Girls’ Volleyball Defeats Central

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Tuesday, October 20, the girls’ varsity volleyball team played their first regional match against the Central Falcons. They won in four sets. The scores were: 29-27, 18-25, 25-21, 25-22.
The stat leaders included:
Lauren Coshun, Senior, MH, #8: 2 aces, 12 kills, 2 blocks, 5 digs.
Meghan Ignarski, Junior, MH, #9: 7 kills, 7 blocks.
Anna Hamm, Junior, Libero, #3: 3 aces, 27 digs, 2 assists
Brooke Clements, Senior, Setter, #14: 3 aces, 3 kills, 2 blocks, 30 assists, 12 digs.
“It was very nice to see our team come back to life during this match. We came out focused on what we needed to do to be successful. We struggled at the service line and gave away free points, but did a phenomenal job of battling back and making Central work to get us out of system. We played scrappy volleyball allowing us to pick up Central’s aggressive swings. This was a collective win for all of us. We worked hard in practice and came out on top. We are stocked for the next match against Union Grove.”

Tremper Cross Country Girls’ Team to Advance to Sectionals

 by Cross Country Coach Alan Skripsky

On Tuesday, October 20, the Tremper Girls’ Varsity Cross Country Team finished second out of nine teams in the Sub-sectional held at the University of Wisconsin Parkside to advance to the Sectional Meet to be held on Saturday, October 24, in Grant Park in South Milwaukee.  The effort was led by Junior Jayden Ingram who finished fourth overall completing the 5,000 meter course with a time of 20:42. Her teammates also ran outstanding times. Tess Callahan finished closely in sixth place with a time of 20:43, Faith Marschel finished 15th with a time of 21:19, Jamie Pena finished 20th with a time of 21:39, Sofia Ricker finished 22nd with a time of 21:43, Jenna Puhr finished 25th with a time of 22:10, Emma Pearl finished 38th with a time of 23:33.

Our Boys’ team finished fourth out of nine teams.  Although the team will not advance to Sectionals, Senior Nathaniel Jackson will advance as an individual by finishing 8th overall with a time of 17:24. Senior Owen West finished 11th overall with a time of 17:25. West missed qualifying by 1/100 of a second.  Colin Mossman finished 25th with a time of 18:24, Nathan Johnson finished 29th with a time of 18:31, Andrew Stitch finished 31st with a time of 18:34.56, Conor Neill finished 32nd with a time of 18:34.78, and Benjamin Rothove finished 34th with a time of 18:49

JV Cross Country SEC Results

by Coach Alan Skripsky

The Tremper Junior Varsity (JV) Cross Country team competed in the Southeast Conference (SEC) Cross Country JV Championship at SCORE Soccer Field Complex in Franksville on Friday October 16th.  All Tremper runners ran the fastest 5k of their lives.  All races were 5000 meters (5k) verses six of the SEC Schools Franklin, Bradford, Case, Indian Trail, and Horlick.  It was great to be able to compete against other SEC Teams.  We’re look forward to the Sub-sectional meet to be run at UW Parkside on Tuesday Oct 20th.

The Tremper JV Boys Team competed at 4:45. They raced to first place as a team.  They were led by Michael States who won the race in first place with a time of 18:20, Elijah Stuebner finished in second place with a time of 18:39, Aaron Zuleta 3rd place with a time of 18:45, Daniel Plutchak 7th with a time of 19:08,  Arden Bergendahl 7th with a time of 19:10, Alan Filer 10th with a time of 19:33, Johnny George 12th with a time of 19:39, Jasper Iwen 23rd with a time of 20:38, Jack Forman 28th with a time of 20:49, Carter Shike 30th with a time of 20:52, Luca Conforti 33rd with a time of 21:39, Matthew Sternberg 39th with a time of 21:50, Ron Brock 43rd with a time of 22:34, and Jacob Grogan 51st with a time of 23:31.

The Tremper JV Girls Team raced at 5:15. They did not have enough runners to have a complete team, but they demonstrated great improvement over their prior personal records.  Tremper JV girls were led by Audrey Marschel who finished 19th overall with a time of 23:37 which improved her time by 53 seconds.  Freshman Chloe Neill finished 21st overall with a time of 23:55 which improved her time by 2 minutes and 41 seconds.  Senior Sydney Lomonaco finished 25th overall with a time of 24:29 which improved her time by 2 minutes and 16 seconds.


Does Chiropractic Treatment Actually Work?

By Gabrielle Wellman

With social media being flooded every day with “satisfying” videos of chiropractors adjusting people’s hips, back, and even ears, it may come across as either a need to try or something you could not get far enough away from. From sitting much longer now and hunching over a screen, many people have begun experiencing back pain, and cling to alternative medicine to heal their discomfort. Chiropractors are similar to medical doctors, and, on average serve a little more time in schooling to become a doctor of chiropractic therapy. They will typically get an undergraduate degree and then go on to certificate training to earn their chiropractic license. 

So, when should you go see one? Well, it’s actually complicated. A common misbelief is that they simply only crack bones, however, they manipulate the alignment of the spine and neck in order to alleviate pains that are not only bone related but muscle and soft tissue as well. A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in the U.S. said in a sample of people with back pain, 74% have used chiropractic therapy to help with symptoms. It is not a miracle cure, and commonly mistaken conditions such as “asthma, hypertension, or menstrual cramping” cannot be treated by chiropractic therapies. Every person will take different to the treatment and therefore a wide array of results can occur. 

Now, scientifically, a review from 2018 showed that spinal manipulation actually alleviated symptoms for up to six6 weeks, and is recognized as a logical pain treatment. Overall, chiropractic therapy can be used to help with anything from muscles and tendons to even the nervous system. Along with making adjustments chiropractic may recommend alterations to lifestyle or nutritional habits, as they can improve the effectiveness of the therapy. It is imperative to consider the background of the person adjusting you, as severe osteoporosis or elevated chance of stroke are noted when spinal manipulation is conducted incorrectly. Happy cracking!

The Art of Letting Go

By Brooklyn Stevenson

Forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. If used by more people, it would have a significant impact on the world. Because even when someone doesn’t deserve forgiveness, it is the duty of the “bigger” person to forgive. It is your duty to let go of something or someone that has hurt you to benefit your health and life. Taking that last step of forgiveness allows you to release hate, so that you truly feel free of the person who has wronged you.

