Empire of Ashes And Bones, Chapter 5


 “War is coming….don’t look back,” the same beautiful women voice said with a serious tone to remember.


Evanna opened her eyes and sat up in a bed so quickly and tried to catch her breath until a lady beside her spoke.

“You’re okay, dear…please lay back down….,” the lady said.

“Where am I?” Evanna asked the lady.

The lady had long gorgeous shiny blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes like the ocean. She was wearing a white mid-thigh dress with couple of buttons going down her top and wearing white flats. Also, she was wearing a hat with a red cross on it on her head.

“You are in the hospital, dear,” the lady answered Evanna’s question.

“I am Clare, your nurse,” the lady added.

“What happened to me?” Evanna asked Clare.

“I was told that you fainted out of nowhere,” Clare answered.

“Do you remember what happened before that?” Clare asked.

“I was walking with my best friend, Hudson…,” Evanna answered Clare’s question.

“Good….anything else that you remember?” Clare asked another question. Continue reading Empire of Ashes And Bones, Chapter 5

Prom Tips


With prom just around the corner, everyone is stressing on how to have the perfect prom. Here are some tips to get your prom started off right.

#1 Be respectful of the invitation. When someone invites you to go to the prom, either accept or gracefully decline. Remember that rejection is painful, so let the other person down easily and with a smile.

#2 Know in advance who pays. Each person should pay for his or her own clothing and accessories. If you’re going with a group, you may want to share expenses for a limo (including the tip). If you have a date, be clear with expectations from the beginning.

#3 Wear flowers. Girls still wear corsages and boys wear boutonnieres. If you have a date, it’s nice to purchase flowers for the other person. If you go alone or with a group, don’t hesitate to get your own flowers to go with your outfit. Continue reading Prom Tips

How PETA Has Misrepresented Environmentalism


PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization that keeps people up to date on environmental issues, who often posts articles regarding their standpoint on the environment and animal rights. They evidently stand for veganism, as they post about the environmental benefits of it daily. However, they have taken the concept of veganism to the extreme, and many true environmentalists have spoken out against them. In a recent post, PETA suggest that all dogs need to go vegan to reduce the amount of animal agriculture waste and that dogs can live a healthy life without animal protein. Dogs and cats both need an omnivorous diet, as dogs and cats cannot process all plant based protein. A diet of this type would kill a dog from malnutrition, and it is simply too ironic for an animal rights group to endorse an act that will kill animals.

Additionally, PETA speaks out against hunting of all types, and this makes sense based on their name People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. However, nothing is more humane than purchasing a hunting license that funds nearly all wildlife protection, hunting for the animal for hours, taking the animal, gutting and skinning it, and then eating it. Going through this process allows one to see how life works and how humans have lived for thousands of years. Going to the store and buying ground beef or chicken does not have the same feel. It takes strength to take an animal’s life and to prepare it yourself, and these people who buy hunting licenses or even fishing licenses are the ones keeping wildlife areas protected. PETA has done nothing to preserve wildlife, and all they do is point their finger at what they believe is wrong before looking into it. Continue reading How PETA Has Misrepresented Environmentalism

Le Mans 1999


The 24 Hours of Le Mans was first held back in 1923. This harsh endurance race was created to not only challenge car companies ability to produce the fastest car, but to see who could create the most reliable car. The development of new concept cars grew exponentially and soon other companies weren’t able to keep up. This is where the FIA WEC (International Automobile Federation of World Endurance Championship) decided to create different classes of cars so that more racers could compete.

Today there are four classes of cars starting with the custom built Le Mans Prototypes (LMP), LMP1 and LMP2 are the top two classes and are divided by speed, weight, and power. The next two classes are production based grand tourer (GT) cars. These are divided into GT Endurance Pro and GT Endurance AM. The most noticeable change that has happened to the Le Mans race is how the LMP cars are built. It was back in June of 1999 during the 67th 24 Hours of Le Mans race. During the race, Peter Dumbreck was driving the number five Mercedes-Benz CLR.  It was documented that the CLR suffered from aerodynamic instabilities at high speeds. This was not helped by the long high-speed straight sections of the track. Peter Dumbreck was traveling along on of these high-speed sections when his car suddenly got airborne and somersaulted through the air and into the woods at 300kph (190mph). Amazingly Dumbreck walked away without injuries. Continue reading Le Mans 1999

Why Is Dragon Ball Z So Popular?


There are many reasons why Dragon Ball Z is so popular in Japan and even around the world. From complicated reasons to just simple ones that everyone could see, in this article I will be explaining why and how Dragon Ball Z became so popular.

