Halloween Movies 

By Maggie Lawton

Wondering what movies to watch during the fall and Halloween season? Well I will give you some great movies to watch during the spooky season. The first movie you have to watch during October is Scream. Scream is a great horror movie to watch if you don’t like a lot of gore or pop ups but you also don’t want to watch a children’s Halloween movie. Scream is more of a horror/mystery movie. There are four Scream movies and one show. 

If you want to be scared and on the edge of your seat while watching a horror movie and screaming at the TV because they are going into the room where all the paranormal activity is happening, I definitely suggest the most popular horror movies made by Warner Brothers. They produced The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, Annabelle Comes Home, Annabelle Creation, The Shining, The Nun, IT, IT 2, and Trick ´r Treat. Warner Brothers horror movies have many jump scares and scary looking characters. People were scared to see The Nun because a rumor went around that if you watch the movie you will be cursed.  Continue reading Halloween Movies 

Quarantine and Mental Health

By Vivien Zgorzelski 

Many people were affected during quarantine, whether it was mentally, physically, or emotionally. The biggest impact that I saw was how it affected people’s mental health whether positive or negative.

Not only did the quarantine impact people, but it created new barriers for people already having a mental illness or substance use disorders. According to KFF.org “During the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, a share that has been largely consistent, up from one in ten adults who reported these symptoms from January to June 2019.” Another example from KFF. org is “A KFF Health Tracking Poll from July 2020 also found that many adults are reporting specific negative impacts on their mental health and well-being, such as difficulty sleeping (36%) or eating (32%), increases in alcohol consumption or substance use (12%), and worsening chronic conditions (12%), due to worry and stress over the coronavirus.” These examples show that so many people have been affected by both Covid itself and quarantine. People with pre existing mental health conditions worsened during the quarantine due to isolation and lack of contact with other human beings.  Not being able to see loved ones created a sense of loneliness and desperation. Continue reading Quarantine and Mental Health

Why are Some People Left-Handed?

by Emma Wideman

I believe that everyone has something about them that makes them unique. In my case, I belong to roughly 10% of the population that is left-handed. I know the struggles of scissors, writing in spiral bound notebooks, and can openers. Oh – and I can’t forget all of the “I didn’t know you were a leftie!” comments I’ve heard throughout my life. But why do lefties belong to such a small minority? Since this topic has piqued my interest, I decided to do some research. This is what I found:

Interestingly enough, there is no affirmative answer as to why being left-handed is rare. However, there are many theories. Researchers at Northwestern University created a mathematical model in 2012. The purpose of this model was to show that human evolution resulted in left-handed people. The specific aspect of this idea is the balance between cooperation and competition. This means that there could possibly be a social factor explaining the cause of so many of the population being right-handed.  Continue reading Why are Some People Left-Handed?

NFL Week 4 Key Matchups 

By Aidan Schwalbe

Packers Vs Steelers- After a hard fought win for the packers in Week 4, they’ll be looking to stay on a roll and extend their winning streak to three. On the other hand, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had a rough start to their 2021 season. With Big Ben Roethlisberger struggling to compete at a high level, the Steelers will be looking for their quarterback to get back to form. The players to watch for this week will be Aaron Rodgers, Jaire Alexander, and Davante Adams for the Packers. For the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger will be the player everyone is watching.

First, Aaron Rodgers will be looking to continue his success from the last few weeks in order to prove that the Packers week one fluff was a fluke. Next, Jaire Alexander will be working to get back to his usual all-pro self after getting burned by the 49ers on multiple occasions last week. If he can prove himself against a struggling Steelers team, all of Alexander’s doubters will be forced to realize his talent. Finally, similar to his quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams will also be able to prove he can stay consistent after that week one loss. Adams’ should be looking to attack the Steelers’ weak secondary. Continue reading NFL Week 4 Key Matchups 

Braves Playoff Spot

By Nolan Peltier

As the Braves find themselves on the verge of winning a fourth consecutive National League East title, there is reason to wonder if the pitching duo of Charlie Morton and Max Fried might be what sets this team apart from Atlanta’s past division winners. The Braves have reduced their magic number to one, which means they will clinch a playoff berth with one more victory or one more Phillies loss. With wins in the first two games of this series, the Braves have created the possibility of clinching before the regular-season finale on Sunday. An early clinch would allow them to rest some of their regular position players and would also give Morton the choice of how many innings he might want to throw in his start on Sunday. Whether the Braves would start Morton or Fried in Game 1 of the NL Division Series against the Brewers will be determined after the NL East race is complete.