Forgiveness is a great struggle for all of us. We tend to hold grudges, spew anger, and push away happiness because we are blindsided by all of those things. How can one progress only thinking about that one person or situation in the past? However, do not mistake this as the same as “forgive and forget.” Forgiving someone else is not for them. It is for yourself; when you feel ready to forgive them. Nobody can just forget and act like nothing happened. Your experiences define who you are and who you will become. Continue reading The Art of Letting Go

Girls’ Volleyball Continues to Struggle

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Tuesday, Ocotober 13, the girls’ volleyball team played their final away match and went to Oak Creek High School. They lost in three with the scores reading: 25-10, 25-9, 25-9.
The stat leaders included:
Lauren Coshun, MH, #8, Senior: 5 kills, 1 ace
Megan Jankowski, OH, #7, Junior: 2 kills, 5 digs
Brooke Clements, S, #14, Senior: 9 assists
“Tonight’s match was very difficult for us. Oak Creek is a solid team, causing us to panic and struggle to do anything with the ball. We did not look like ourselves out there. We were just going through the motions. We had no defensive intensity, no execution at the service line, or attack line and no passion for the game. We rolled over and let them take it from us. Collectively, we had over 40 errors. All they had to do was serve. There is lots of work to do before Thursday’s match. Hopefully everyone dials in for round two.”

Girls’ Volleyball Falls to the Knights

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
Last night was the girls’ volleyball team’s final conference match for the season. They played at home, against the Oak Creek Knights. Scores for the games were: 17-25, 10-25, 14-25.
The stat leaders included:
Brooke Clements, Senior, Setter, #14: 4 aces, 2 kills, 10 assists, 6 digs
Lauren Coshun, Senior, MH, #8: 4 kills, 3 digs
Megan Jankowski, Junior, OH, #7: 3 kills, 9 digs
“Based on the scores of the match, one would think we rolled over again, but we did not. We came out strong, served aggressive and were able to get Oak Creek out of system. Our middles did a great job of tracking the hitter, and slowing the ball down for our defensive to keep the play alive.  We struggled a bit in serve receive, but worked hard to slide out quickly, giving us more time at the service line. Oak Creek is a tough team and their conference wins are well deserved. We are ready to put the conference behind us and mentally prepare for the playoffs.”

Mikaela Hyakuya, A Boy Written in Tragedy

By Layla Springer

Seraph of the End is a show of very little popularity, mostly having a very dedicated and loving fanbase that is much smaller than most.  Even though the fanbase is small, I can safely say they all agree on one opinion.  That opinion is that Mikaela Hyakuya deserves better.  You may wonder, “Why him and not other characters, Layla?” Well you see, I agree that the others given their shared circumstances do as well (which I will get into) but, it is specifically Mikaela, who I will begin calling Mika now as it is his nickname, that deserves better more than anyone.  

Now let me explain the basics of these circumstances I mentioned before.  The characters all live in a post-apocalyptic world.  It has been overrun by the vampiric kind and the humans who didn’t escape are kept as livestock, seen only for their blood.  This may sound pretty silly seeing as how vampires are a pretty basic and generally laughable trope which I can acknowledge, but in the case of this world, they are nothing but fearsome and cruel creatures.  The vampires took advantage of what caused the apocalypse, a sudden widespread disease killing every person 13 and older.  This left only children and the lucky few who survived despite the age cutoff.  Very quickly everything turned dark, and our main boy of this article, Mika, is captured and kept as livestock along with the other children from his orphanage.   Continue reading Mikaela Hyakuya, A Boy Written in Tragedy

Tips for College Applications

by Megan Murray

Although many people feel that college applications are drawn-out and burdensome, they have vastly improved over the years.  Nowadays, students can apply to multiple colleges with only a few minor changes to each application. However, with that good news, there is a downside. Now that students are more readily able to apply, colleges and universities have received more applications than years past, therefore the standards for each application have become increasingly more difficult. So what are colleges looking for in potential applicants?

Many colleges and universities look for very similar applicants. However, some are more selective than others. The first aspect of a potential applicant that is important is High School GPA and Class Rank. Students that have a favorable GPA or Class Rank are more likely to stand out on their applications. Although, if students are lacking in this aspect, this is not the deciding factor as many colleges and universities take a more holistic approach when admitting students.

Something else that is influential when applying to colleges is the rigor of classes. Taking AP and honors classes and being successful will indicate how you will do in their specific college. Additionally, one facet that is also heavily looked at by colleges was the ACT/SAT scores. As a result of this dangerous virus, many highly selective and moderately selective schools have waived this for at least this application cycle. Therefore, there is not as much of an emphasis on these standardized test scores. Continue reading Tips for College Applications

Be Careful What You Purchase

by Mariana Moore

The following are some benefits of looking into reviews and guides before purchasing something online. One of the most exciting things you can find on your front porch when the doorbell rings is an online shopping package. Similarly, using an online service such as Netflix or Hulu for the first time is always a thrill. But these experiences become less exciting when you find that your online order or service is not what you expected. An item may be smaller or worse quality than it was advertised online, and a service might be unusually slow or not include the features described on its website.

 These drawbacks can be avoided by utilizing reviews or guides online before purchasing a product or buying services. Reviews from real people who have actually used the product or service are honest thoughts on the benefits or drawbacks of what you want to purchase. Reviews can easily be found online for any and every service or product that is available to buy on the internet. Guides and reviews can also easily be found for items that you may want to purchase in-store, simply by searching by product name in a web browser.  Continue reading Be Careful What You Purchase

Riots in Wauwatosa

By Jacob Jensen

On October 8th, another series of riots and protests occurred in the city of Wauwatosa following the shooting of 17 year old Alvin Cole on February 2nd. Riots started after prosecutors said that the officer that had shot the 17 year old would face no charges. The shooting started when officers were informed that there was someone in a mall showing a gun. He had on a fanny pack with a gun in it. The altercation started when someone in the mall laughed at an acquaintance that was not Cole . The 17 year old showed off that he had a gun because he had thought he was laughing at him. When the guy told him to go home because he was just a kid, he proceeded to show the gun to the guy.

At the mall, a security guard tried to mediate the problem, at that time 9-1-1 calls started to come in. When police got to the mall, a group of people, including Cole , are seen at first walking then running from the scene. Police told him to drop the gun and to get on the ground. A shot is fired by Cole which hits himself in the arm while he was running from police. After the shot, police still yelled at him to drop the gun, then Alvin pointed the gun at the police. That’s when Office Mensah opened fire on Cole. Later, police find out the gun was stolen and had a loaded extended clip in the fanny pack.