There is no doubt that the amount of money spent in making each episode of DBZ were far higher than others, which was made possible through the use of new technologies while animating a scene. The scenes flowed so much better compared to other animes and blew the competition out of the water. Even the story plot in the entire series was, and still is, amazing which made the audience excited throughout the show.

Dragon Ball also had a good basis for its show; it had the manga and many other comics to help explain the story. Even all of the characters were popular among the crowd of people who enjoyed the show; people felt like they could relate to the characters within the show and soon grew a connection. All the fights in DBZ were great and exciting up until the end, and one of the best things about these fights were how the characters powered up during them  and how they used their new skills against their opponents. And some of the fights even created much hype among the people like Goku Vs Frieza. Continue reading Why Is Dragon Ball Z So Popular?

The World Stands Still

I lay in my bed for hours on end and there in my mind the world stands still,

No deadlines no worries as I sit there and ponder on everything that I have done.

The tide moves with the moon as it spins but yet, the world stands still,


My breaths become ever deeper and longer,

Drawn out like a smile that you put on for show.

The world stands still just as my emotions stay when I lay there.

Continue reading The World Stands Still

Tremper Theatre Presents Chicag


The classic musical Chicago was first written and produced by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb in 1975. KUSD Theatre Arts has the amazing opportunity to perform the school edition of this iconic musical. The musical is set in mid-1920s Chicago and addresses the facade that celebrities take on in order to stay popular and relevant to the general public.

In order to receive publicity from the city’s most well known reporters, these characters bend the truth of every situation to appeal to reporters. Two of the lead roles, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, take the audience on their journey of their strive to become famous. In doing so, they come into contact with Billy Flynn and Matron “Mama” Morton who aid them in their actions to help them succeed in this business. When Velma Kelly is arrested for murdering her husband and sister, she meets the five other “Merry Murderesses,” each woman laments her situation while explaining why they killed their husbands. Though the women clarify that these murders were the husbands faults, they reluctantly accept their punishments for their actions.

The rest of the show follows the lives of Velma and Roxie through elaborate musical numbers with upbeat dances. Chicago is an award-winning production and holds a special place in many people’s hearts. This production will take place at Tremper and there will be shows on March 21st, 23rd, and 28th-30th at 7:30 p.m., as well as a show on March 24th at 2 p.m.

Real World Applications of Different Math Classes


Math is perhaps one of the most difficult subjects for a vast majority of people in school. It has tons of complex processes and rules, and despite seemingly following specific logical rules, it truly is an incredibly difficult subject to excel at. However, despite what that one kid in every math class always says, every form of math has multiple serious applications in not only our day to day lives, but a growing percentage of highly sought after jobs.

Algebra: One of the most prolific math concepts in our world today, Algebra is vital in careers from Business which uses formulas involving time and interest rates to decide loan payments and set prices that allow for competitive pricing while still making a profit. Civil Engineers use Algebra to determine weight bearing capacities for roads and bridges, allowing for the most efficient use of materials to provide the safest designs. Health Care professionals need a background in Algebra to determine the proper concentrations of medicine to deliver to patients and determine how much could cause an overdose. Algebra is even used in cooking, as cooks must use matrices to determine how much of each ingredient to use in proportion to the size of the order. Continue reading Real World Applications of Different Math Classes

Arrow: The Cancellation of What Started It All


Yesterday, on March 6th, 2019, the television show produced by The CW and DC Comics Arrow, was confirmed for its final season airing this Fall through the Twitter account of lead star Stephen Amell who portrays the character of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.  The actor confirmed on his Twitter page that the eighth and final season of Arrow will air Fall 2019 consisting of only ten episodes instead of its usual twenty three episode count seasons.

Although many DC Comic fans may be disappointed, even saddened by this event, there is still something to look forward to about the series finale.  This show was not cancelled and is just ending, meaning that this show will most likely end with a bang, which the show deserves. Arrow is possibly one of the most important things to happen for DC Comics considering it spawned new DC TV shows like The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and even Fox’s Gotham series which too is coming to an end within the next couple of months.  

Although Gotham is not part of the “Arrowverse”, the small screen connective DC TV universe which consists of the TV shows Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of  Tomorrow, Arrow’s soaring popularity in 2012 and 2013 pushed for a 2014 series focused on Bruce Wayne’s childhood and his journey into becoming the legendary Batman.  The producers of Gotham saw the potential in Arrow and decided to create their own show just a couple years after Arrow premiered on television.  Many of the current DC TV shows would not have been possible without the immense amount of success Arrow was.  Arrow deserves so much credit because it actually spawned many different DC TV shows, sometimes with even better plot lines than the DC movies on the big screen.

