The Tremper boys basketball regular season came to a close last Thursday as they lost to a 12-10 Franklin team 76-66 to finish the season with a 15-7 record, 8-6 in the SEC conference, finishing in a tie for 3rd place in the conference. The seed meeting for their sectional was Saturday. Tremper was able to come out with a 2 seed, the highest in Coach Chamness’s tenure as coach and the highest in school history.

The other seven teams in the conference were seeded as well. Racine Case was seeded as the 1, Kenosha Bradford got the 4 followed by Franklin as the 7, Indian Trail as the 9, Oak creek as the 10, Racine park as the 13, and Racine Horlick as the 14th seed. Despite having the 2 seed, nobody from Wissports.com ,which is filled with local people who go throughout the state to watch basketball, picked Kenosha Tremper to come out of their sectional. Tremper is planning to use that criticism about their team to motivate themselves to make it to state for the first time since 1987. Perhaps being the biggest underdog as a 2 seed ever.

Jake Gross, senior forward, has been on the team since his sophomore year, playing with Tremper alum and celebrity Tristan Jass and longtime friend Blake Hoffman. Friday night Gross was able to reach 1000 career points, which is a feat not many people typically reach.

The boys were able to carry that momentum into Saturday night when playing Franklin, competing for a regional championship. They were down by three at halftime, but Franklin came out extremely hot getting up by 27 points with about 10 minutes to go which is when things got super wild. Tremper was able to comeback and get their first lead of the night with one minute to go after senior forward Blake Hoffman had an and one layup to give them the lead. Tremper went onto win the game 88-83 winning a regional title and continue their road to the Kohl Center in Madison.

Benefits of SkillsUSA


There are many different middle schools and high schools in Wisconsin, but they all have something in common, and it is SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA is a competition where schools send their best students in certain subjects to compete in competitions. The number one thing that you gain from doing SkillsUSA is knowledge. While at the competition,  there are stations set up with the newest technology, and you have to use the new things to win the competition.  If you lose, you can then ask the people running the station, or stations, that you messed up on to explain what you did wrong. I believe the gaining of knowledge to be the number one reason that you should do SkillsUSA, and you can then take that knowledge and use it in you classes and maybe even your future job.

Another great reason that you should do SkillsUSA is because it looks good on your transcript. Why? By participating in SkillsUSA, you have shown that you are actually interested in that field. Student don’t go above and beyond in school; they usually just do the minimum that they can do to pass, but if you go to SkillsUSA you have shown that you are willing to go above and beyond the bare minimum of what is asked of you. 

How to Prepare for Cycling Nationals

By Carter Kasianowicz

There are many types of cycling national championships that one can compete for, no matter if it’s for mountain biking, road, or track cycling, preparation is basically the same.

The first thing a rider needs to do is ensure they have proper funding to do the event. Attending a national event has obvious causes such as the hotel, plane, and food for the duration of the event. In addition to these costs, the rider has to pay for backup equipment. If anything breaks or needs replacement, the rider should have backup parts and tools to fix their bike. Another hidden cost is how much it takes to fly with the bike and wheels. To acquire these funds, the rider can get a job and save up, throw some fundraisers, or find some sponsorships. 

There also lots of necessary things to pack. The list includes multiple uniforms, tools, spare wheels, spare parts, the bike (of course), energy bars, water bottles, two helmets, glasses, two pairs of shoes for riding, riding clips, basically an extra everything that the rider uses for racing. Packing your bike in a bike box can also be very challenging. To do this successfully, wrap every little piece of your bike in foam and tape it up tight. The people who load your bike box in the plane won’t be gentle, and you have to assume the worst, and therefore need to ensure your bike is secure and safe, especially if it’s a carbon frame. The rider should also register for the right races ahead of time, to save costs.

The most important thing to do to prepare for a national event is to train hard. Athletes around the country are working their booty’s off to win the event, so you have to train harder. If you don’t work hard all year long to prepare yourself for the event, then why go in the first place. Follow these instructions and you’ll be ready for your national event.

Tame Impala


Tame Impala is a neo-psychedelic rock band that has been releasing music since 2007.  The band only serves to perform its music live though, as all of the music is recorded and produced by its vocalist Kevin Parker.  Parker started the Tame Impala “project” with intention of just making some simple songs that he would post onto MySpace, however he began to attract a decent amount of attention and soon record labels began contacting him before he had even released a project.  Parker signed onto Modular Records in 2008, which led to him performing some small gigs with hired bassist Dominic Simper and drummer Jay Watson.  

Parker went on to release his first EP, Tame Impala.  This EP would allow Tame Impala to tour around Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as perform supports for You Am I, The Black Keys, and MGMT.  Tame Impala was gaining traction as a group which led into the release of the band’s first album in 2010, InnerspeakerInnerspeaker immensely helped boost Parker’s work and allowed him to take Tame Impala on tours throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.  Tame Impala also opened several concerts for MGMT during this time.  

Parker then shifted his focus towards constructing a more narrative project with his 2012 album, LonerismLonerism was different sonically from its predecessor projects in the sense that it became more experimental and bass heavy, but the real change for Tame Impala was the narrative of the album.  Lonerism focused heavily on a narrative compared to the loose collection of thoughts that made up Parker’s previous works.  Parker emphasized alienation and isolation throughout Lonerism, and even the album’s cover art placed viewers at the point of view of someone looking through a gate.  From here Parker stepped away from albums until 2015, stating that he could not force a project and that he needed to be in album mode to create another project. 

Parker then created Currents, his most successful album to date. Currents was a breakup album, but not in the traditional sense.  Parker simply encapsulated the emotions one typically experiences during such a time along with blending elements of hip hop such as intense bass and elements of rock like long guitar riffs.  This new psychedelic sound Parker created drew in fans from all genres, and it cemented Tame Impala’s place on the music landscape until their current release, The Slow Rush.

Playoff Run

By Jake Korbakes

Tremper basketball has had one of the best seasons in a long time. For some reason we have taken on the villain role, and everyone hates us. We are the town’s most hated. Going into our last home game of the regular season against Oak Creek was a huge game that we needed to win to help with our seeding for the state tournament. We beat Oak Creek by 10 pts. The following day the coaches had the seeding meeting. The seeds came out and we got the 4th seed, but our coaches appealed and got us the 2nd seed. Everyone on twitter was coming at adults saying “kenosha got a 2seed that must be recorded”  and “They’re gonna lose in the first round.” 

March 6, 2020: the first round of playoffs against Milwaukee Bradley Tech; we cruised by them letting the starter rest in the 2nd half, letting the bench play, and we won 91-67. Now we’re playing in the sectional, and we have not won the 2nd round since 2009.

We’re playing Franklin at home for the last home game of the season. We went 1-1 against them in the regular season. Going back to last season, the last three meetings against Franklin we were down by at least 20 points at halftime. It was a very competitive first half, and Franklin was up 32-29. This is where it gets really bad; our best player, Jyon, gets ejected from the game, Cam fouls out, and while this happens Franklin goes on run to get up by at least 27 points with 11 minutes left in the game. Then, all of sudden, we got in a groove on defense and the offense followed. We are hitting fade aways from the baseline and three pointers from the logo. WE came back and won the game 88-83. Now we’re in the 3rd round playing West Allis Central .