After a few months, it was released that Office Mensah will not be charged with the shooting of Alvin Cole. Riots and protest started because they believed the shooting was caused because the officer was a racist. Soon people in the City of Wauwatosa had homes and businesses being vandalized. There were people throwing rocks through houses windows, and people going down the street with bats and vandalizing. The National Guard was soon called to put an end to the riots in the city.

The Rise of Internet Money Records

By Jacob Cina

In a recent interview, Taz Taylor, founder of Internet Money Records, was asked why he chose the name “Internet Money.” Taylor stated, “I wanted to start a producer group basically promoting making money on the internet.” Over the last few years, Taz Taylor and Internet Money co-founder Nick Mira have been helping artists and producers grow and pursue their life-long dreams. Their goal has always been to help people in the music industry.

The various producers of Internet Money have a Youtube channel where they post videos showing the process of how they make beats. Their tutorials inspire the younger generation of producers to keep working and help them achieve their goals. In 2019, Taz Taylor signed a record deal with TenThousand Projects and Caroline Records, which gave him the ability to sign artists and producers. Today, Internet Money is a group of various artists and producers. Continue reading The Rise of Internet Money Records

Pressure College Has on Teens

By Ellie Chianello

The push to graduate high school and get into college is the most intense right about now for many students. It is even more intense for those students who have to get scholarships and who have to be forced into focusing on school. High school pushes it so much, but the teachers or staff don’t realize what his/her student could be going through at home. College is not cheap in any way, so for people to be pressuring others to do so is awful. Of course college is mostly necessary for your future, but not all people are going to go or can’t attend. 

The cost for living, books, and tuition for college is at an astronomical high. For example, the average cost of books for college is $1,200 per year, the average cost for tuition is $36,880, and the average cost of basic needs and living is $36,700. Ultimately for students who are trying to deal with the cost of living and books, who are also going to class everyday, having a job, and sometimes a sport, it can be very hard to stay motivated for a long period of time. Thus, high stress levels can affect people in many negative ways, it can make them feel insecure, demolish connections with family and friends, but most importantly, also create the feeling of self-harm. 

Parents want better for their children so they especially want her to go to college. Sienna Flom, a junior, feels pressured by her parents to pursue a college education by saying this, “My parents didn’t go to college, so they have seen the difference that going to college or not going to college has on your life. They want me to go to college because they didn’t.”. So her parents want to see her succeed in the many ways that they did not. Continue reading Pressure College Has on Teens

Ways to Enjoy the Fall Season

By Vincent Bennage 

When the fall season arrives, there is nothing better to do than sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of apple cider. Many may say that only some people enjoy the Fall season and everything it brings; however, it can be for everyone. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, there are countless opportunities to have fun. Additionally, many people recommend, at the very least, going on a nice walk through a park with a lot of trees, so that you can observe the beautiful color changes of the leaves. When summer comes to an end, and the fall/winter seasons approach, take the time to embrace the changes around you and the festivities that happen once a year. 

The first day of fall was September 22 and will last till December 21st, which means there is a lot of time to adjust from the warm summer months to the colder ones. What is the first thing someone should consider doing? Well, to help make the transition much smoother, try enjoying a lovely pumpkin spice beverage at a local restaurant. Even if you don’t like the taste of those drinks, try consuming something that is remotely related to the fall season: pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, or even pumpkin pie! There are so many different things that you can try that will expand your horizon for fall goods and treats, ultimately better preparing you for the rest of your fall journey. Continue reading Ways to Enjoy the Fall Season

How Exactly Did Jello Come to Exist?

by James Andersen

Introduced into the American diet in 1897, Jell-O has become a staple dessert at many household gatherings and parties for its simplicity and easy preparation. Homemade by mixing powder into hot water and then setting it to chill in the fridge, it is hard to find something easier to make. Except.. what exactly is that powder, and where does it come from? I asked some Tremper students their thoughts on how this tasty treat is made!

Some answers were on the right track, although they didn’t get everything correct.

According to Lexy Steegstra, “You go to the store and you find the Jell-O mix. You pick what flavor you want, red, and bring it home. Then you get water, stir in the Jell-O mix, and put it in the fridge for several hours. Then VOILA, Jell-O!” This process in itself is correct, but I needed more. “What is the mix made of, though?” I asked curiously. “Powder, like artificial stuff. Sugar and dye. Oh, and squish! If it’s not squishy it’s not Jell-O!”

Andrew Doss similarly got the components right, saying “Well, there’s gelatin and water. I guess you mix it together and cool it?” But when questioned what gelatin was made from, he suggested “Isn’t it like, horse hooves? I feel like I heard that somewhere,” which is not entirely right. Continue reading How Exactly Did Jello Come to Exist?

Starbucks vs Dunkin 

By Kallista Street

I like to start my day with a large cup of iced coffee, but the question is: Which is better, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? All my coffee lovers should be familiar with this feud but if not, Starbucks and Dunkin have been each other’s biggest competitors when it comes to the world’s best coffee. Let’s find out which is better. 

When it comes to the menu, they are very different. Starbuck has more scones, muffins, bagels, a variety of breads and sandwiches. Starbucks also sells items such as bistro boxes which are prepared boxes that you buy for lunch which typically include a sandwich, some vegetables to snack on and some sort of small dessert. They also carry other dessert items such as cookies, cake pops, and tarts. Starbucks also offers a health menu. Dunkin Donuts, on the other hand, has bagels, muffins , croissants, bagels, sandwiches, hash browns and wraps. The big difference between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts is that Dunkin Donuts has items such as donuts and munchkins which are very popular. Donuts come in flavors such as chocolate frosted, chocolate glazed, vanilla frosted, Boston creme, glazed and many more. Munchkins usually come in glazed, glazed chocolate, powdered sugar, and jelly.  Continue reading Starbucks vs Dunkin 

Work Work Work Work Work

By Hailey Stiles

With a plethora of newfound responsibilities, it is not uncommon to hear teenagers whine about not having money. The easiest solution to the problem is to simply get a part-time job. But, with an existing stack of things to do, the task of going to work is overwhelming to many young people. Despite the cons of being a working teen, the skills gained from the experience of working when young is essential to building a lifelong work ethic and strong character.