The schedule is set up in a way that would allow the Game 2 starter to return for Game 5 on regular rest. Dansby Swanson notched his first three-hit game since Aug. 14 and Riley drove in runs during both a two-run first and a four-run seventh. They helped provide ample support for Fried, who allowed two runs on four hits while striking out six and walking none over seven innings. In the end, the Braves have a long road ahead of them to the World Series if they are able to make it that far. The Brewers will put up an extremely hard fight and should make for a good series and after them they will either face the Dodgers, Giants, or Cardinals. All great opponents with all-star pitching rotations and super slugger line ups.


Nature Impacts our Mental and Physical Health

By Cydnie Pearce

Environments can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies. What you are seeing, hearing, experiencing at any moment is changing not only your mood, but how your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working. The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or sad, or helpless. This in turn elevates your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and suppresses your immune system. A pleasing environment reverses that.

Being in nature, or maybe viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and pressure and will increase nice feelings. Exposure to nature now no longer makes you experience higher emotions, it contributes for your bodily wellbeing, decreasing blood pressure, coronary heart rate, muscle tension, and the manufacturing of pressure hormones. In addition, nature helps us cope with pain. We are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other natural elements, we are absorbed by nature scenes and distracted from our pain and discomfort. Continue reading Nature Impacts our Mental and Physical Health

Nicky’s Life

By Ashley Osorio

Nick Rivera Caminero is one of the best known “OG” reggaetón rappers, best known as Nicky Jam. He is Puerto Rican and Dominican and started up his career alongside Daddy Yankee, another reggaetón rapper, in San Juan, PR. Together they called themselves Los Cangris. Nicky’s career took off around 1995 and made such an impact with Daddy Yankee that they are now considered legends. 

Born in Lawrence, MA, Nicky went through many hardships under the care of his unstable mother. She was a drug addict and an alcoholic. She would often prostitute herself to get money to feed her children Nicky and his little sister Stephanie. She also would get into many issues with certain drug dealers and owed money. With many financial issues their father looked to illegal operations in an attempt to help his wife and keep his children safe. Unfortunately he was caught and became wanted. Scared of losing his family he fled to Puerto Rico with his two children and left their mother behind.  Continue reading Nicky’s Life

Milwaukee Brewers Clinch NL Central

By Wyatt Modory

On Sunday, September 26th, the Milwaukee Brewers beat the New York Mets 8-4. This is being the franchise’s fourth NL Central championship and the second one in just the past four years. Starting off the game, Willy Adames launched a go-ahead home run in the first inning. From that point on there  was no looking back. Winning this game concluded the three game sweep in the Brewers vs. Mets series. The Brewers jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the second inning on a two-RBI single from Eduardo Escobar. After the Mets cut the deficit to 5-4, the Brewers scored three runs in the sixth inning to claim the victory.

Going into the game, the Brewers needed to either win that night or have the St. Louis Cardinals lose against the Chicago Cubs. At this point the Cardinals have been on a winning streak that just ended on Wednesday, September 25th. The Winning streak was 17 games straight in just 18 days. Oddly enough the Brewers ended this streak which is rare considering the history of the teams is that the Cardinals always beat the Brewers. Continue reading Milwaukee Brewers Clinch NL Central

MLB Wildcard Race

By Jacob Loveall

With the 2021 MLB season winding down, the playoff picture is getting much clearer. This past week the NL playoff bracket was set.  The Cardinals continued their winning streak reaching 17 and clinching the last playoff spot for the NL.  The NL playoff teams will consist of the Giants, Braves, Brewers, Dodgers, and Cardinals.  The Giants and Dodgers are still currently fighting for the division title, and if everything ended today the Dodgers would be in the one game wildcard against the Cardinals with the Giants claiming the division title.  

On the AL side, the playoff picture is much more unclear.  Right now the only teams that have a playoff spot clinched are the White Sox and the Rays.  Five teams are currently fighting for the two wild card spots, all within five games of each other.  If the season ended right now, it would be a Red Sox vs Yankees wildcard game.  The Mariners, Blue Jays, and Athletics are all less than four games behind however so both of those wildcard spots are up for grabs.  With only six games left in the season, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the bracket fills out.