DIY Face Masks


Face masks are a great self care treatment to give yourself a break and de-stress. Buying face masks at the store can be pricey, but there is an alternative, DIY face masks. By making your own face masks at home, you can cut down efficiently on the cost of overpriced facial remedies. A lot of the ingredients used in these DIY face masks can probably be found around your house saving you even more money. Plus there are various types of face masks you can make to best suit your skin type and best target your concerns like acne, dryness, or redness.

The first face mask is a banana face mask. This mask leaves your face moisturized and looking and feeling softer. Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste, then gently apply it to your face and neck. Let it set for ten to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. You can even add honey to help combat stubborn acne.

The next mask is a vinegar face mask used to cleanse, tone, an tighten your skin. To create this mask, mix one-fourth cup cider vinegar with one-fourth cup water and then gently apply the solution to your face and let it dry. Continue reading DIY Face Masks

A Poem for my Uncle


I wrote this poem for my Uncle Andrew who passed away a little over a year ago. He and I shared several similar tastes and likes, and we got on well with one another. So when his funeral came around, my father asked me to read this aloud so I did exactly that. This is the original copy I used at the funeral, and it holds a lot of sentimental emotion and what not to myself, so please enjoy.

We stand in the rain as it trickles to our faces,

you’re in our heart, you’re the drops that fall scattered in different places.

There’s no place that any of us would rather be, than standing

in the skylight, reminiscing in your chimeric presence

our hearts shatter but mend once again,

as we think back on the happiness we once felt as a whole

you’re an ocean of delight, a sea of joy

to hear your laugh once more would be a blessing

You were an angel in disguise, stars around your head.

Constellations fill your eyes, and suddenly ours are wet.

You are the flashing lights in the sky on the nights that are the hardest.

You are the whisper in the night while we cry,

you’re the blessing that is finally able to fly.

What’s Up with Britain’s Obsession with Wigs?


To an American, the British legal and justice system appears to be a strange group of people who are either stuck in the past or weirdly obsessed with 18th century European fashion as many are dressed in long black clocks and powdered wigs; however, neither of these are the case (pun intended). In order to understand the peculiarity of their court attire, the background and process of British trials must be understood.

Unlike the US where there is both a prosecutor and defense attorney, each representing their client in court and also provide legal advice outside the courtroom, the British court system consists of lawyers called barristers and solicitors. The distinction between the two is the solicitor is the lawyer who works with the client outside the court and discusses with the client of possible pleas, bargains, and deals while the barrister is the lawyer who physically represents the client inside the court and negotiates deals with the judge in front of a jury.  The obvious physical difference between the two is the barristers, alongside the judge, wear powdered wigs and gowns during the trial.

The history of the strange uniform dates back to around 1680. The hairstyle was inspired by Louis XIV who wore these wigs to cover his balding hair in order to maintain his look of the almighty monarch of France. Powdered wigs circulated through Europe including Britain, introduced by King Charles. The popularity in wigs arose as syphilis outbreaks caused many to bald. The intent in wearing the powdered wigs in court was to protect the barristers and solicitors outside of court from people they defended against. We have also learned this from Hannah Montana that if you want to disguise yourself from everyone you know and the rest of the world, all you have to do a put on a wig and no one will recognize you. Continue reading What’s Up with Britain’s Obsession with Wigs?



I had succumb to every voice in my head. The ones I had heard since I was six years old, telling me I am not enough, that I am nothing but a failure. I had always thought family was supposed to be the ones to protect you, to keep you from the storm. But I learned that is not always true. They have the power to destroy you, they seem to do so quite often. But the catch is, I have destroyed myself before anyone else could. Before the destructive words of my step-father ever poured from his mouth. Before the oceans between me and my mother developed. Before the mountains that separated me and my father appeared. Before the silence between my brother and I took over. Before the streams of anger that flowed through my veins, got taken out on the youngest. I tired explaining, stitching my metaphors and similes onto their skin. But the needle frightened them and my thread was too loose. I had heard rumors of self love and I only ever believed them to be myths. I was trapped in a body I despised. A mind that wanted to watch me fall. I let the monsters and demons take control of my life. I let them manifest in my bones. Hate grew with me when the bones grew too. Anger coursed through my veins and sorrow pierced my soul.

I have known what loneliness feels like throughout all of my days. This house is not a home. For when he speaks he says “my house” then corrects it to “our house”. But he is right. The vacant rooms, the masked pictures hanging from the sorrowful walls. We are visitors in this house. I am a visitor in this house.