Part-time jobs produce an increased ability to manage time. Teens have a lot going on, from sports and clubs, to music, school work, and family and friends, this is debatably the most sporadic extent of things we will have to handle our entire lives. But with all these duties, a scheduled job teaches you to integrate new tasks into your schedule, and plan how to effectively spend your time to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Along with this, a busy schedule will enable a better judgement of priorities. What’s more important, my homework I did not get to do at work, or hanging out with my friends? These are important, sacrificial questions young people must be more familiarized with answering.  Continue reading Work Work Work Work Work

The Rise of Thrifting

by Ashley Schulte

Online shopping or going to the mall has become an essential part of many consumers’ lives. Keeping up with trends seems so important, especially to younger individuals who may not fully understand the art of saving money. This constant need to keep up has fueled the fast fashion industry tremendously. But with this comes a plethora of issues, not only for our bank accounts but for our planet too. 

Fast fashion is one of the leading causes of a detriment to our environment. Companies do not make clothes that will last and sustain a lifetime anymore, but rather make an abundance of cheaply made products in an effort to save a few extra dollars. They sell these clothes for seemingly cheap prices, but they fall apart after a few washes, and must be replaced. This in turn causes us to spend more money in the long run.

Stores just as Zara and Forever 21 produce an incredibly large amount of clothing, and bombard consumers left and right with ads and sales. Instead of just having four seasons, there seem to be over 20, with a new style being thrown in our faces every week. It can feel overwhelming, especially to the young consumers who feel the constant need to maintain a similar style to their peers.  Continue reading The Rise of Thrifting

Why Ratatouille is One of Disney’s Best Movie

By Jenna Puhr 

What is Ratatouille? It is a cinematic masterpiece. Disney Plus description of it is, “In one of Paris’ finest restaurants, Remy, a determined young rat, dreams of becoming a renowned French Chef, setting off a hilarious chain of events.” But it is more than just some rat in Paris, it’s about the imagery, the sound design, the plot, the food,  women empowerment, and the underlying messages.

The setting of the movie is Paris. This was a great choice by animators because the scenery is beautiful. In the first couple minutes of the movie we see a little house, which Remy and his brother later go into.  Before even entering the home we are met with a stunning color palette and throughout the movie the color palette is beautiful. Even in just this one picture, our eyes take in a lot of information. We can tell that this movie takes place during Autumn due to the leaves on the tree. We can tell that the homeowner lives by themselves in rural Paris. We can also differ that the homeowner is older because of the rundown look of the home, no car, and an old tractor. Also it is raining/storming in the picture which is a clear example of foreshadowing. Usually when it is raining or storming it implies something big is going to happen that will change everything. It is clever that the animators put that in because everything does change. The scene has dark and medium color spectrums, which leads to a cozy and comfortable vibe. Everything in this movie is a treat for your eyes. Remy, the rat, has a soothing color palette too. It is full of blacks, blues, browns, purples, greys and light pink. Since it also takes place during Autumn the trees and city is full of oranges, tans, browns, and marrons. This once again creates a cozy, cooling, calming atmosphere. Every character’s color palette represents their personality.  Continue reading Why Ratatouille is One of Disney’s Best Movie

Careful, Your Headphones are Leaking Emotions

by Jordan Langston

You’re sad. Sad because your crush found a new lover and you’re stuck all alone, so you plug your headphones in and listen to the saddest music you can think of, but somehow your mood has lightened up. How? Although this isn’t 100% guaranteed and the emotional effect of music is largely depicted by the current emotions in your mind, it is scientifically proven that sad music actually can make you happy. A study was conducted by Durham University located in the UK by giving surveys to a wide range of people and found surprising contradictions. Based on the surveys they found that happy/ sad music pushes three common feelings like pleasure, pain, and comfort. 

It pushes pain by reminding you of past and present situations that had a negative affect on your emotions. It’s a pretty obvious thing to expect since you listen to sad music, but how could it possibly make you happy? Well, the answer is so simple that it just flies right over most people’s head. While reminiscing you come across sad and happy memories; sometimes the positive ones can hit hard and you might even catch yourself smiling without even thinking about it. This also goes along with the comfort part of listening to sad music: without even realizing it, sad music that relates to your situation makes you feel like you’re not alone and comforts you with memories. So what do you do when you just want to be sad? Well, looks like you might just have to wait for another heartbreak, because  music won’t do it for you.  

The Ultimate Guide to Spooky Season

By Drue DeBettignies

October, aka “spooky season,” aka the best time of the year. If you don’t think this season is the best, then you definitely are not doing it right. Grab a hot beverage and a warm blanket and get ready to learn how to do this amazing season right.

Grab some friends or your family, and head over to your local pumpkin patch. This is such a simple but fun way to spend the day, so grab your favorite fall sweater (and mask) and head over there, you won’t regret it. Before you leave make sure to get some cute pictures, and a cup of apple cider because we all know they taste better there. Better yet get some cute pumpkins, and a cookie if you’re Jerry Smiths is a must. 

Carve some pumpkins, even better have a contest. Grab some pumpkins and play some spooky music. This is such an easy and fun way to get in the fall spirit, plus if they look good you can display them on your front porch, how cute.  Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Spooky Season


By Gaby Lopez

I work at a retail store, Tommy Hilfiger. It is located at the Prime Outlet. We get all different age groups that come into my store. My store has pricier items than most stores, so we get a lot of shoplifters, almost every day. 

Today I wanted to talk about all the shoplifters I have witnessed, and how people cannot be so smart. In the month of September, there were a group of girls that walked in. They were most likely between the ages of 13-15; the girls came in super nice and they greeted me and my coworkers. 

Then the girls started to look around the store while I was recovering, which means folding clothes and cleaning up after adults. While I was recovering, I noticed one girl messing with her purse suspiciously. I didn’t think anything of it because they were really nice when they walked in, but I was definitely wrong. In one quick movement the girls ran out the store, and our sensors started to go off. 

After the girls ran out the store my managers and I knew they stole something; they ended up stealing perfume and a T-shirt. The girls eventually came back and gave us back our product. One of the girls told my manager, “I am sorry; my friend dared me too,” and then she left the store. After the girls left, my manager came up to me and said, “I can’t believe this happens every day.”

When someone shoplifts our product, we are not allowed to chase after them for our safety. This next shoplifter was not that smart about stealing. It was December of last year, so our winter jackets were out.. There was a woman and man, most likely in their 20’s, and they came into the store and started to look around. We were really busy at the time, so it’s hard to pay attention to everyone. The couple went up to the door and was about to walk out, but our sensors went off and I stopped them. The woman told me she doesn’t have anything, and as she was saying that she had her hands in her pocket. She went to take her hands out of her pocket, and the product she was trying to steal fell out onto the floor; she then proceeded to kick our product out the door and ran out.