School Stress

By Ava Lindquist

As if this year isn’t hard enough trying to get back into the swing of things, KUSD has decided to change the way students’ assignments and tests are weighed in the grade book. In years before, the grading was 80/20, but now it has changed to 90/10. I wasn’t that concerned with it as I’ve always stayed on top of my work, studied hard and did well on my tests. My opinion on that changed once teachers actually started to implement it . When I check my grades, I see 100% in the formative area, but I have a 79%  in the class. What bothers me about the grading is how teachers will assign tons and tons of busy work and extra assignments, which I am able to understand and perform well on, but it will not really make much difference in my grade.  

Tests now make up for so much of the grade, that I feel it becomes somewhat unfair to those that suffer from test anxiety. I myself feel that I do not do as well on tests as I do on the assignments. It actually creates more anxiety knowing that this is the format going in.  I cannot understand why the powers that be decided to implement this new grade format this year.  Most students are already dealing with more anxiety than ever before due to the pandemic. I prefer the 80/20 grading format, and I know that other students do as well.  I am not sure I see the advantage in this grading method, and I am hoping that next year returns to the old format. Perhaps it will work out better for some students, and maybe even me.  Time will tell.

Why Do People Romanticize Toxic Relationships?

By Jenasia Johnson

We’ve all had instances where we were scrolling through social media and saw a controversial couple such as Harley Quinn and Joker posted with a corny love caption. Most of us have been so desensitized to it that we don’t really see anything wrong with it anymore, but it’s come to my attention that events like these have been happening more due to the popularity of apps like TikTok etc. I have a few ideas as to why toxic relationships are romanticized, so let’s discuss. 

The first reason I believe they’re romanticized is because in the media, there’s almost always a happy ending, or the audience experiences it in a short amount of time. To go more in depth, the audience only sees usually about an hour of the toxicity the couple experiences. This makes it hard for the audience to comprehend how draining and how long a toxic cycle actually is. Not to mention, I’ve mostly only seen happy endings when it comes to toxic relationships in the media. This is another misconception that will cause the audience to perceive toxicity as just a normal relationship occurrence which is dangerous in itself.  Continue reading Why Do People Romanticize Toxic Relationships?

Not Letting It Die

By Lukas Jensen

The skill and more finely the desire to read is slowly waning as fewer and fewer people look to expand their most powerful instrument. As many English teachers before me have cheesily recited, reading is the basis for so many skills that we must hone in our lives that help us be more successful and more happy people; An expanded vocabulary to better communicate ideas, patience as we rip ourselves away from the BAM!-in-your-face lifestyle all of us are eerily comfortable with, and at the core of it all, just being able to immerse ourselves in a good story. Who doesn’t love a good story?

As many avid readers may know, the first important step (and one that may take a long time to discover, or no time at all) is finding a place to settle yourself down to read. I am admittedly growing re-fond of reading after a dusty hiatus, so I am currently in the rediscovery process as of September 2021. You may be telling yourself, “Well, this is a pretty rash over-analysis of such a trivial, infinitesimal decision. Just sit down! Why should it have to matter?” If this is you, then I half-agree with you. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. But as a fresh, lacey garnish upon a steaming dinner plate, it is not the focal point, yet a delightful addition that ever-enhances the experience. Everything becomes just right. Continue reading Not Letting It Die

How Social Media Affects People and Their Relationships

BY Ayah Gharib

Romanticizing different people’s relationships is not a brand new concept, thanks to TV shows and movies. Unlike a script though, social media indicates actual couples residing actual lives. But can looking at these seemingly best couples online intervene with our personal, romantic relationships? 

Social media, if used sparingly, isn’t always always awful for relationships. Research has proven social media use can both positively and negatively have an effect on relationships, depending on how it is used. For example, social media can make contributions to unhealthy comparison and unrealistic expectations for what relationships are speculated to be like, and couples may also spend extra time curating a “photograph” of who they may be in place of focusing on the connection itself.  Continue reading How Social Media Affects People and Their Relationships

My Meaning in Life

By Guivini Echeverria

There’s always a cheesy scene in movies or shows where the characters are under the stars and one of them asks the other, “What’s the meaning of life?” I can’t remember any of their responses, but it’s never serious. I believe everyone has their own meaning in life. Mine is finding balance.

From work to school to your personal life, overdoing it is never fun. Overworking can lead to many symptoms that can potentially lead you to the hospital. That hasn’t stopped society from labeling these people as overachievers and even nick-named them “workaholics.” Students can be victims to this as well. A majority of kids these days wake up before the run rises and return home after the sun sets. Whether it’s a job or after-school activities, they aren’t done with their day until homework is done. Continue reading My Meaning in Life

Best Kanye West Album: Part 1

By Collin Droessler

Kanye West is arguably the most decorated, influential, and best rapper of the last 20 years. With one of the best stretches of albums of all time from 2004-2010, Kanye became a music icon sooner than most could ever think is even possible. The debate of which album from Ye is the best has been going on for years now, but with the release of his most recent album, Donda, the debate has started to spark again.