In my opinion, this winter has been one of the worst winters in a long time. The cold will not go away and we had record breaking cold this winter going into -27 degrees Fahrenheit in January. With having that cold weather, we have not had a break from it since it has hit us. But because of all the cold and the snow, we have had several days off of school, which as seniors is nice because we don’t have to make it up.

Throughout the beginning of March we have had extremely cold weather still when in reality it should be warming up since spring is coming. Along with the cold we have had constant snowfall which at first may be joyful and cute, but then turns horrible and depressing. Today, March 7, 2019, is said to be the last really cold day of the season, and then we will finally have warm weather, hopefully. We are all extremely tired of the cold and the depression it brings upon us all.

When the warm weather starts to begin, everyone becomes a happier, better people. With having the spring come that means that the end of senior year is on the rise. Most people are excited to be done with the year and some are sad because it is the end of senior year. I am both; for the most part I am very ready to be done with high school.




Buddhism is a way of training and developing the mind toward Nirvana, a state of mind giving insight into the true nature of reality.  It’s a path for all who want to follow — a path which ultimately leads to Enlightenment. Buddhism is known as being a very practical religion and does not indulge in metaphysical speculation about the first causes. It’s not a religion based on theism, there is no worship of a God or Gods or deification of the Buddha.

The teachings of the Buddha are directed only at liberating sentient beings from suffering. Because Buddhism does not include the practice of worshiping a God, some people do not see it as a religion in the Western sense, but more as a philosophy of how to live a peaceful, fulfilling and meaningful life. In the same way theistic deifying religions do, Buddhism gives meaning to life. The path toward enlightenment is completely individual and different for everyone. Buddhism explains the purpose in life, the apparent unfairness and disparity in the world, and also offers us a direct way of life that leads to a state of lasting, unconditional happiness. Continue reading Buddhism

Bullying Needs To Come To An End


Bullying has been a common issue in schools almost forever, but it seems like it is getting worse as the years go on.  It has been getting to the point where victims of bullying can get injured by the bully. It leaves the victim wondering what they had done to deserve that kind treatment and why some schools do not stand up for the victim.

At Tremper, bullying is not uncommon no matter the reason, but that does not make it right.  The bullying comes in different ways such as physical and verbal, or it might be caused by jealousy, belief of being a higher class, or simply because the bully finds it fun.  The most common way of bullying that I have seen or been a victim of is verbal bullying. Kids have called me fat, laughed at me because of my appearance, which is something that has been happening since middle school.  I am confused on why they always like to see me and others get emotionally hurt. Continue reading Bullying Needs To Come To An End

The Jonas Brothers’ Past


The Jonas Brothers announced they are reuniting on February 28, 2019. This was a very big day for many teenagers. Upon the announcement of their reunitement, I decided to research more about the brothers’ past.  Now that years have passed since they were Disney stars, many surprising secrets have been released.

It was quite disturbing for me to read what my role models and favorite stars were doing when I was just a child looking up to them. It was mostly Joe Jonas that seemed to have the most secrets tied to his name during his teenage years. Joe admitted that he had been sneaking out when he was a teenager with another girl who worked at Disney to make out in a car. He admitted that he was very scared afterwards that someone would see them and his career would be at stake.  Joe also released that when he was 17/18 he did weed with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. The two girls had persuaded him to do it. They kept saying, “Try it! Try it!” and eventually he did.

Furthermore, all the Jonas Brothers wore purity rings at one time. It was a personal choice when they were young, and Disney had used these rings to give the image that the Jonas Brothers were good role models and perfect boys. However, as the boys got older they no longer wanted to wear the purity rings and live their lives that way. This opinion was especially true of Joe, he fought with Disney about it and said they had made that promise when they were younger, and have grown and changed since then. The brothers ultimately decided that they didn’t want to be the poster boys for abstinence no matter what Disney insisted. Continue reading The Jonas Brothers’ Past

How to Prepare Yourself for College During High School


College can be a very stressful transition for most high school students. In order to relieve some of this stress, here are some ways to prepare yourself for this adjustment.

Take as many Advanced Placement college classes as you can in high school. If you pass the AP exam for these classes you can earn college credits. Many people shy away from taking the AP exams because they cost around ninety dollars. However, the same college class can cost thousands more, making it far more beneficial to spend the ninety dollars now.

Work and save up as much money as you can before going to college. College students often times complain that they are broke and have little money due to the fact that most college schedules will not allow you to work as much as you can in high school. With this being said, however much money you save up in high school can be used towards food, rent, books, or other school supplies. Your future self will thank you. Continue reading How to Prepare Yourself for College During High School

Orchestra Fest


During the last four years, the Wind Ensemble band has been asked to participate in full orchestra.  This Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10th, band and orchestra students will be attending Orchestra Fest at Indian Trail High School.  The event will feature performances by nearly 1,400 elementary, middle, high and charter school string students. For the small price of ten dollars, you can enjoy a full night of music.  Because it is most of the members of Wind Ensemble’s last year, we receive roses to wear on our uniform.