Kenosha Sand Dunes


The Kenosha Dunes have been around for hundreds of years. It is a place where there are unique plants and landscapes that are not found in many other places in this area. There are a series of trails that lead throughout the dunes that are accessible for walkers, runners, and bikers. While this beautiful area is somewhat taken for granted right now, it may not be around the way it is for much longer if we keep overlooking the problems that are taking place there.

For starters, the dunes are disappearing. Rapid erosion is taking away feet of trail every year, and nothing has been done yet to stop this. Whole sections of the gravel trail on the coast are completely gone and the only thing left is a steep 20 foot drop caused by the crashing waves during high wind or a large storm. What needs to be done is there needs to be more rocks put on the shore to combat the intense waves that carry out the sand to the lake. With this adding of rocks, erosion should be slowed to a more reasonable level.

Another problem is the absurd amount of graffiti and litter found all throughout the dunes. I know not much can be done about this problem, but there can be steps to decrease at least the litter aspect by organizing clean ups to help remove some of the garbage that ruins the environment. Hopefully in the near future things will be done to save what’s left of the unique dunes for future generations.

Mental Health Day


Although it seems normal to take days off from work or school for physical health, the practice of taking time off for mental health is often overlooked. Everybody deals with varying levels of stress but it may be a good idea to take a break from it all to reset. It’s best to do this before or during a burnout to let yourself pause, regroup, and come back with more energy and enthusiasm for your tasks.

When you take a mental health day the question is when and how. Unfortunately, many employees are not in support of time off in order to prevent burnouts. If you are aware of a large workload, it may be best to schedule days off in advance so you can manage your work around this. Be that as it may, if one day you happen to wake up not able to face the amount of stress, it may be a good time to take a day off. Even though there has been a push to destigmatize mental health issues in the workplace, many employers still do not allow taking days off in concerns for it. In consequence, this is the reason why many employees fake illnesses to receive time off. 

It’s best to treat a mental health day like a sick day by doing things that make you feel better. Although you could spend your day off catching up on laundry or cleaning your house, you should partake in activities which you enjoy. Spend your day doing activities which improve your mental and physical health. The goal of a mental health day isn’t to avoid work, it’s to heal your mind so that you can come back to your regular activities feeling stronger and better.



Lent is the six week period leading up to Easter. It’s one of the most important times of year for many Christians around the world, particularly those within the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox traditions, held at a similar level of importance to Advent – the build up to Christmas. While Advent is a celebration and a time of great anticipation, Lent is more frequently seen as a time of solemn observance and preparation for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

From its start on Ash Wednesday until its conclusion on Easter Sunday, Lent has been a traditional time for fasting or giving something up or abstinence. Just as we carefully prepare for events in our personal lives, as a wedding, or birthday; a commencement Lent invites us to make our minds and hearts ready for remembering Jesus’ life, death and body resurrection.

When does Lent start? Because Lent follows the liturgical calendar, the exact date that Lent falls each year changes. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is always held 46 days (40 fasting days and 6 Sundays) before Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday is the day after Shrove Tuesday, which in the UK is more commonly known as Pancake Day. Elsewhere in the world Shrove Tuesday is known as Mardi Gras (meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French).

What do Christians do during Lent? These days, Christians around the world observe Lent in many ways. Many from more orthodox and traditional denominations will still observe the fast strictly, beginning with the wearing of ashes on Ash Wednesday and abstinence of meat, fish, eggs and fats until Easter Sunday. Others will choose to give up just one item for Lent, more commonly a ‘luxury’ such as chocolate, meat or alcohol. It is also becoming increasingly common for people to give up other things in order to refocus their faith during this time; such as watching TV, going to the gym, even social media. Many Christians also use Lent to study their Bibles and pray more intensively, making use of the many devotional books and courses now available to.

And, of course, more and more Christians are turning to the 40 acts challenge as a way of doing Lent differently; using simple daily reflections and acts of generosity as a way of putting others first during preparations for Easter. Sundays during Lent are very important to Christians around the world. Where the Monday to Saturday of each of the six weeks are concerned with fasting and abstinence, the Sunday is a celebration symbolic of Christ’s resurrection. Instead of fasting, Christians hold feasts in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice. The sixth Sunday is particularly important because it’s Palm Sunday.

One of the Most Overlooked Addictions 

By Lexie Meier

Most of the population focuses around the newly introduced but not unfamiliar addiction that has surfaced to teens: nicotine. Recent studies have shown that about 1 out of 5 teens now have a nicotine addiction. Most teens today do buy nicotine vapes such as: juuls, novos, posh’s. Loons, etc. However, no one is talking about another frequent addiction that many teens have, probably because it is not deadly. But it is not healthy.

Another dangerous addiction that many teens face, including myself, is a caffeine addiction. The reason I’ve decided to write this article is because I have genuinely started to become concerned about my need for caffeine and how much I intake. It has recently scared me with the large amounts I’ve ingested and how “normal” it makes me feel. I average spending at least $50 each week at Starbucks. I can usually buy anywhere from 2-3 drinks a DAY. I also drink Celsius, which one can of it contains 200 mg of caffeine. On top of that, I still make myself a cup a mug of hot coffee each morning. In the past, I probably would’ve gotten very shaken up and would throw up. Now, I get headaches without all my coffee and even with this much caffeine, I will find myself drinking more coffee past 9 pm because I’m already so exhausted.

I’ve never understood how anyone couldn’t just quit nicotine because I’ve never been addicted to it, but I’m starting to understand due to this reliance on caffeine. Being only 18 years old, there’s no way this can be healthy for my heart, let alone the rest of my body. I used to be very picky about my coffee, but now I will drink anything that has caffeine in it. I am starting to wonder if I should explore more options or just tear down every Starbucks so it doesn’t taunt me anymore, but all I know is that I really do need to get help and cut back. 


 Asking my Classmates Questions


What would you do if you were invisible?

“I would take revenge on my enemies, that way they know they made a mistake. I would also sneak into fancy restaurants and concerts, for free.” – Anna

“I would go to airports and get a free vacation by sneaking on the flight, and staying in a vacant hotel room.” – Aly

“I would go to Germany and break into the Porsche museum and steal a car. I would go to Bill Gates’ house and see what’s up.” – Jacob 

“Get all my friends and go to Vegas to gamble, then tell them everyone’s cards, so we could make a lot of money. I would also run into people in the hallway” – Patrick

“Drive a car, and scare a bunch of people, because they wouldn’t see me driving” – Owen

“Spend a day with Harry Styles” – Tennile

“I would rob a bank or a very wealthy celebrity, that has an overabundance of wealth. With this money I would rule over the world”- Tessa


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

“I think about the events that happened to me during that day, and the times I have embarrassed myself. I usually will plan what I am going to do for the rest of the night, too.”- Anna

“ How much stuff I have to do, like blood drive stuff, scholarships I have to fill out. What I will eat for lunch on release the next day. If it is a safe time to change the song.”- Aly

“I’m never alone in the car. But if I was alone, I would think about the future. I think about movies sometimes. I think what the next step in the day is.”- Jacob


The Bucks’ Quest For Greatness


Now sitting at 53-9, the Milwaukee Bucks have proven to be the most dominant team in basketball this season. With 20 games remaining it is still mathematically possible for the Bucks to tie the 2016 Warriors’ record of 73-9 if they were to finish the season a perfect 20-0, which is absolutely remarkable. Although that may be improbable, they will have a slightly better chance to finish 17-3, which would bring them to 70-12 and only the third team in NBA history to reach the elusive 70 win mark.