 Kanye burst onto the scene in 2004 with his debut album, The College Dropout. This album has produced many classic songs such as; Jesus Walks, All Falls Down, and Slow Jamz. Many would argue that the best song on this album is Through the Wire though. In this song Kanye West is rapping about issues in his hometown, Chicago, the car accident that he was in that shattered his jaw, and many other things. While this may not be that out of the ordinary for Kanye, he recorded the song with his mouth wired shut. This is one of the most astonishing accomplishments in music because you can understand every word that he is saying even though he cannot fully open his mouth. This album goes down as a classic, not only because it is Kanye’s first album, but because the production is amazing, and it has so many great songs.  Continue reading Best Kanye West Album: Part 1

Seasons: Which is the Best? 

By Vivien Zgorzelski 

What is a season? According to Nationalgeographic.org “A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions. The four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—follow one another regularly. Each has its own light, temperature, and weather patterns that repeat yearly.” But which is the best season, or most favorite season? 

According to a study from 2013 from YouGov. Americans’ favorite season is Fall with 29% percent of Americans saying fall is their top pick. But why is it people’s favorite? According to Kathrine Lively, a sociology professor at Dartmouth University “As children, we come to associate fall with going back to school, new school supplies, seeing friends. It’s exciting, for most. We still respond to this pattern that we experienced for 18 years.”  Other than going back to school, there are some exciting holidays in Fall like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Also According to the Huffington Post “September is the most popular month for births in the United States, which means plenty of people connect the start of fall with presents and birthday cake.” Those are a couple of reasons why many people love fall.  Continue reading Seasons: Which is the Best? 

Summer Reading: Is it Really Necessary?

by Emma Wideman

Any student can confirm that the school year itself is stressful and challenging. Good students do everything they can in order to do well in their classes. Finally, after a long, difficult nine months, us students get to enjoy a relaxing, fun, three month break, without having to stress about homework and grades. We don’t even have to think about school until September. Everything will be just great. 

Oh, wait. Summer reading. 

If you have ever taken an honors or AP English class at Tremper, you have struggled with this problem. I have had to do a summer reading assignment all four years of high school, and I always found them incredibly annoying and unnecessary. My main issue, which I think others can relate to, is I never wanted to work on the assignment during summer because I knew my teacher would likely give us a few weeks after the first day to turn it in. With that in mind, I kept putting it off. After an exhausting school year, the last thing I wanted to do was more schoolwork. By the time the first day of school rolled around, I typically found that most of my peers have not even started the assignment, or, in my case, have started it and are not even close to finishing. Continue reading Summer Reading: Is it Really Necessary?

NFL Key Matchups Week 3

By Aidan Schwalbe

Packers @ 49ers- This week the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers in Levi’s Stadium. This Packers and 49ers rivalry has been heavily skewed towards San Francisco in past years and Green Bay has to be looking to get one back. After a big week 2 win for Aaron Rodgers and crew, they’ll be looking to keep it rolling and  start a hopefully long win streak. On the other side of the field though the San Francisco 49ers are looking to stay undefeated in this NFL season. The Forty-Niners defense has looked elite the last few weeks and with Jimmy Garappollo playing efficiently, the Niners look to be a tough team to beat. The players to watch for this game will be Aaron Jones for the Packers and Nick Bosa for the Niners. After a five touchdown Week 2 for Aaron Jones the Packers will look to lean on their star RB. The Niners star will be on the defensive end. San Francisco will be going at the Packers injured O-line with All NFL D-Lineman Nick Bosa. The 49ers will need Bosa to shut down the run game if they want to stop the Green Bay offensive juggernaut.

Eagles @ Cowboys-  With both teams standing at 1-1,  this game will be a huge step forward to win the division. The Eagles will look to rely on Jalen Hurts both in the air and on the ground once again. They’ll need Miles Sanders to perform in order to tire the solid Dallas defense. On the Cowboy’s side, they’ll need a bounce back week from Dak Prescott in order to pull off a win. For the Cowboys, the ice is growing thin for the disappointing Zeke Elliot. If he doesn’t find a way to produce this week, questions will be asked.