In my personal opinion, Orchestra Fest is similar to Band-O-Rama with the assist from string instruments and it is pretty amazing. It is also interesting to see what it is like with the smaller ensemble of band students combined with the string family. Full Orchestra has taught me to really listen to other instruments around you and to be with other musicians. My instrument, the oboe, has the opportunity to tune the orchestra and I know for myself I have numerous opportunities for solos in the full orchestra pieces that I could not refuse. Overall, Full Orchestra is a great opportunity and I think everyone should be apart of it.


Giant Flemish Rabbits


The Flemish Giant Rabbit is a very large breed of domestic rabbit, normally considered to be the largest breed of the species (typically weighing about 20 pounds). Flemish Giants are a utility breed and are most commonly bred for fur and meat. The breed is also known for its docile nature and patience in being handled, resulting in the large animals commonly being kept as pets.

As one of the largest breeds of domestic rabbit, the Flemish Giant is a semi-arch type rabbit with its back arch starting behind the shoulders and carrying through to the base of the tail giving a “mandolin” shape. The body of a Flemish Giant Rabbit is long and powerful, with relatively broad hindquarters. The fur of the Flemish Giant is known to be glossy and dense. When stroked from the hindquarters to the head, the fur will roll back to its original position.

Flemish Giant Rabbits weigh 15 pounds on average, though the biggest ones can weigh up to 22 pounds, and the longest one on record (in fact, holding the record for the longest rabbit in the world of any kind), measured about four feet three inches long. Flemish Giants can be tolerant of handling; frequent interaction with humans is a requirement for this to occur. Flemish Giants, like all rabbits, can become fearful, and sometimes aggressive, if handled incorrectly or irresponsibly. Their larger frame requires special attention paid to the spine alignment when handling a Flemish Giant, or any rabbit for that matter. Consequently, potential owners should consider these factors in addition to their size, level of food consumption, and substantial waste production before buying.

Solo and Ensemble


On March 16th, Indian Trail Academy and High School will be filled with competing musicians and their families for Solo and Ensemble. In band classes across the whole district, students have been preparing solo and group pieces to perform at this event. Starting in August, I have rehearsed Beethoven’s Pathetique for my piano solo. Many students work very hard to learn a Class A song in hopes of moving on to Solo and Ensemble State Competition. If a musician receives a score of 5 points or fewer on a Class A song, they will be eligible for state. Once they advance, they will later play at Parkside for a second competition in April. This event is cherished among music students in Kenosha because they have the opportunity to perform for a talented judge and receive constructive advice. Each judge scores a musicians technique, style, dynamics, form, and overall quality. This event is exciting and nerve-wracking for many students; however, it is a great learning experience.

Manchester United Eliminates PSG from UCL


A miracle happened in Paris on Wednesday as Manchester United came from behind to end Paris Saint-Germain’s run in the Champions League and advance to the quarterfinals. My World History teacher from last year, Mr. Orth, who went for United, is very happy.

In the first leg, Manchester United lost 2-0 in Old Trafford. Not only that, but Paul Pogba had a red card that ejected him from the game in the 89th minute. So for the second leg, a miracle needed to happen. In yesterday’s game Man United got things going from the get-go as Romelu Lukaku scored the first goal of the game in the 2nd minute of play. But nine minutes later, PSG answered back as Bernat made it 1-1 and extended Paris’ advantage in the aggregate 3-1. What the aggregate means is that the scores of the two games are summed up and then it is determined who advances to the next round. Two more goals were scored from Man United to make it 3-1 for them and 3-3 in the aggregate, but the away goals rule counts in this tournament. So Man United benefited from this.

This was something big for Man United as it looked impossible that there was going to be a comeback. And it is also the magic of interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that has this team woken up after Jose Mourinho’s horrible run as Man United coach.

Easy Ways to Protect the Environment


Lately on the internet the focus has been on how our earth is changing for the worst in crazy amount of time so here are 10 ways to protect our environment.

Pay attention to how you use water. The little things can make a big difference. Every time you turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, you’re doing something good.

Leave your car at home. If you can stay off the road just two days a week, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds per year.

Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can. You can reduce greenhouse gases while burning some calories and improving your health.