Although reaching these milestones would be great, the vibe you get from this team is that winning the NBA championship is a lot more important. Referencing the 2016 Warriors team, they spent extra effort to break the record for best NBA record at the end of the season in games that did not matter since they already clinched home court advantage throughout the playoffs, and as of result many believe they lost steam and were too fatigued which lead to their epic collapse against the Cavaliers in the finals, and the best team ever failed to win the championship.

This should be a lesson for the Bucks, once they clinch home court they should make sure their players are fully rested and healthy for the playoffs so they do not lose steam like the 2016 Warriors did. Giannis Antetokounmpo is set up to win back to back MVP awards. They will most likely clinch home court for the second straight year. They were the fastest team to ever clinch a playoff spot. This team can realistically win 70 games. This team can reach the NBA Finals for the first time in 46 years. All in all the milestones, no matter how great they are, will not matter unless this team wins the title this June. 



By Anna Havirlak

Astrology originated from the word astro, related to the stars, celestial objects, or outer space and how they work together therefore, it is often referred to as the language of the stars. People have always used the objects in the sky to track cycles of time, the moon, sun, stars, and planets. When astrologers are figuring out a horoscope they will locate the sun’s constellation on the day that the person was born then copy down all of their characteristics. Time after time they would notice certain characteristics where the same among people who had the same horoscope. That is how they can predict what someone’s personality will be like that day just based off the day they were  born.

Most people only know astrology as their “sign” which refers to one of the 12 constellations. Depending on your sign, it can help you discover what different traits you may have. They also tell you your compatibility with others, before you even start hanging out with someone you may gain insight on know how well it will work out and the things you may gain from the relationship with the person.

 My zodaic sign is an Aquarius; typically their favorite things are the described as the colors grey, blue, blue-green and black, there lucky numbers are 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, and 26. Tend to best getting along with Gemini and Libra because they are all air signs and very compatible, their greatest match for love is a Leo. They enjoy Saturday and Sunday over other days of the week and love helping others and having fun with their friends. They’re great listeners and tend to be original, independent, progressive and humanitarian. But then they are also temperamental and uncompromising. They don’t like when people disagree with them, broken promises,  dull or boring situations and being lonely.

How to Shop Till You Drop While Saving The Environment         

By Tennile Harris

As I started to get more into fashion and the different aspects of the industry, I realized that I would not be able to afford a ton of clothes to replace my wardrobe. I started researching cheap clothing sites when I came across a thrift vlog on youtube. As I watched I saw the youtuber with a whole new wardrobe for the price of $50. Astonished, I decided to give it a go and go on my own thriting journey. Thank god I came across the video because ever since I have barely shopped anywhere else.

I can safely say I spent about $300 dollars over this two year journey, and I have come across so many amazing pieces for astonishing prices. There is something about owning pieces of clothing that no one else has because of the rareness. You can come across a brand that is no longer in business and rock a piece from a different generation. Last year I was worried about someone having the same prom dress as me so I thrifted my dress for a total of $12 and no longer had that worry.

Even though having cool clothes causes so much joy, thrifting is also great for the environment by decreasing the amount of clothing produced through manufacturing, a process that is very taxing on the environment. Thrift stores have a low carbon footprint from all of the donations made since they are usually locals. Donating your clothes can help clear up space and landfills and help out people who really need them instead of sending them somewhere where they are of no use. All around there are more positives that outweigh the very small amount of negatives. Shopping for new clothes can now be fun and sustainable.                                  

What Would You Do?


Lately there have been many pressing questions on my mind that I need to ask someone.  For this weeks article, I will be asking my fellow journalism classmates one of these very important life questions: What would you do if you had five dollars right now?

Personally, I wish I could say I would save it and use it later to make a bigger, more important purchase, but honestly a Qdoba kids burrito bowl is $5.24. I think I would scrounge up a quarter and buy myself a burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, chicken, queso, shredded cheese, lettuce, the corn salsa, and, most importantly, guac. 

Anna Jankovic: I would either spend it on my favorite Starbucks drink, a vanilla latte, or I would go buy some new fake nails from Walgreens. 

Tessa Marquez: First, I would ask the boys in my AP Stats class where to invest the five dollars because they have been really into stocks lately. Then once my stock money has grown, I would sell it and pay off my student loans… and get Qdoba. 

Jacob Bornhuetter: I think I would buy some of those Cherry Pez candies. Those sound really good right now. 

Patrick Connelly: I would buy like three Peace Teas because they’re not as cheap as Arizonas so I couldn’t get as many. The peach ones are the best; I’d probably get those. 

Owen Larsen: I would buy five Arizona iced teas. 

Tennile Harris: I would go buy a Wendy’s four for four with a cheeseburger, some spicy nuggets, a fruit punch, and fries. 

Lexie Meier: I would go buy an iced chai tea latte with vanilla and soy from Starbucks, wait usually that’s six dollars because of the soy so maybe I would just get it with regular milk.


Christian Yelich

By Kyle Dolan

The Milwaukee Brewers have made history with the team’s largest extension in franchise history. The Brewers added an extension to their MVP Christian Yelich for 9 years and $215 million. This is the largest contract extension in the history of the Milwaukee Brewers, a team that is often unable to lock down key players for large amounts of time. The deal itself seems to be a win win for both parties involved, the Brewers get to lock up one of the best players in league for almost the entirety of his career, and Christian Yelich gets the stability and money any baseball player would dream of.

Christian Yelich was going to hit the free agent market in a few years and had the capability to make at least $100 million more, but he decided to stay with the team he feels most at home with. Yelich has been one of the most dominant players in the league ever since he arrived in Milwaukee two years ago. In his first year, Yelich won the National League MVP and Silver Slugger award (best hitter at their position) for left field. Yelich followed up his historic year with, arguably, an even better 2019 season.

He was once again the front runner for National League MVP, but a broken knee cap ended his season early, leaving Yelich without back to back MVPs and a chance to compete for the World Series. Yelich is now expected to rebound from his knee surgery and make another run for National League MVP. It seems to me that he is the only person that can stop himself from making Brewer history. With all the success that Christian has had since coming to Milwaukee, plus the long term contract and pay cut, it looks that he is going to be a fan favorite for years to come. 

War Games


War Games was directed by John Badham and written by  Lawrence Lasker, Walter Parkes, and Walon Green. This  movie was about a young high school student, David Lightman, played by Mattew Broderick.  David unwittingly hacks into a military supercomputer and almost launches a missile while trying to find new games to play on his TRS-80 color computer.  The movie was released on June 3, 1983, and the movie’s budget was a whopping 12 million dollars. The movie was successful at the box office reaching 79.6 million dollars.

I like this movie because it was one of the first movies that focused on hackers and technology. Furthermore, it featured the arcade game, Galaga.  Since Mattew Broderick’s character in the movie had to be great at the arcade game, Galaga, Matthew had to be, too. So in order for him to get good at the game, Midway Arcades sent him a machine to practice with at his home. Even though the movie was fake, the events could have actually happened because most of the military computers were not secure. Ironically, after the movie was released, the military upgraded their computers and changed how they fired missiles.