These incidents were just two of about twenty. This just shows that shoplifters aren’t so smart. If you think about shoplifting think again, because we always know when and who is going to shoplift. 

Riots in Kenosha

By Jacob Jensen

Starting August 23, 2020, there was civil unrest in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The unrest started from police shooting Jacob Blake. The attorney for the Kenosha Professional Police Association states that Blake had a knife and was being forceful with officers previous to the shooting. It is stated that the officers gave commands to Blake, but he did not listen. Officers then attempted to tase and subdue Blake but were not successful in their attempts. It is reported that investigators recovered a knife from the floorboards of the car Blake was trying to get into.

Soon after the incident, protests started to happen, and then it started to get violent. Rioters started to come from all over the U.S. to cause problems and destruction. People owning businesses and houses tried boarding up their windows to prevent from being looted and have damage caused. A few days after the incident, Kenosha had the National Guard brought in to stop people from injuring others and causing property damage. Continue reading Riots in Kenosha

A New Spooky Snack!

By Kallista Street  

Are your friends and you looking for a new delicious snack for the spooky season? Well, do I have a recipe for you! This is an easy and fun little snack you can make at home. It’s a sweet chocolatey snack that you should try; yum doesn’t sound tasty? This spooky snack just happens to be a brownie dirt pudding cup. You can even dress them up with graveyard decorations and serve them a cold glass of chocolate milk for a spooky snack. This can be a fun activity to do with friends and family. This snack is also a good little dessert to have. 

Brownie dirt pudding cup

Now to start this snack we will need to get the  ingredients. The ingredients you will need are one 9×9-inch pan of brownies, baked and cooled, one 3.9-ounce box of instant chocolate pudding mix, 1/2 cup milk, one 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, one 8-ounce container frozen whipped topping, thawed, 8 chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed into fine crumbs, edible Halloween themed candy and headstone toppers. Some other things you might want to add are gummy worms, bone-shaped candies, paper headstones, cute candy ghosts, or creepy zombie hands or candy pumpkins or two, but these are all optional. 

Now let’s get to making the snack! Start off with making your favorite brownie mix.  Then add the brownie to the bottom of each cup, but leave some for the top layer. Our next layer is chocolate pudding mixed with milk, sweetened condensed milk and whipped topping. That will get topped with the crumpled up chocolate sandwich cookies and/or the brownies if you saved them. The next part is obviously my favorite; now decorative the top of the brownie dirt pudding cup with all of the gummy worms, bone-shaped candies, paper headstones, cute candy ghosts, or creepy zombie hands or candy pumpkins you got but ,of course, this part is optional.  Continue reading A New Spooky Snack!

The Crazy Life of Ed Gein

By Jenna Puhr 

Edward Theodore Gein lived in Plainfield Wisconsin which is a 2 hour and 53 minute car ride away. He became famous for his violence he portrayed to his victims and what he did to them afterwards. This earned him many nicknames such as the Grandfather of Gore, The Ghoul of Plainfield, The Plainfield Ghoul, and his most famous one The Butcher of Plainfiled. He inspired many movie directors who then based their characters off of him. The most famous of these include Buffalo Bill (The Silence of the Lambs) and Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

Gein was born on August 27, 1906, in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. He had an older brother named Henry, whom he didn’t get along well with. His family moved to Plainfield early on in his childhood. Gein was isolated from anyone and only left the house to go to school. When he was older he was allowed to do jobs around the town because he was a handyman. He had very poor social skills and was considered odd for most of his life. He lived on a farmhouse with his alcoholic father who verbally abused him, his strictly religious mother, and Henry. His father died in 1940 from alcoholism. His mother’s actions and behaviors would affect him throughout his life. His mother was a very strange woman and her name was Augusta. She made Gein completely dependent on her. She also forced her views on him. One of these views was that all women were all evil (except for her) and you can see this directly impacted his life because all his victims were women.

It is interesting to note that Gein did not hate her and she did not hate Gein. They were actually very close and his mother wanted to protect him by keeping him sheltered. She didn’t want anyone to influence him even though she influenced everything Gein did. This became her greatest downfall. She caused him to act the way he did and directly played a part in his actions.  She also made Gein practically worship the ground she walked on, causing him to devote his life to her. She controlled every aspect of his life, so when she died, Gein’s mental health declined rapidly.  Continue reading The Crazy Life of Ed Gein

Tremper Cross Country SEC Results

 by Coach Charles Bradley and Coach Alan Skripsky

The Tremper Cross Country team competed in the Southeast Conference (SEC) Cross Country Champion at Grant Park in South Milwaukee on Friday, October 9th.  All races were 5000 meters (5k) with seven of the SEC Schools.  Not being able to compete outside of Kenosha so far this season, it was great to be able to compete against the rest of the SEC Teams.  We’re look forward to the Sub-sectional meet to be run at UW Parkside on Tuesday, Oct 20th.

The Varsity Girls Team (VGT) raced first at 3:30.  It was a tight race with three points separating the top three teams.  ITA won the race and Tremper (VGT) tied for second place with Franklin.  Tremper was awarded third place as the tie-breaker going to Franklin based on the performance of their sixth runner.  Tess Callahan lead Tremper finishing in 3rd place overall with a time of 20:52, Faith Marschel 4th with a time of 21:03, Jamie Pena 16th with a time of 21:39, Sofia Ricker 18th with a time of 21:54, Jayden Ingram 25th with a time of 22:45, and Emma Pearl 37th with a time of 24:21.

The Varsity Boys Team (VBT) competed at 4:00.  ITA placed first and Tremper’s VBT second.  There was a narrow margin of 6 points separating the 2nd through 4th place teams.  Nathaniel Jackson finished 3rd overall with a time of 17:14, Owen West 6th with a time of 17:27, Nathan Johnson 13th with a time of 17:48, Ben Rothove 23rd with a time of 18:42, Colin Mossman 25th with a time of 18:46, Conor Neill 26th with a time of 18:46, Elijah Stuebner 33rd with a time of 19:19, and Aaron Zuleta 43rd with a time of 20:51.  Seniors Jackson and West have been our team leaders all season and didn’t let us down. Sophomores Johson and Rothove continue to have solid performances on race day.

The Junior Varsity Girls Team (JVGT) raced at 4:30 and did not have enough runners to have a complete team.  Tremper JVGT runners were Jenna Puhr who finished 4th with a time of 22:40, Audrey Marschel 29th with a time of 25:33, and Sydney Lomonaco 38th with a time of 26:46.