Recycle.You can help reduce pollution just by putting that soda can in a different bin. If you’re trying to choose between two products, pick the one with the least packaging. Continue reading Easy Ways to Protect the Environment

Electric Cars and Public Transportation


An explainable luxury comes with owning a car, for one can take them self and others wherever they want. With gas prices dropping and cars evolving to where they can earn 50 miles to the gallon, American consumption of gas and vehicles rises every year. However, the world’s oil supply is limited and will likely be gone by 2050, but people still feel the need to use it all up before buying an electric car or taking the bus more often. Yes, electric cars are expensive and the bus seems to take a long while, but the more people invest into these modes of transportation, the faster they improve and become cheaper.

Using oil for cars causes more environmental problems than most people can understand, and if they cared about the environment, they would take the time to learn about it. So, the only way we can help the environment by eliminating gas consumption is to develop cheaper electric cars and a way to mass produce them. Currently, the only thing holding the electric car back is the lithium battery. This battery currently provides the best way to recharge and store energy, but the auto industry demands more storage and power for electric cars to take off.   Continue reading Electric Cars and Public Transportation

Anime of the Month


This week we will be looking at the anime Mirai Nikki. Mirai Nikki, or Future Diary, is a has an interesting way of playing games. Mirai Nikki was released in March in 2013. The series has one season with 26 episodes not including the OVA. The anime series takes place during the present with the main character Yukiteru Amano. His lonely life leads him to making a “imaginary” friend called Deus Ex Machina, the god of space and time.

Deus creates a game to make things interesting on Earth. He creates a survival game where twelve people have to find and kill each other until there is one remaining. The winner of this game becomes the new god of time and space and is the only person that can prevent the apocalypse. The catch it that the people involved don’t know what each other look like. They have these “devices” that allow them to see into the future. Continue reading Anime of the Month

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes, I see your face, your smile and your eyes,

When I open them that image fades and returns when I blink,

I remember how sweet you are and how much you care,

I hear your voice as I doze off to sleep.


When I close my eyes I remember your tight hugs and your goofy laugh,

I open them and laugh to myself because of you,

You remind me of when it was peaceful and calm,

I sigh because it’s gone. Continue reading When I Close My Eyes

What Top Students Do Differently


Douglas Barton is the founder and Global Chairman of Elevate Education with which he has done research on the top students learning. They spent 13 years bench marking the practices of top students in order to identify what drives highest students performance. In his research, he discovered that many students believe that the number one reason top students receive higher marks is because of IQ. However, Barton says that IQ does not affect top students’ ability to pass exams.

There are a small set of things that the top students do that explains why they get their results. In preparation for exams, the top students do more practice exams than anyone else. Anyone can take practice exams because you do not need to be a genius to take practice exams. Tests such as the ACT are less about testing your memory and more about testing on how you can use your memory. Top students can analyze, evaluate, and form arguments. By taking practice exams, students learn how to give the exam what it wants. Continue reading What Top Students Do Differently

Preparing for a Job Interview


Many of you guys might be finding yourself in a peculiar position as I have; you have found a great looking job that you might think is just right for you, but now they want you to come in for an interview. Now high school might say they prepare you for a future in the adult world, but clearly this is one area they have failed, because if you are anything like me, you will find yourself totally unaware of how to prepare, or not know you should prepare at all.

The first step to being prepared for a job interview is knowing the job. This means understanding both what the job requires, the skill set it wants you to have, and what company it is you are working for. Begin by researching the company you are trying to work for, understand their expectations and find things you like about them (this will come in handy later.)

Second, think up possible interview questions they may ask and write down prepared responses. While you should not read answers from a sheet of paper, it helps to have a general idea of what you would respond with. The most common interview questions that can make or break your performance are: Why do you want to work here? This question gives the interviewer insight into what your possible motives and intentions with the company are, and your response should be both honest, but also avoid focusing on the monetary benefit. Instead try to suggest that you believe this company to be a great opportunity, and this is where you use some of the things you liked about the company during the first step. Continue reading Preparing for a Job Interview

How Darth Maul Is In The Movie Solo: A Star Wars Story


In the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story, (spoilers ahead, so continue at your own risk) the first sith apprentice to Lord Sidious, Darth Maul, is seen in a hologram talking to Han Solo’s love interest in the film, Qi’ra.  She contacts Maul to inform him that her boss was murdered and she is the only surviving member of his gang. Shortly after, Maul responds by force pulling his lightsaber, igniting it, and ordering Qi’ra to arrive on the planet Dathomir, Maul’s homeworld where he has been hiding for many years.  