Though it remains a classic thirty five years after its original 1983 release, the road to the big screen was a hard one for War Games.  A few hard knocks with the movie consisted of  studio executives who just didn’t understand what they were trying to do, worries over an implausible plot, fired and rehired writers, and a director change just days into filming.  Ultimately, though, a talented cast and crew, including breakout stars Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, helped the movie become a success. Two of the characters became more successful after War Games.  Ally Sheedy later went on to star in The Breakfast Club, and Matthew Broderiick starred in the hit film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  

The Greed of Major Sports Leagues


As spring training starts and the baseball season officially commences in just a few weeks, some Chicago Cubs fans are not happy. This is the first year that Cubs games are exclusivity shown on the new Marquee Network which is fully dedicated to the Cubs. Previously, the Cubs baseball games were shown on various channels ranging from ESPN to WGN, now there will be few of the hundreds of games shown on these channels.

Although the idea of a channel completely dedicated to the beloved Chicago team seems intriguing, especially to a Cubs fan, it would be even better if it was available. Unfortunately, many of the major television providers have not come to an agreement with the new channel, meaning that unless your cable provider luckily came to an agreement, you’ll have to stay updated through score updates on your phone. Additionally, not only are the providers not coming to an agreement, but if they do, it is likely that you will have to pay to access it. 

The Ricketts, who own the Chicago Cubs and have a net worth of $5.3 million, feel the need to squeeze more money out of those who do not want to pay $80 per seat plus online ticket fees and $30 for a hot dog, fries, and bottle of water, but rather watch the game at home. It appears that in all professional sports now, that it costs a lot of money to partake in what used to be an American classic. From the price of a ticket to the cost of a jersey or t-shirt, it’s obvious that prices have risen substantially. Despite any of this however, my love for the Chicago team will not waver and I will continue to feed into the greed that has become the sports leagues of America, like I imagine many of us will. 

Stress on Students 

By Carly Swaney 

The stress on students is significant and can cause severe problems to occur. Often times the stress on students builds up until they lash out. Many times students are unaware of the best ways to relieve stress. Clinically the best way to relieve stress is to exercise. Exercising can help in getting rid of the stress hormone and improve your quality of sleep.

 Vitamins are also important, this includes having a proper diet, and getting the right nutrients. Making sure you have the proper nutrients can reduce the risk of getting sick and could even help balance out some hormones. With this it is vital to make sure you stay hydrated, as this can assist in preventing muscle fatigue, and other problems. It can also be beneficial to reduce the amount of caffeine and sugar in your diet. 

Another good way to manage stress is to write it out or talk about it. This can help you to weed through some of the emotion and get a clearer picture of the situation. Writing or talking about the stressors is important to keep them from building up and causing a bigger issue. It also important to receive help in certain situations that you may not be able to manage alone. 

Next it is important to be able to meditate when you feel stressed as a way to calm yourself and have better management of your emotions. Meditation can be religious for some, but it doesn’t always have to be. The most important part of meditation is to be able to focus on your breathing and staying calm. 

 The last way to relieve stress is to hug someone. When you hug someone oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is a chemical that is associated with elevated levels of happiness as well as can lower blood pressure and stress. 

Doing these activities can aid in reducing stress and some health issues associated with stress. So, next time you feel stressed try some of these tips to help you. 


Why Dogs are the Best Animals


Dogs are my favorite animal, and they should be yours too!  They keep you company when you’re bored, they’ll do basically whatever you want, and they’re fun to have around.  Getting a puppy is one of the best feelings because they are so cute and little, and as they get older, they will always love you unconditionally.  Mostly all dogs love people and enjoy getting head or back rubs. Owning a dog can also help people learn responsibility because dogs need to be taken on walks, fed, and taken to the bathroom. 

Many people say dogs are “a man’s best friend”, and that is very true. They will go anywhere with you and always be there for you. Anytime you get home, they will be waiting by the door, barking and wagging their tail because they are so excited to see you.  Dogs are loyal, affectionate, and intelligent, and they love to play! They will play fetch and tug-of-war any day, and when they’re tired, they are the best snugglers.

In my lifetime, I have had three, and I loved every single one of them. We had a lab and two poodles. The saddest part of owning a dog is when they pass away though.  Despite this sad time in every dog owners life where your beloved dog must leave, dogs are still amazing pets everyone should invest in because they generally increase mood and decrease depression. Everyone should buy a dog because they are the best ever, and many dogs are in need of good homes all around the country. There are shelters and private owners that would sell dogs all over the world where you can get a dog in need of a home.

Movie Review: Knives Out  95%

by Kaden Lawler and John Hauser

The dark comedy/mystery was released in 2019 and follows the story of a family after a tragedy takes place.  Long story short, it is a murder mystery with Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, working to solve it. Daniel Craig was fantastic in this movie, especially since he is an English actor who plays a private investigator with a heavy southern accent.  In fact, the movie is cast very well, each actor plays their part convincingly down to the minute facial expressions that matter greatly in this film genre.

Some of the actors, such as Chris Evans, played a character unlike the majority of his characters.  Chris Evans is most known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who is a character with a strong moral compass, almost obnoxiously so, and his character in Knives Out is the polar opposite of Captain America.  Evans’ character is arrogant and rude in this movie and it is really interesting to see him play this type of character. 

The comedy in this movie is fantastic as well, some of the jokes made, you almost feel aren’t jokes at all, but almost certainly you would catch more of the humor the second time around.  It is marked as a “dark comedy” because most of the plot has to do with murder and in turn so do a good number of the jokes made. Overall, Knives Out is a great movie, the plot is complex but able to be followed, the cast is well chosen, and the multiple twists come at just the right moments.  The situational humor is well balanced with the darker themes and creates some comic relief which is always welcome.

The writing of the movie is great too, Rian Johnson did a great job with making each character seem guilty, and still gave the audience reasons to trust each of them.  The ending of the movie is fantastic as well, it leaves what happens up for interpretation but gives hints at what will happen. In conclusion, Knives Out is a fantastic mystery film and deserves the 95% rating we gave it.

State of College Football 


College football is one of the most watched college sports in America. People all over the United States designate Saturday’s during September, October, November, and December to college football. Since it is one of the most watched sports, what is the state of college football right now a couple months after the 2019-2020 season? 

In reality, the sport could not be in a better place. LSU claimed the 2020 National Championship behind Joe Burrow and one of the most talented LSU teams to step on the field. Guys like Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers are why college football is in such a great place. Fans are going to watch highly powerful quarterbacks go at it every Saturday in the SEC, and hard core Big Ten football fans will love the running game and high powered running backs. The athletes are the reason that the sport will continue to rise over the next several seasons. Football players coming out of high school are becoming bigger, faster, and more dynamic. Highly recruited players are attending Top 25 schools and providing entertainment for the whole world. The college football playoffs and the system has also not failed to excite people the past couple years which has helped bring even more fans closer to the game. 

 One thing that would grow the game even more would be to expand the playoff to at least eight teams. Every year there are 4 or 5 great football teams that are left out of the playoffs simply because only four teams get the right every season to play for a national title game. Also there are too many bowl games that take place. Bigger bowls like the Rose Bowl need to stay, but other bowls that have two 6-6 teams playing each other need to exit. One way to fix this problem would be that a team needs to win eight games instead of six to become eligible. Other than the bowl system in college football, look for the sport to have a massive incline over the next five years.