Tremper Football

by Nolan Peltier

On Friday, September 17th, 2021, Tremper HS faced off against Indian Trail HS in a cross town head to head rivalry football game at Ameche Field. Before the game, The Trojan Spirit Squad held tailgate festivities with cornhole, photo opportunities, drinks, and snacks.  After all of the parking lot fun, the students packed the stands at 6:45 p.m. and prepared for some hawk hunting. The banter between both student sections was top tier and keep the energy high on both sides of the ball.

After the end of the first quarter, everyone knew how good of a game we had upon us. Touchdowns going back and forth, big offensive and defensive plays for both teams, and a great coaching match up. As the game progressed the spirit section grew, and the Trojan Man made his first football appearance of the year just in time to knock the dust off before homecoming. The Trojan Spirit Squad brought out their own mascot George the deer brought to you by Masen Kerr. Continue reading Tremper Football

Tremper Men’s Volleyball Week 4

By Wyatt Modory

On Wednesday, September 22nd, the Tremper Trojans battled it out against Racine Case. The team took another tough loss this week, this time losing in four games. The scores of the sets were Case 25-13, Tremper 25-20, Case 25-20, and 25-22. Josh Krueger and Sam Riegeham went hit for hit competing against each other trying to get their team a win. 

In the first set Tremper came out looking dead, there was no energy for their team, while Case came out looking strong and ready to win the whole thing. Case’s Sam Riegeham, also the team captain, was putting up big blocks against Josh Krueger and Noah Zukowski. Riegeham also had at least seven kills in the first set. After losing the first set the Tremper team wasn’t planning on going home yet.  Continue reading Tremper Men’s Volleyball Week 4

Ao Haru Ride

by Jenasia Johnson

This anime is a coming of age story created by Io Sakisaka intended to show that no one is ever truly alone. It proves this through the recurring themes of friendship, love, and family. The characters who massively develop into an unbreakable bond are Kou, Futaba, Yuri, Tanaka, and Murao. 

To start, I’ll give some backstory to how Kou and Futaba first met. They knew each other in middle school which fully shaped the upcoming events. Futaba and Kou were in love with each other, but unfortunately he unexpectedly disappeared and Futaba was left heartbroken. She went on always wondering where he exactly went, until three years later, she discovered him at her school. She got the courage to walk up to him but to her surprise, he was a whole new person. He was taller, had longer hair, and was especially cold towards her. All she could feel towards him was confusion.  Continue reading Ao Haru Ride

A Slowed Heart Rate, An Imaginary World

By Lukas Jensen

Dreams are our very own superpower. There is not one thing I take more for granted than dreaming because it is the eighth wonder of the world. Very smart people have found ways to analyze celestial bodies further away from us than our minds can even comprehend. We’ve explored the depths of our oceans, the crevices of our bodies, ancient civilizations predating history. And yet we know so little about dreams… In many of the instances I’ve referred to, we’re still left only to hazy assumptions, yet this commonality is even more foggy in the realm of dreams.

Regarding such an ambiguous activity as dreaming, vastly different theories arise. Some believe that dreams are the brain’s way of processing and storing information as we rest, some believe that dreams are a way for your body to safely prepare for challenges soon to come in our daily life, and some lesser-optimistic people believe that dreams are simply the random firing of neurons. How would one even begin to prove these theories? Will future folk have this answer? Continue reading A Slowed Heart Rate, An Imaginary World

Schools Need To Be More Considerate Of Mental Health

By Megan Holzer

In many schools teachers are not as involved in students’ mental health as they should be. There may come a time where their mental health wins, and the teachers wish they could have done more for them. Instead of feeling incredibly guilty after the fact, they could avoid that just by listening to the students. Teachers often tend to only care about whether the student finished their assignment or not.

Some kids struggle with their mental health so much, but they do not have anyone to talk to. Reaching out can be scary for some people, but just because they don’t reach out does not mean they aren’t struggling. Checking up on them can make such a huge difference for them. Being and feeling heard can feel so calming for them in times of hurt.  Continue reading Schools Need To Be More Considerate Of Mental Health

Why Having Pets Is Good For You

BY Ayah Gharib 

Unless you despise animals or are just too busy to properly care for one, research suggests that pets can provide good social support, stress relief, and other health advantages. When a set of loving puppy eyes meet yours, or a super-soft cat rubs up against your fingers, it’s nearly impossible to stay in a bad mood for animal lovers. Pets can provide social support, stress reduction, and general health advantages, but research also shows that they can improve one’s mood. 