Many people question how Maul is still alive even because the last time we saw him on the big screen, he was falling down a large chasm on the planet Naboo, cut in half at the torso by padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. The answer of how he survived the fall and managed to survive without his legs is actually revealed in the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  In The Clone Wars, Maul’s brother, Savage Oppress, is sent by the leader of the nightsisters, a witch called Mother Talzin.  Savage found his brother on the junk planet Lotho Minor. His link to the force stronger than ever, but his mind corrupted. Continue reading How Darth Maul Is In The Movie Solo: A Star Wars Story

Rose Quartz


Gemstones and crystals have become more popular in today’s society and appreciated for their symbolic meanings and healing powers. They have become more widely used as a form of treatment for things such as clearing the mind, protecting the spirit, exploring creativity, etc. One gemstone that stands out is rose quartz, popular due to its meaning and healing properties and known for its pink color.

The ancient civilizations of Rome and Assyria were the first to use this crystal in jewelry. Its use as a charm, however, carries more symbolic weight. Rose quartz symbolizes multiple things to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.  It was said to signify that a deal had been reached and believed that the stone could prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. The stone is also used as a symbol of love. According to the myth, Cupid, the Greek god of love, bestowed the gift of love to humans in the form of a rose quartz. Rose quartz also carries healing properties such as the ability to open your heart to self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity or even romantic love. The stone can also assist you in releasing toxic emotions so your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity.

While rose quartz is a beautiful stone with many meanings and healing powers, there are many more stones out there with unique meanings and properties of their own. Having and open mind can also help anyone find peace within themselves like many of these stones try to do.

How To Properly Walk In The Hallways


There are people who have a certain talent for walking extremely slow, running way too fast, or just flat out stopping in the middle of the busiest hall intersection in the school. It can become very frustrating when I am trying to get to class on time but I get stuck behind the slowest people in school. No one likes driving in traffic, so what makes you think we like walking in it? So, as a way to help teach all of those who are guilty, here is my guide on how to properly walk in the hallways!

Step One: Don’t huddle. When I get to school in the mornings, I like to walk around with my friends. I mean, is it really necessary to stand side by side by side? You end up blocking all potential hallways, making it impossible to get anywhere. Save the huddles for the field.

Step Two: Take actual steps. Stand up. Place your right foot slightly in front of your left. Then, place your left foot slightly in front of your right. Continue doing so in a constant manner at a speed that a sloth couldn’t easily mimic.

Step Three: Don’t stop. Hallways have a purpose in any and all buildings you will ever set foot in, and that is to allow people to move from one place to another. By stopping in the middle of such a place, you prevent those who are trying to use the hall for its intended purpose from doing so. You also risk being pushed by those of us who are trying to get to class. If that happens, do not, I repeat, DO NOT give me the dirty look. It was YOU who wasn’t moving, therefore it is not my fault.

Step Four: Don’t run. Just don’t do it. I understand that you want to get to class on time or that you are trying to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend outside of his/her classroom before he/she walks out, but there is no reason that you should be treating passing time like an Olympic race. You are not Usain Bolt. You can very easily get to class on time if you simply walk at a quick pace. If you run, you will run into someone, and then you will look like the idiot. Continue reading How To Properly Walk In The Hallways

Jonas Brothers Reunion


Attention: the most important news you will hear this week, the Jonas Brothers are finally reuniting after almost six years of breaking up! Girls of all ages across the nationwide have swooned over the trio ever since their debut in 2005 with their single Mandy. The group has accumulated several awards including the award that truly judges the ability and talent of a group, the Teen Choice Award for choice Music Group. Yes, artists strive to one day be awarded a Grammy, but the the satisfaction of bringing home one of those surfboards is immeasurable. The music group has stolen the hearts of teenage girls everywhere; every girl has a one point or another obsessed over one of the guys whether it was Nick, Kevin, or the most attractive of them all, Joe Jonas.

The guys have been thriving in the past couple of years. Nick Jonas recently married his wife, former Miss Universe and philanthropist, Priyanka Chopra. The wedding stole the spotlight on all social media platforms and the couple said “I do”. He also released three albums post-breakup including Last Year Was Complicated, Nick Jonas, and Who Am I.

Kevin Jonas has not been focusing on music, but rather has directed his attention to his family. Kevin and his wife, Danielle Jonas, welcomed their daughter, Alena Rose Jonas, to the world in 2012 and another daughter, Valentina Angelina Jonas, in 2016. Continue reading Jonas Brothers Reunion



I have been a daisy.

Soft and fragile.  Little and easy going.

I have been a rose.

Strong and beautiful.

Yet, my thorns grow rapidly

When someone gets too close.

Their blood stains me and

They are left with a new scar.