New Orleans Pelicans vs Dallas Mavericks


The now 26-36 New Orleans Pelicans faced off last night against the now 38-25 Dallas Mavericks in a very close game that went into overtime. The game took place in Dallas, Texas, at the American Airlines Center with a completely sold out crowd of 20,459 people in the stands. At the end of regulation the score was tied between the two teams at 112 points. At the final of the game after one overtime the Dallas Mavericks came out on top with 127 points the the New Orleans Pelicans 123 points.

For the Dallas Mavericks they just came off a loss to the Chicago Bulls so they were looking to bounce back. They were led by their star players Kristaps Porzingis who had 34 points, 12 rebounds, three assists, and five blocks, and Luca Doncicwho put up 30 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists, one steal and one block. They got help from Seth Curry who dropped 21 points, three rebounds, four assists, and one steal all off of the bench and Tim Hardaway JR. who had 18 points, four assists and one rebound.

For the New Orleans Pelicans they were led by Brandon Ingram who dropped 27 points, five rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block and Lonzo Ball who put up 25 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, two steals and a block. They were helped out by possible rookie of the year Zion Williamson who put up 21 points, six rebounds and three assists and Jrue Holiday who scored 19 points, six rebounds, six assists and two steals. Even though the Dallas Mavericks won the game they were out rebounded by one rebound to the New Orleans Pelicans and they also had three more turnovers than them too.



Clothing has varied drastically through every era. It’s interesting to me to see how much fashion can change in just five to ten years. Not only does fashion change throughout times, but it also can say a lot about a person. It can show how old school they are or what bands they like, or if they even like bands at all. You always have to be careful not to read too much into someone’s clothing because then you could be making blind judgments. I think it’s always cool to check into someone’s clothing though because to me it’s your own way to personalize yourself and present yourself the way you would like to be presented.

To me personally clothing isn’t all about big name brands or expensive brands. I like to take unknown clothing or less hyped up clothing if you will and put my own look into it. Most people always tell me that I remind them of a “greaser” or of some other 80’s figure. I usually take this as a compliment even though that isn’t really what I am going for. I like to be unique and dress apart from everyone else not for attention but just to try and be different from the crowd. I think it’s easy for teens to get swept up in the common trends when it comes to clothing even if they don’t personally enjoy the look. To me all this demonstrates is a lack of self confidence.

My dad was a big influencer on the way I dress as he was also very much into clothes growing up. As a young boy he would always try and point out unique clothing my way, but as an insecure kid I never listened. It wasn’t until about 8th grade I started doing my own thing. I even ended up winning best dressed in my whole middle school. This is why I love clothing and dress the way I do. 

Working Out


Working out is the best way to stay fit. When you work out you build muscle and lose fat. Everyone who works stays in shape. When you work out, you live a long healthy life. Everyday you should at least do thirty minutes of cardio. Thirty minutes of working out a day will benefit you. Reason one it will help you gain muscles. Second reason is that it will help you lose weight. Lastly, it will help your body stay active.

Many of us are stuck on technology. Meaning a lot of us are not so healthy.  I am guilty I can stay on my phone for hours without moving around. But if I stay working out for thirty minutes a day I can stay fit. Yes, working out can be time consuming but we can find ways to work out around busy schedules. 

Working out for thirty minutes can be a long time for some. Including myself I get tired after five minutes. While some can work out for hours. But studies have shown that you only need thirty minutes a day to gain a good work out session. You can also split up your thirty minutes. By doing ten minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Also, make a daily routine and stick with it. All of these suggestions will help each and every one of us. 

I truly believe that including thirty minutes a day will help all of us stay healthy. Working out can save so many of our lives. Including myself I am starting to work out thirty minutes a day. If I can do it so can you working out is a life changing that many of us should take in our lives. I hope this helps many of you on staying healthy and change your daily routine.



The Mitchell Park Domes


This weekend I went to the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee with my girlfriend Isabella. After stopping for some breakfast at Tommy’s Home Run, we drove up early Saturday morning and visited Isabella’s grandparents. Then we drove to the Domes and did a few laps around the parking lot looking for a parking spot. We were shocked by how many people were at the Domes that day. Turns out there was a Steampunk event taking place inside one of the domes. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, here is the definition google gives me: a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Anyways, much to our chagrin there was a long line stretching out of the building for tickets and the line featured some interesting characters. We saw a man wearing one of those bubonic plague bird masks that the “doctors” wore, an older woman in 1800’s style clothing wearing steam-conductor goggles and carrying a sword, and a little kid with those goggles on too. It felt like we were the ones out of place, but it was cool to see everyone participating.

However, we only came to enjoy the domes so after waiting out in the cold for about 15 minutes, we were ushered in and purchased our tickets. It was only $6 per person to enter. We went to the Tropical Dome first and immediately left because it was a scorching 85 degrees! We found a coat rack to put our coats on and then returned to the Tropical Dome a little more comfortable. As soon as we walked in, we were met by a strange man in full steampunk attire with a 10 ft snake wrapped around him. That sounds made up, but I assure you it’s not. Then we walked around the Domes a few times and saw tons of cool plants and trees. Some of the plants in the domes were planted in the 1960s! There was a tree in the domes that was older than my dad. 


Young Thug


Jeffery Lamar Williams, known professionally as Young Thug, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Known for his eccentric vocal style and fashion, he first received attention for his collaborations with rappers Rich Homie Quan, Birdman, and Gucci Mane. Young Thug initially released a series of independent mixtapes beginning in 2011 with I Came from Nothing. In early 2013, he signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records, and later that year he released his label debut mixtape 1017 Thug to critical praise.

Young Thug received mainstream recognition in 2014 with the singles Stoner and Danny Glover in addition to appearances on several singles, including T.I.’s About the Money, Tyga’s Hookah, and Rich Gang’s Lifestyle. That year, he also signed to Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment and collaborated on the mixtape Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1. In 2015, he released a number of mixtapes, including Barter 6 and two installments of his Slime Season series. These were followed in 2016 by the commercial mixtapes I’m Up, Slime Season 3, and Jeffery. In 2018, he released a compilation album Slime Language showcasing the artists he has signed to his own label YSL Records.

Jeffery Lamar Williams was born in Atlanta, the tenth of eleven children. He is from Sylvan Hills, a neighborhood in Atlanta, and grew up in the Jonesboro South projects. Other rappers from the neighborhood include Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, Ludacris and Williams’s childhood friend PeeWee Longway, from whom Williams lived four doors down. Young Thug has told interviewers that he got expelled in the sixth grade for breaking a teacher’s arm. He was sent to juvenile prison for four years.

Young Thug began his musical career in 2010, debuting as a guest appearance on rapper TruRoyal’s song She Can Go. After releasing the first three installments of his mixtape series I Came from Nothing throughout 2011 and 2012, Young Thug caught the attention of fellow Atlanta-based rapper Gucci Mane, who went on to sign Young Thug to his label 1017 Brick Squad Records, an Asylum/Atlantic imprint, in 2013. Young thug makes music to this present day.