The Junior Varsity Boys Team (JVBT) raced at 5:00.  The Tremper JVBT boldly made their pre-race prediction of winning the race to Coach Bradley who challenged them to live up to their claim.  They did just that.  They finished in first place as a team.  They were led by Andrew Stitch who won the race in first place with a time of 19:01, Arden Bergendahl 5th with a time of 19:32, Daniel Plutchak 7th with a time of 19:37, Michael States 9th with a time of 19:45, Johnny George 17th with a time of 20:22, Ryan Snyder 25th with a time of 21:01, Alan Filer 26th with a time of 21:07, Carter Shike 27th with a time of 21:08, Luca Conforti 41st with a time of 21:59, Jasper Iwen 43rd with a time of 22:06, and Ron Brock 61st with a time of 24:01.

Girls’ Volleyball Falls Flat

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Thursday, October 8, the girls’ volleyball team played the Franklin Sabers at their home court. The scores of the match were: 12-25, 10-25, 22-25.
The stat leaders included:
Lauren Coshun, Senior, Setter: 3 blocks, 3 kills, 13 assists
Kenzie Cope, Senior, OH: 5 kills, 4 digs
“We could not get anything going tonight. We came out hot, and fell flat as soon as Franklin tied us. We tried a new lineup which we knew could create some confusion or chaos. Regardless, the fundamentals stay the same and we could not hack it. We could not execute the ball at the service line or the attack line. The third set was a much better fight, but it was too late. We have two matches left – we need our passion to stay alive.”

Girls’ Volleyball Continues to Struggle

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Tuesday, October 6, the girls’ volleyball team had a home match against the Franklin Sabers. The scores of the match were: 16-25, 19-25, 19-25.
The stat leaders included:
Brooke Clements, Senior, Setter, #14 – 18 assists, 5 digs, 2 aces
Lauren Coshun, Senior, MH, #8: 8 kills, 3 blocks, 3 aces
Megan Jankowski, Junior, OH, #7: 7 kills, 15 digs, 3 aces
“We definitely struggled tonight. We had a tough time working together and being consistent. When our serve receive and defense were on, we were unable to execute.  When we were attacking aggressively, our defense did not keep plays alive limiting the hitters opportunity to swing again. Volleyball is a team sport – we all need to take a step back, breathe, and find the best way to play together. We need to play for each other. The passion was not there tonight. “

Girls’ Volleyball Falls Short

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Friday, October 2, the girls’ volleyball played their second match against Bradford High School. In a thrilling four sets, they were again unable to finish the game. The scores were: 22-25, 13-25, 25-22, and 25-27.
The stat leaders included:
Meghan Ignarski, Junior, #9: 13 kills, 5 blocks
Lauren Coshun, Senior, #12: 6 kills, 6 blocks, 2 aces
Megan Jankowski, Junior, #7: 5 kills, 23 digs
Anna Hamm, Junior, #3: 30 digs
“We fell short tonight – again, we gave up a first set after leading almost the entire time, causing us to panic and do too much with the volleyball. In the third set, we found our groove and took some incredible swings. Our middles did a phenomenal job of setting the block, swinging aggressively and making it very difficult for Bradford to run a successful offense. The entire team knows their roles and everyone is doing their best to accomplish their tasks each game. Tremper Volleyball is not going to roll over and give away matches. We have moments of weakness, sure, but we are fighting for every single point. This team is a thrill to watch and I am honored to be coaching such extraordinary young ladies both on and off the court.”

Girls’ Volleyball Falls to Bradford

by Ashley Pecha (Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach)
On Tuesday, September 28, the girls’ volleyball team played another cross town rival, Bradford High School. Though they took the game to five sets, they were unable to finish. The scores of the set were: 22-25, 25-15, 17-25, 25-19, & 10-15.
The stat leaders included:
McKenzie Cope, Senior, #12: 7 aces, 10 kills, and 18 digs
Lauren Coshun, Senior #8: 7 kills, three blocks, 10 digs
Megan Jankowski, Junior #7: 7 kills, 16 digs
Brooke Clements, Senior, #14: 29 assists
“I am very proud of my team for not giving up tonight – we played hard and put up a fight. We began set one with a lead and should have capitalized on it, instead of allowing Bradford back in. We had more serving errors that usual, which gave Bradford free points. We played well throughout the match by pushing our hitters to change up their shots and swing aggressively. I do see the passion and heart radiating off these girls, which makes me appreciative.  I believe I am leading our team in the right direction and we are playing high level volleyball. These next two practices are going to be tough – but we can handle it. Friday is a new game.”

Voting for the Future

by Gabrielle Wellman

It is no surprise that with the upcoming 2020 election much tension has started to build not only within our schools but in normal life as well. This year has created a different type of tension – one that has not been experienced by American citizens in the past. This election is highly divisive, and makes it harder for young voters to understand who exactly they are backing. While the media serves as a check on the government, the uprise of tabloid news has made it much more difficult to find reliable resources, and fact-checked data on what each candidate believes in. 

To begin, on the topic of coronavirus, the incumbent presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has decided to allow states to dictate their response. He has been very hesitant to release any sort of federal mandates, and only wants to use the powers of the national government lightly. It is hard to say whether or not President Trump would have been able to prevent any of the earlier spread, but it has been noted the federal government was made aware of the impending pandemic as early as January. As for democratic candidate Joe Biden, he has released several federally controlled plans to attack the current Covid-19 outbreak. He has emphasized measures such as stronger contact tracing, treatment, and more hands on economic support. 

As far as economics go, President Trump has greatly increased tax cuts and promoted the idea of fostering overall growth and employment. He has promoted an idea of ‘trickle down economics’, which includes heavy tax cuts for the upper percent and big corporations in hopes the economic prosperity will foster the middle and lower class families to be paid more or have more availability for jobs. Joe Biden has become known for his affiliation with the middle class, and wants to close the financial disparity in many parts of the U.S. He wants to stimulate job and economic growth through proportionate taxing and allowing more federal aid to the businesses, particularly smaller “mom and pop” ones, that have begun to crumble as a result of the economic recession caused by the virus. Continue reading Voting for the Future

A World of Stagnation

by Brooklyn Stevenson

You can deny change for as long as you want, but it is bound to happen in one way or another. Life will pass you by before you know it if you do not take charge to have some say in the change. One day it will come knocking at your door and you won’t be ready for it. Sometimes you need to take charge even in your most unmotivated times. It is a struggle for those who resent a future different from a time in the past, but you cannot hide or shy away from it.