I have been a sunflower.

Tall and  bright. Reaching for the stars. Continue reading Yen

Joshua Jacob, a Mesmerizing Man


Prior to my junior year of high school, I had never encountered anyone as peculiar as the treasure that is Joshua Jacob. As a future military man, Josh paints an imposing figure: whether it be through his use of an advanced vocabulary or in his insistence on wearing blazers regardless of the temperature. He is an apologetically hard working man, with a well educated view on the world. Joshua is a product of rare circumstance as a person of color who was raised in a distinctly Caucasian household. As a result, when it comes to political discussion Joshua harbors a particularly unique sentiment. It is quite uncommon for a young, black man to carry conservative ideals into the political spectrum; however, Joshua does just that.

This unique upbringing helped develop a young bright, aspiring politician. With an eye on the White House, Joshua hopes to pursue a long career in politics: following a successful stint in the military of course. He remains unabashed in his views, going so far as to say, “I will never apologize for someone else being offended.” This defiant stance provides a great outlook for a future hinged on diverse, fearless politicians. Although he may be considered intense by some the simple fact is that Joshua is a gentle giant with Rae Mae stating, “Joshua Jacob is the one of the most genuine and well tempered human beings I have ever met in my entire life and I consider it an honor to have met him.” Joshua has grown from an unknown transfer student to one of my closest, most trusted friends. It is my hope that we may continue to grow as individuals while maintaining a close friendship as I know the future is certainly bright for a young man as rounded as Joshua Jacob. Besides, I already promised to be his presidential campaign manager.


Joy of Travelling


As I grow older, I realize how lucky I am. As I think back as far as I can, there is always one thing that I remember, and that is traveling. As of right now, I am only one continent away from visiting every continent. That continent is South America.   I have been all over the world from Marrakech, Morocco, to Paris, France. My favorite places to visit are Paris, London and Bangkok in Thailand.

To start Paris is my home since my family and I are from France. I always feel happy when I get to go back home. Paris is just beautiful and gives me a vibe I can not really explain but if you ever get to go there you will know what I am talking about. Bangkok is really different than American cities. Asian culture is just way different then American and European cultures, but it is nice to experience something different. Then there is London, one of my most favorite places to go. My favorite soccer club is from London but that is only of the reasons I love London. The other reason is because It is a basically a European version of Chicago or New York. Continue reading Joy of Travelling

Blog 3


February 29, 2019

Last week the juniors had the ACT, so we had school on Monday and Tuesday and then had the rest of the week off. During those days off, everyone besides juniors had days off, not that there was much to do, unless you went out of town like a lot of my friends. But during these days off I hung out with friends, who were in town, and I started my new job and worked at my other job I have had for almost two years. I currently work at Festival Foods in the produce section, which is basically just stacking fruit and vegetables. My now second job is out at Strawberry Creek. Out there I currently host, and then in the summer I will work the beverage cart and work weddings. Although I have had my job at Festival for almost two years, I will no longer work there starting this summer because I will work full time at Strawberry Creek. Now for the next four weeks we will have school without having any days off which in reality is awful because no one likes going to school. Although the days off of school were good, this past week has been very uneventful.


The Neighbourhood


The Neighbourhood is an American alternative pop band who got their start in 2011 in Newbury, California. Although they started making music in 2011, their single Sweater Weather, which released in 2013, gave them their big break. It reached number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in June 2013, and soon the song was everywhere and more people started looking into this band that became big overnight from one song. Since 2013, The Neighbourhood and their fan base continued to grow and grow and is now one of the biggest indie pop bands. Touring and putting on performances since 2012, The Neighbourhood not only grew in popularity, but they have also grown as a group. They just finished up their 2018 tour around Europe and the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, is going on a solo tour starting in April for his solo album &. The band plans to continue making music and going on tours after Rutherford finishes his solo tour. Until then, their fans can listen to their previously made albums, which in total is three, but is around one hundred songs, not including Rutherford’s own album. They will continue to grow with their fan base and there is no telling when they plan to stop.


Ways to Reduce Stress for Teenagers


The teenage years can be the most stressful times of one’s life. In order to reduce this stress and remain sane, these are some tips to follow.

Get sufficient sleep at night. There are so many benefits from sleeping seven to eight hours each night. For example, it can boost your immune system, reduce your risk of diseases, manage weight loss, and retain memory.

Get a daily planner. Having a detailed plan and writing out what you need to complete each day will increase the chance of you actually doing the task. Also, it is proven that you are more likely to feel better about things when you can physically check them off a list and then move on to the next. Having a system is key. Continue reading Ways to Reduce Stress for Teenagers