Sleeping with Stress


The human body produces a hormonal response if it perceives a threat. A release of cortisol and other stress hormones by the endocrine system creates a burst of energy that allows you to fight or escape from danger. Then a healthy response would be to then have the stress hormones lower once the tiresome event has passed. This hyperactivity can then lead to a poorer quality of sleep. 

When you lie in bed, worrying and feeling anxious, the ability to relax and eventually fall asleep are at risk. On top of this, the human body’s response to this is the act of releasing stress hormones. Your body will keep pumping stress hormones because of the fact that the chemicals connected with deep sleep are the same ones that tell the body to stop the production of these hormones. This creates a cycle of poor sleep which can seem difficult to escape.

Sleep is a necessity for humans to function. It gives us the opportunity to rest and let our body recharge. When you sleep, very important benefits such as muscle repair and memory consolidation take place. Symptoms such as memory loss, impaired judgment, and an altered mood are often overlooked when sleep deprivation is experienced. 

It’s normal to experience stress as it is a common emotion. Being in a chronic state of stress for long periods of time can take a toll on physical and mental health. Lifestyle change may need to happen to prevent the effects of stress. 

It can be very challenging to reduce stress. It’s essential to find the cause of stress in hopes that it can become better. Lifestyle changes can also be a coping strategy for stress. Activities such as lowering caffeine or alcohol intake or adapting to a healthier diet may help.


The Importance of Practicing Mindfulness

by Allie Stone

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgement. Scientific examinations prove that mindfulness is a key element in stress refutation and overall happiness.

The roots of mindfulness begin in Buddhism, but most religions include some type of prayer or meditation technique that shifts your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life. Practicing mindfulness has many benefits, such as improving one’s well-being, physical health, and mental health. For example, those who have become mindful find that they are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets of the past, are less preoccupied with concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deeper connections with others. In addition, mindfulness can help relieve stress, heart disease, low blood pressure, and even improve sleep. 

Psychotherapists have also turned to mindfulness meditation to treat a number of problems such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Some experts believe that mindfulness works by helping people to accept their experiences including painful emotions, rather than react to them with avoidance. Meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy share the common goal of helping people gain perspective on irrational and self-defeating thoughts. There are several ways to practice mindfulness, but the goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgement. Meditation techniques that allow the mind to refocus on the present moment include basic mindfulness meditation, body sensations, sensory, emotions, and urge surfing. Above all, mindfulness practice involves accepting whatever arises in your awareness at each moment. It involves being kind and forgiving toward yourself. Practicing acceptance and becoming patient with your thoughts are the first steps to become mindful. 


Big Star vs The Spot

By Angelina Riley

Big Star is a seasonal drive in and window served fast food place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that opened in the spring of 1954 by Roy and Marian Boehner. They serve burgers, shakes, chicken sandwiches, and a lot more delicious options. It opens around March and closes Labor Day. They are open everyday and their hours are from 11am to 11pm. Besides the food being great, the workers are super friendly and prices are cheap. It is a good atmosphere to go hangout and eat with friends or family. Their prime time is dinner and that is when spots in their parking lot fill fast. Sometimes when the drive in is busy, my friends and I will take food to go and eat it by the lake, since Big Star is close to downtown. It is a Kenosha classic and everyone should get a chance to eat it at least once in their lifetime.

Now, The Spot opened in 1945 and is located in Kenosha as well. They are open year round and their hours everyday are from 11am to 2am. They have the same American food as Big Star. However much more is on their menu. They have a vegetarian menu, more sides, and more desserts. The Spot is a little more expensive and has about the same star reviews as Big Star. Personally, I enjoy and go to Big Star more because the one time I went to The Spot late at night, they messed up my order. However, both seem pretty similar and their pros and cons put each other at an equal standing. 


Tik Tok is Taking Over

By Lauren Fleming 

Tik Tok is a social media platform where people can create videos of themselves and share them on the app. Many trends have come from the app, from dancing trends to challenges where teens throw weighted blankets over their heads to see if they’ll fall down. There are many Tik Tok challenges that go around, and it seems every week there is something new. The amount of hours teens spend scrolling on Tik Tok shows not just by how many dances and challenges they know, but by all the songs and catch phrases they say daily. Everyone is on Tik Tok tho, not just teens. It ranges from little toddlers all the way to grandparents. Even middle aged adults show up on the ‘for you page’ from time to time, and one of the most popular is a woman named Samantha.

On Tik Tok her @ is middleofnowhere0102, and she makes Tik Toks about her style of parenting. She also reacts to videos teens send her or tag her in of their parents being toxic or yelling and she gives them advice. The videos she makes include her opinions on “bad parenting” and how some parents don’t realize how tough they are on their kids. There is also a man who does basically the same thing, but he also posts videos about god and how he will always be there in good times and bad.

Aside from these popular “parents”, there is also a house of teens from ages 15 to 19 called the hype house. They make videos on Tik Tok and make up new dance trends sometimes, while other times making other dances go viral. There are many teens that live in the house, but the most popular ones are Charli D’Amelio, Lil Huddy and Addison Rae. Charli and Addison are both dancers who went viral from showing off their skills. Lil Huddy is just there and no one really knows why he’s famous. He looks like a noodle. Currently they’re on vacation in the Bahamas, but we’re all wondering what they need a vacation from since all they do is hang out and make Tik Toks every day. 


Healthy Recipes to Make You Feel Ready for Spring


With Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather, every chance we have to enjoy a few warm days should be fully appreciated. Even if these days are fleeting, it is still nice to go outside and not want to go buy a snowsuit. As spring gets closer and closer, these recipes will help you feel energized and ready for anything that life throws your way.

If traditional salads aren’t your thing, you will be happy to know there are plenty of healthy veggie dishes that hold many of the same if not more health benefits than the typical salad. This recipe consists of a bell pepper and really any other veggies you can think of. The best part of this recipe is it requires no cooking what-so-ever! First you cut the pepper in half, then you scoop out the excess insides, and after your peppers are prepared you make guacamole. This guac can be as complex or as simple as you would like, for mine I just used two avocados, cherry tomatoes,  and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then you can use chickpeas or black beans for a healthy source of protein and iron. After you have prepared the guac, you mix in your protein and add any other veggies you would like, I used cucumber and celery. Finally you scoop the guac mix into the peppers, and you can add fresh cilantro or green onion to top it off. 

The next recipe is a collard green veggie wrap, this recipe is super simple and great for time if you are in a hurry. To prepare it you will need collard green leaves, hummus, and any veggies you like, I used cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Next you use the leaf as you would a tortilla, wrapping the veggies in it, and finally securing with a toothpick. Then you can cut it in half if you would like and you have a healthy quick snack for when you are short on time. 

Last but not least is a veggie saute, for this dish you will need zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, black beans, onion, and baby spinach. First you will saute everything but the baby spinach, seasoning with salt and whatever other seasons you would like. Then you are ready to serve the dish using the baby spinach as a base. This recipe is very simple and healthy, although it does require a bit of cooking, it isn’t too much. This iron packed meal will leave you ready to take on whatever spring throws your way. 