Denying change can push you away from the ones you care about the most. When you are stuck in a state of stagnation, and they are ready for the next step in life they will be forced to leave you behind. Stagnation only speaks to ignorance that things will stay the same for as long as you want them to. That is not the case in reality. You cannot freeze time in a “better stage” of life. You have hardships throughout your whole life. Thinking things will just be perfect and jolly at one point would be naïve. There are always better times, but we cannot ignore that there will be bad times as well.

We need to be ready and accepting of any change that comes to pass. Doing the opposite of that will only make the change weigh heavier on your life. Taking it as it is, is the first step; it will put you in a clear mind set. A clear and positive mindset brings less stress adapting to what you have to do. Do not push against what is inevitable. There is no point in wasting time trying to keep what is now. We only have so much time; spending it being dragged down by life’s alterations is not wise.

Why Kokichi Ouma is One of the Most Well Written Characters to Exist

by Layla Springer

Kokichi Ouma, a name not many people know, and if you do, you may associate him with the game Danganronpa. Despite being a great game, it doesn’t always get the best attention due to negative biases people have formed. However, this is an article focusing on Kokichi and not the game overall, so let’s move on.

Kokichi is a short young man of 5’2” with purple eyes and black hair with dark purple ends. He comes off as extremely obnoxious and rude from the very beginning. Some of his main characteristics are that he’s vulgar, insulting, and constantly lying. Sounds pretty terrible, right? That’s where you’re wrong, because Kokichi is a lie to himself. Kokichi always claimed to love the killing game he and 15 other characters were thrown into, seeming enthusiastic and gleeful for what would happen next. The others, of course, believed him for the convincing lie and continued to form a distrust for him.

To everyone but Shuichi, the main character and the one we play as, Kokichi is nothing but an untrustworthy nuisance who has a completely different motive than all others. This again, was wrong. Kokichi wanted to end the killing game just as much as everyone else. He formulated a plan from the very beginning to end the game. One that ultimately ended in his death. Continue reading Why Kokichi Ouma is One of the Most Well Written Characters to Exist

How To Be The Best Student Possible

By Karson Robinson

To be the best student, there are certain things you need to accomplish first. First is attendance; if you have any unexcused absences you have to get that fixed. It could also help if you weren’t late to every class, so in addition no tardies. It’s important that during the school year you should try to stay in a positive mindset because positivity is productivity. 

Now moving on to supplies needed. To be the best possible student you should come ready to every class. Bring a notebook, pencils, and have a folder to keep organized. The best students maintain a GPA of 3.8 or higher. Anything lower is average.

Now how to be the best possible student outside of school. First things first, when you get home there is no time to relax till after your work is done. Get your homework done as fast as you can when you get home because that’s when you remember the most. For example, If you start your homework at 9 pm there is a good chance you’ll make dumb mistakes that if you did it earlier and it was fresher in your mind you would not of made that mistake. Get all homework done before the next day of school starts, and you could even start something that’s due later if you wanted to and had time.  Continue reading How To Be The Best Student Possible

What Companies Have Profited During the Coronavirus?

by Megan Murray

When people think about the times that we are living in, the first thought that pops into their mind will most likely be negative. This is expected with all that has happened as a result of Coronavirus. Many of us have adapted to wearing a mask most of our day. We have missed watching professional and school sporting events, being in the school building, celebrations with families, going into stores to shop, a lack of new television options. Grocery stores slowly opened with limited capacity. We often wonder what good has come as a result of this deadly virus. Although many businesses were not able to make it through these challenging and unprecedented times, a great deal of companies have prospered during this time, yes prospered! 

If you think about what you did over those quarantined times, you are bound to have contributed to one of these companies. While you were trying to pass the time, did you ever shop online? Did you see what new items you could buy on Amazon? If you are guilty of this, the CEO thanks you as his company has nearly doubled their profits from previous years.  In addition to all of this online shopping, many people spent much of their time absorbed in their electronics. It is because of this that Apple Inc. has increased 11% in revenue this year.

The next company that has thrived during these challenging times is a popular entertainment service with over 182.8 million subscribers. Yes, you guessed it: Netflix! Over the lockdown, Netflix accumulated over 16 million new sign-ups, thereby doubling their stock price by nearly 65%. Whether I want to admit it or not, Netflix has consumed much of my time, especially over the quarantine period.

With all of the hardships that people and our economy have suffered, the only way to get back to some type of normalcy is to continually support these businesses. If there is one takeaway from what I have stated here, I hope that people look at the positives even in times when we only feel there are negatives.

Pop Smoke’s Influence on Rap Culture

By Jacob Cina

There have been very few artists who have had an influence on me like Pop Smoke has. As a music producer, I am always looking for new styles of music to produce. Pop smoke’s music is what introduced me to the New York drill scene. I believe though, that the impact of his music goes deeper than just its impact on me. I believe that Pop Smoke’s music influenced the whole rap culture. 

It is important to remember how short lived Pop Smoke’s career was. Bashar Barakah Jackson, born July 20, 1999, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He was very gifted in basketball, but was diagnosed with a heart murmur and in 2018 he began to pursue music. He started by remixing popular New York Drill songs, but he soon began creating original music under the name Pop Smoke. In a Genius interview he states, ”My grandma called me Poppa since I was a kid, but my name on the street when I was a kid was smoke. My homeboys didn’t want to call me poppa so they just mixed the pop with the smoke.” In 2019 he released his breakout single Welcome to the Party and soon after released his debut mixtape Meet the Woo. In February 2020 he released his second mixtape Meet the Woo 2. Just two weeks after the release of his second mixtape, Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills. Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon was released on July 3, 2020.

His music career only lasted over the span of two years, But with that he left behind a legacy and he will be remembered forever because of it. He was a unique artist with a very distinct voice. The energy in each and everyone of his songs is always strong and he really brought the drill scene to New York. Pop smoke had a large influence on rap culture and his legacy will be remembered forever.  

Effects Coronavirus Has On Sports

By Ellie Chianello

Sports is way more than just an extracurricular activity for children. It enables them to create social skills, socialize, and build strong relationships. Sports help you create friendships that you might have for a very long time if not your whole life. When kids go to their sports events, they socialize and build social skills, and when that is taken from them the children feel isolated and deprived of happiness. It gives them something to look forward to in these horrible situations. 

