day.

Go to Stephanie DiGirolamo

Stephanie DiGirolamo

Meet Stephanie, who is determined to open a school in Haiti and use education as a means to help end poverty. After losing her dad at a young age, she became even more determined to connect with others who have suffered and help those in need.

Go to Timberlyn Gardner

Timberlyn Gardner

Meet Timberlyn, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 4 but does not let the disease run her life. Her positive spirit helps her fight through her own challenges and inspires those around her. She also aspires to someday help others like her to make sure no one feels alone or scared in their struggles.

Not all heroes look or sound the same.

They don’t all fight crime or wear capes. Some are simply everyday citizens who have the heart and tenacity to make this world a better place. Here in Kenosha Unified we have thousands of heroes, most of whom the world has yet to meet, but we can’t wait until they do. The Unified Heroes campaign brings you the stories of 16 students who have huge dreams, have risen above the odds and/or have faced unimaginable challenges. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but most of all, they will make you feel inspired. Inspired to do more to make this world a better place and to live life to the fullest, because that is all our students want to do. Through big visions and dreams, and with the support of our community, our students won’t be just hometown heroes, they will become the world heroes they aspire and deserve to be. Stay tuned for more inspirational #UnifiedHeroes stories as they develop.