Signs Your Friendship Is Toxic

by Anna Jankovic

They refuse to support you UNCONDITIONALLY – No matter what goal you set out to accomplish, real friends are able to set aside their own opinions and support you waveringly. A classic example I like to give is the fitness goals example. Obviously we love our friends and choose to see only the best in them and find them stunning no matter how they look. But when a friend decides they’re going to make a lifestyle change to better their emotional, mental, and physical selves, real friends don’t hesitate to assure them that they will be accepted even if they change nothing about themselves, while simultaneously becoming your biggest supporter. Responses such as, “Ugh, another diet… really?” or “ I seriously don’t understand when you’re gonna give it up already you’re crazy you look fine.”. Meanwhile they’re sipping on green juice and ditching plans to make it to the soul cycle. Time to rethink that friendship. 

They hold back REAL ADVICE– The worst thing someone can do in a committed and true friendship, is sit back and watch as their  ́ ‘friend” makes an enormous mistake. While it is true that the decision is ultimately theirs, and they may not listen to you anyways, as a friend it’s your duty to always speak your mind and give them your completely honest opinion. Whether this is accepted warmly or not, part of caring about somebody, anybody, as much or more than yourself is giving them advice you wished you received. It feels good to be surrounded by ‘yes-men’, but the people in your life who genuinely take time to worry for you and think about your decisions the same way they think about their own, will tell you even what you don’t want to hear. 

Real friends CHECK IN– Whether this is a weekly phone call, a text every now and then, keeping tabs on each other at parties, or the presence of mind to ask about a recent problem you encountered, checking in is the absolute give away on who truly values your happiness. 


Ice Cream


Ice cream is one of the most famous desserts in the world. An ice cream like food was first eaten in China in 618-97 AD. King Tang of Shang, had 94 ice men who helped to make a dish of buffalo milk, flour and camphor. They then packed the milk and rice mixture into snow to freeze. It was flavored with honey, nuts and fruit toppings after it was completely compacted together.  

Nowadays, vanilla flavored ice cream is the most popular ice cream flavor. Most of the vanilla used to make ice cream comes from Madagascar and Indonesia. About 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts are produced in the United States in 2015. The average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year, and  87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time. 

Ice cream is known all around the world. The top five ice cream consuming countries in the world are New Zealand, America, Australia, Finland, and Sweden. However, the world’s largest scoop of ice cream is in Italy. A nine foot tall ice cream cone was once scooped there. For America, the state that produces the most ice cream is California. 

Now if we start from the beginning, ice cream is made from cows. A cow gives enough milk to make two gallons of ice cream per day which is 730 gallons per year. It takes about three gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream. About 9% of milk produced in the U.S. is used to make ice cream specifically. 

There are a lot of people who do not know anything about ice cream. All they care about is enjoying their ice cream. However, there are a lot of interesting facts no one would ever sit and think about. For starters, it takes about 50 licks to finish a single scoop of ice cream.And if you are patient enough, the perfect temperature for scooping ice cream is between 6 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the little things that make interesting facts. 


My ACT Experience


As a junior, I was required to participate in taking the well known ACT. After working up to this point since my freshman year of high school, you could imagine how relieved I am that it is finally over with. For any underclassman, I’m here to tell you how it really is. 

Leading up to the ACT, we took countless practice tests, studied on Xello, and spent hours going over tips and strategies to ensure we did our absolute best. From freshman year all the way up to the Monday before the test, we practiced ACT questions. It was very beneficial to be exposed to questions similar to the ones on the ACT in varying subjects. The week before the ACT, all of my teachers spent a majority of the class going over the best tips to make sure we finish on time and use our time the best way possible. The Monday before the ACT, all of the juniors felt on edge for the coming day. Most of us were just in shock it had actually come, it felt like a year away just a month ago. It came quicker than most of us expected. 

On the day of the ACT, it felt like a regular morning to me. I was anticipating the time and effort put into the test, but felt prepared. I grabbed my pencils and a calculator and was on my way. We waited in a long line while teachers cleared our calculators and took our belongings. When I got into the room there was a lot of preparation, signing papers, and reading instructions. Once it began it felt like it went by in 15 minutes. The hardest part was time management for most, it goes by quicker than you think. Making sure you look at the clock often will help you get a feel of how you are doing regarding time. Once it was over, I felt accomplished and extremely relieved. 

The ACT is definitely an important test that you should do your best on, but it is not as bad as it seems. It is over in no time and you can always retake it to improve your score. It really is just another test, very similar to ones we have been taking throughout our education. Make sure you study and prepare your best for the ACT, but it is not as bad as it looks. 

Coronavirus: An Overrated Epidemic

By Lexie Meier

For about the past month, citizens all around the globe have been talking about a new epidemic that has spread worldwide: the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is a family of viruses which caused respiratory infections in animals, but has recently moved into humans as well. The first outbreak of Coronavirus was located in Wuhan, China, at the very end of 2019. Corona has now affected over 92,000 people globally, and has reached over a dozen countries.

Coronavirus has recently moved into the United States, with at least 120 cases in over a dozen states. Citizens and communities all around the world are shutting down schools, businesses, and traveling due to this virus. The general population is having a complete uproar over the entire situation, but is it actually necessary to shut down everything, and destroy the economy over this? Only about 2-3% of people infected with Coronavirus are dying from the disease. As there is no cure, your odds are still pretty good for survival. There has also been more recorded cases and triple the amount of deaths due to the flu rather than Coronavirus this past year. As both illnesses are treatable, you’re more likely to die from the flu than Coronavirus right now, and the flu has a vaccine. Even if there was a vaccine for the Coronavirus, half of the population would not take it.

The Coronavirus is easily preventable and only takes one step: wash your hands! The spreading of germs is spreading this disease, so by eliminating germs, you are eliminating your chances of infection! Although this is a new, unknown disease, there have been plenty other ones as well such as: Ebola, Swine Flu, Spanish Influenza, etc. All of these illnesses resulting in higher mortality rate and just as contagious. Disease is scary. Infection and death is scary. However, shutting down the economy for a disease that you are unlikely to die from and putting life on hold is only going to make matters worse in the long run. Everyone just needs to keep their germs to themselves, wash their hands, and move along.


High School

by Sheila McAlister

I don’t think a lot of people realize the things that come with school, and with that being said a lot of things that kids do is to fit in with the other kids in school. For example a lot of kids dress, act, behave and try to stand out because that’s what the other kids do. When I think of school, I think of way more than just waking up and getting ready for school that day. I personally think about college and what I’m going to pursue.

Without graduating high school, you can’t really find a good job. I think high school is so important because it’s something you need in order to make it out, and it’s also like you’re only a few years from being an adult . High school is a lot of work and it’s very hard on keeping up with all the homework and tests that we get/take, and I feel like that’s another reason why a lot of kids give up or just stop caring because it’s so much to do, and if you fall behind it’s like you stay behind and can never get back up depending the class or teacher.

School can be fun, boring, exciting , exhausting and annoying! The hardest thing about school for me is probably waking up every morning in the cold and leaving my bed. I hate waking up in the mornings as it is, so I feel like going to school bright and early in the morning makes it so hard for me because half of the time I can go to sleep early and wake up on time for school and still be tired, but then when I get to school it’s fine and I see my friends, so then it’s not as bad. Sometimes the day goes by fast, and that’s always better .

The Most Superior Pet

By Lexie Meier

As most of the population refers to themselves as dog or cat lovers, I consider myself the hamster enthusiast. Hamsters are hands down one of the most loving, easy going, and easy to take care of pets. Hamsters also provide lots of entertainment as well, such as when they run around in their balls around the house or when they’re running through the tubes and on the wheel in their cages. Hamsters are nocturnal, so they sleep all day and are awake all night. If you ever wake them up throughout the day, they love to just lay and sleep in your hands, which is one of the cutest things about them.