High school kids are going through hormonal changes so kids often use sports to release stress, anxiety, and depression. Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on the body and mind by reducing stress. Only 20% of teens experience stress that exercise once per week. This is sad to say because teens that perform exercise regularly experience lower stress levels. According to Ohio University, teens who exercised reported lower stress levels. Ohio also took a survey looking at about 850 student athletes and they found out that being involved in sports from ages 12 to 17 helped them reduce developing mental health issues from occurring in the next 4 years. 

Sports, in many ways, guide athletes in the right direction. The student’s athletic scholarship might be the only way they go to college. Now, there is an increased amount of pressure for athletes to obtain that scholarship. Athletic scholarships reward students of their hard work and dedication. Many student athletes come from very low-income homes and might be on the edge of homelessness. The scholarship means the difference between success or homelessness.  Scholarships can entirely change someone’s life. According to the NN4y (National Network for Youth), 1.3 to 1.7 million youth experience one night of homelessness per year. In 2015, 13.5% (43.1 million) people lived in poverty. 86% of college athletes come from impoverished homes. As you can see, high school athletes are not just in the sport to release stress and anxiety but also to have a normal future without being homeless.

Students need exercise to be happy and mentally stable. When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically. Athletics teach kids life skills along with social skills, which are both extremely important for their future and life in general. 


At the Forefront of Change: The Educational System

By Vincent Bennage 

Schools, along with many other businesses, have adapted to what has been going on in the world right now. Many countries have taken precautions to limit the spread of the virus and ultimately get back to normal over time; the United States, however, has been sweeping it under the rug, and making it our new normal. With Covid-19 and all that follows, many people have decided to try virtual learning as an alternative way of education; however, the repercussions that come with this may be considered a trade-off. Many find it inconvenient and ineffective, and some consider it a safer option; as we dive deeper into the essence of online learning, the pros and cons will become apparent. Furthermore, everyone is adapting to the consequences of the pandemic, and schools are at the forefront of change and innovation. 

Online learning has become a trend in our nation’s society, and whether it is good or bad depends on what goes on behind the scenes. Most schools opened about a month ago to allow kids to do either online or in-person, and the decisions were tough to make for a variety of reasons: there wasn’t enough technology for students to learn online, the difficulty of allowing students to be in the building without catching the virus, and everything else that could come with. But many made the decision catered to their personal lives, and schools allowed for the families to choose, at any time, if they wanted to go online or stay in school. It may seem like a fitting way to ensure everyone gets an education; however, many problems have come after, and are still occurring now. 

When the schools figured out how to provide technology to all their students, it became more job to be able to make sure those devices were regulated and supported so that the students could learn frequently without many distractions. Soon after schools developed a plan, learning could now continue in 2020. At first, there were a couple technical difficulties here and there: computer issues, WIFI connection issues, and confusion. But as the school year progressed, the problems became collective dilemmas. Many students expected to check in with their schools at certain times of the day on a Friday, but when Spectrum failed to support a majority of Wisconsin’s internet users, teachers, students, and parents found themselves struggling to understand what to do next. The problem was fixed. Then again, the next week, another internet provider issue occurred and this time it was expected. The question to be answered deals with the accountability of technology for the students and the teachers. Will the technology be able to support our schools and districts? And for how long? Continue reading At the Forefront of Change: The Educational System

The Natural Superiority of Lobsters

by James Andersen

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and seen a fish tank full of little lobsters and thought to yourself “I wonder if I could keep a lobster as a pet?” The short answer is yes!! The not so short answer? Well, it really depends on the time and effort you’re willing to put forth into giving your new lobster pal the life they deserve!!

There are two main types of lobster that you might recognize from those restaurant fish tanks: spiny lobsters and clawed lobsters. Spiny lobsters have a hard shell and long antenna, but their most notable trait is their lack of claws. They’re naturally found in the warm waters off the coast of California and in the Caribbean. Clawed lobsters, also known as Maine lobsters, are the more well known type of lobster. There are two different variations, American and European. European lobsters are typically the same size as their American relatives, but they are usually darker with smaller claws. Clawed lobsters reside in the cold waters, from Newfoundland in the north to North Carolina in the south. The spiny lobster is often sold live locally, but their tails are frequently harvested and sold elsewhere. Clawed lobsters are meatier than spiny lobsters, and as such are more often sold alive. 

Imagine taking a lobster straight from that restaurant. Instead of going from tank to plate, your little pal will be going from tank into loving arms!! Not all lobsters do well in a domestic setting, but luckily for you, the spiny lobster does just as well in a tank as it does in the open water. If your spiny lobster happens to be an only child, it will need at least a 75 gallon tank. And because your new child is a warm water lobster, the water temperature should be kept at a warm 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. And don’t forget the fact that the lobster is native to the ocean, so make sure that water is salty! Tank decorations should include a fair bit of rock aquascaping to offer crevices for that lovely lobster to explore. Your lobster is an omnivore, and they will eat a wide range of different edible items. Plants and algae are good, but lobsters prefer meat. Shrimp, squid, mussels, crabs, and fish are all frequent lobster food choices. If your lobster has siblings, they will generally not last for very long!! Lobsters are very solitary, territorial creatures, and will likely fight each other. And lobsters’ aggressive nature doesn’t just end at fighting. Lobsters are not just omnivores in their eating habits, but also cannibals. That’s right, lobsters are known to eat each other in close quarters! So if you have a family of lobsters, it likely will not last!  Continue reading The Natural Superiority of Lobsters

Study Tips For An Easy A

by Mariana Moore

Studying is perhaps the most despised part of the school experience for students. Throughout my years in high school, I have learned several study tips that make school a little more bearable. 

The first of these tips is a resource: the website Quizlet. Although many students use teacher-made Quizlets throughout middle and high school, I have learned to use Quizlet in other ways as well. Quizlet can be used to make your own study sets. These sets can even be made – if you have access to a computer – while your teacher is going through a lecture. Studying your teacher’s definition for a word will help you be more prepared for quizzes and tests than if you just study the textbook definition. In addition to this, Quizlet has flashcard sets on all kinds of topics, and it is relatively easy to find a set for whatever school subject you want to work on.

The second study tip is to study with friends. Studying with friends makes you set a specific block of time where you have to get your homework done. For some, this ensures that they will get their homework done rather than putting it off. Doing homework with friends is also beneficial because everyone can help each other. I have found that one of the most helpful ways for me to remember something is to teach it to others. Using your friends as “students” can help reinforce the information you learn in class. Continue reading Study Tips For An Easy A