As a owner of 2 hamsters, you can notice a very obvious difference between the breeds. The first one, Bug, is an all black teddy bear hamster who is the very cuddly and laid back one. Bug is older, so he is not nearly as active as he used to be. He loves to eat cheerios as a treat, and his weight fluctuates based on the seasons. Bug’s favorite thing to do is run in his wheel and around my room. The younger sibling of the bunch, Gus, is the very hyperactive one of the two. Gus is a robo dwarf hamster, and is the size of about my thumb. He is on beast mode 100% of the time. He constantly runs back and forth between his little cage, and will always run up his toys, jump over them, and continues to stay active. Gus is not as affectionate as Bug, and will squirm out of your hands. However, if you put him in front of a mirror, he will sit still. He LOVES looking at himself.

Although they have significant differences, they are both very smart. And they are both very verbal when they want something. Their emotions are just as valid and similar to any other pets like cats and dogs. They are responsive, and sensitive. With all of this, they are some of the best company. Along with being so easy to take care of, they are super soft, they don’t bite, don’t leave messes, and will never disappoint you. If anyone is ever looking for an easy yet loving pet, hamsters are the way to go. 


MLB Preview


With the MLB regular season starting in less than a month, it is a great time to predict the all the division winners and my first world series prediction.

AL East: New York Yankees. The Yankees should be in running for the best record in baseball this season. After possessing the second best record in the American League and the third best record in all of baseball a year ago the Yankees were one game away from making back the world series for the first time since 2010. And they added Gerrit Cole this off-season, who may be a top five starter in all of baseball.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins. This team hit a lot of home runs last year and will hit a lot of home runs this year. They added free agent, Josh Donaldson, who will only add to their runs scored. Their ace, Jose Berrios is young and should continue to improve and they added a quality starter in Kenta Maeda. The Twins should be expected to repeat as division champs in 2020.

AL West: Oakland Athletics. The Astros are a good team but with all the ridicule and controversy that surrounds them will prove to be too big of a distraction and cause them to lose more games than they should and open an opportunity for a team like Oakland, who has a very quality roster to take the division.

NL East: Atlanta Braves. In my opinion they simply have the best roster in their division. Freddie Freeman at first base is as steady as they come. Ronald Acuna Jr. is an early MVP candidate. They also have multiple young players who should improve this season in Albies, Swanson, Soroka, and Wright. They added a few pieces in Will Smith, Cole Hamels, and Marcel Ozuna. This team is one of the best in the league and they will take this division once again.

NL Central: Cincinnati Reds. At this point I am taking the best rosters in each division and it is hard to deny the promise the Reds have in 2020. Their starting rotation has very quality pitchers 1-5. They still have the ever consistent Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez commanding the corners. They have a very good end of the bullpen, and young promising hitters in Nick Senzel and Aristides Aquino. Plus, they added two very good hitters in Nick Castellanos and Mike Moustakas. It is hard to imagine this team not being a winning one in 2020.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the best teams in baseball and it is as simple as that. Their lineup is absolutely deadly which has two MVP candidates at the heart of it with last year’s MVP, Cody Bellinger and new addition Mookie Betts. This team wins this division 99/100 times.

World Series Prediction: Yankees vs. Dodgers. These two teams seem to be on a collision course for the world series. No other teams in the MLB can match these two teams’ star power. We could be in store for an absolutely star studded world series in 2020 that features the MLB’s two biggest markets. If I were to pick a winner it would be the Dodgers as I think they grab the edge over the Yankees with their starting rotation and offense. 

The 2020 MLB season is almost upon us.


The Koenigsegg Jesko


At the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the world’s most prestigious auto show, Koenigsegg unveiled their new mega car, the Jesko. Koenigsegg is known for their unnecessarily insane cars, and their crazy top speeds. A Koenigsegg is the record holder for fastest speeding ticket in history, clocked at 242 mph in Texas. Koenigsegg is a Swedish manufacturer that was founded in 1994, and has ever since sought to produce the fastest cars on the planet 

In 2015 they announced the Agera RS, which took the mantle of the world’s fastest car. The Agera RS recorded a record-breaking top speed of 278 mph, dethroning the Bugatti Veyron by 24 mph. Bugatti was not happy that they were dethroned, especially since it was by such a large margin. They worked hard to produce the Chiron, they claimed that it would be the first car to break the 300 mph barrier, and supposedly, it was. However the rules for fastest-production-car state that the car must be produced for the public, a certain number of cars must be made. For Bugatti, the Chiron that “broke the record” was modified, and was not the same as the production model, in addition to that, they only tested the vehicle on one track, not a certified track either. 

Koenigsegg was not happy that they were nearly scammed out of being the best, so they went above and beyond, and built the Jesko. The Jesko is about as unreal as a car could possibly be made. Koenigsegg is set to run the final tests on the car, and make it available to the public, but as it currently stands, the Jesko has recorded top speeds of 312 mph, which is more than one third of the speed of sound. The Jesko is named after the founder of Koenigsegg’s father, and it’s role is to set a mantle for cars to come, to “be the father of the future mega cars,” according to Koenigsegg’s founder.

The Jesko is more powerful, lighter, more expensive, and more aerodynamic than the Agera RS. The Jesko is set to be the fastest production car ever, and add to Koenigsegg’s ridiculous resume of insane cars. Some manufacturers produce cars for aero, for cornering ability and downforce, like Ferrari and Lamborghini, but not Koenigsegg, because, why worry about being fast around a corner, when you could be so much faster than every other car in a straight line?

Kansas Escapes #1 Baylor in Final Minutes

by Josiah McCall

Back on January 11th, Baylor broke an 18-game losing streak in the Allen Fieldhouse; defeating Kansas in hostile territory. Baylor’s efforts in the past 2 months have earned them the #1 overall ranking for the entire nation. Kansas has battled their way back to the #3 overall ranking, and headed into Saturday’s game looking for revenge. The 24-3 Jayhawks had previously only lost two Duke and Villanova by a combined score of 3 points. Baylor’s victory was by a 12 point spread, far more than what Kansas was used to.

The Jayhawks leading scorer, Devon Dotson, has averaged 17 points per game on the year to go along with 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 46% shooting. The unsung hero of the squad is the man in the middle, Udoka Azubuike. Azubuike has started at center for Kansas for four years, a rare accolade to find in college basketball, as many top players declare for the NBA draft well before their senior year. Azubuike is simply a different case, and he has been one of the most elite players in the entire country this year, posting 13 points per game, 10 rebounds, and nearly 3 blocks. Azubuike brought his best game to the Baylor Bears, only missing twice on 13 attempts. He ended with 23 points and an absurd 19 rebounds, along with 3 blocks. Kansas shot 50% from the field, far higher than Baylor’s 39%, despite the game ending in a close finish.

Kansas was able to pull away in the final minutes with an ending score of 64-61. They were able to solidify their case for a #1 tournament seed and get their revenge on Baylor each in the same night. As for Baylor, they are still an elite team with a great chance to make a deep tournament run. These two teams have a high chance of seeing a third match up in the Big 12 tournament within the coming weeks.