Since the mid-1980s, research has shown that petting dogs and social connection with companion animals offers physiological benefits, including decreased blood pressure. The so-called pet effect appears to be dominated by touch, specifically the act of petting a dog. They also encourage exercise, as walking your animal is common. Most dog owners will tell you that they enjoy their walks more because of their pets’ company, or even because they feel like they’re part of a community of other pet owners. Having a dog with us when we go on a walk can make us more approachable and offer others a reason to stop and talk, increasing the number of people we meet and providing us the opportunity to expand our network of friends and acquaintances, which has significant stress management benefits. Continue reading Why Having Pets Is Good For You

Drake VS Michael Jackson

By Collin Droessler

Recently there has been a debate going on over social media about whether or not Drake in 2021 is bigger than Michael Jackson at his peak. This has been talked about all over Instagram and Twitter for the last week, and both sides have brought up interesting arguments. In my opinion, no musician will ever be more famous than Michael Jackson was and still is. He has left a huge impact on music and pop culture in general. No other artist has ever had half of the kids on earth trying to replicate his signature dance move or had their song played at every Halloween party in an entire country. Many people say that he is one of the most non religious, influential people in history, and it’s hard to argue against that. He paved the way for so many new artists, changed the way that music is looked at forever, and altered a whole generation’s life. 

Although it is hard to argue with Drake’s numbers that he has been putting up when it comes to album sales, streams, and number one hits, Michael Jackson was still also producing crazy numbers in a much harder time in music. Michael Jackson also has the best selling album of all time with Thriller. It sold roughly 70 million albums total. While Drake does have more total album sales, he also has come out with more albums and dropped these albums in a time where music is much easier to buy. Continue reading Drake VS Michael Jackson

Skyrim: A Great Game

By Briana Tocci

Skyrim is a game where you go around completing quests and exploring the map, so it is an adventure type game. I started playing it maybe two years ago, and I’m still playing it and completing quests. It’s one of the only games I play, and it’s my favorite game I’ve ever played.

The entire Elder Scroll series is set on a land called Tamriel, and Skyrim is a province in the north of Tamriel, and in Skyrim there are a bunch of towns within it along with other places to go. You start on your way to get executed, and you go to a town called Helgen. When you are about to die, the town gets attacked by a dragon and you escape and head elsewhere. At that point you follow the main quest line which is to kill the dragon that burned down the town. You don’t necessarily have to follow the quest right away. There are hundreds of other side quests that you can complete plus other main quests.  Continue reading Skyrim: A Great Game

Black Women in Sports

By Jenny Luna

Black women have proven time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with. From dominating the music industry to remarkable fashion trends and styles, black women have proven to be incredible artists. Two of the most well-known black women athletes are Simone Biles and Serena Williams. Winning countless tournaments and medals, they’re the face of their sport. 

Simone Biles is a 4’8 power machine, and at just 24 years old, she holds four gold and one bronze medal from the Olympics. Biles set an American record for the most gold medals won by a woman gymnast in a single Olympic Games, and her overall medal haul is even more impressive. Outside of the Olympics, she has 25 medals at the World Championships, 19 of which are gold, making her the most decorated gymnast in World Championships history. To add the cherry on top, she’s also the first American to win a World medal in every event. Many speculate that if she competes in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and gets even more medals, she may walk away as the first American (man or woman) tied for the most medals in Olympic history. Biles started her gymnastics career at the age of six and began her competitions at just eight years old. To think her career began because of a simple daycare field trip.  Continue reading Black Women in Sports

Is Harry Potter Scary?

By Maggie Lawton

Is Harry Potter in the horror genre? Harry Potter is a book/ movie series that is extremely popular all over the world. The movies were made in 2001 and the books were also created in 2001. The writer of the books and the producer of the movies is  J.K Rowling. 

Harry Potter originated in the U.K and soon traveled all around the world where millions of people began to watch the movies and read the books. Some people believe that Harry Potter is in the group of scary movies. I believe that it isn’t a scary movie and I will explain why.  Harry Potter movies are more action and mystery movies. It is a great Halloween series to watch because of the mysterious plot. However, it is not a scary mystery movie.  Continue reading Is Harry Potter Scary?

Battle of Takur Ghar

By Carter Heyndericks

Early in the morning of March 4th, 2002, a Joint Special Operations reconnaissance team was tasked to deploy on the top of a mountain from an MH-47 Chinook and report enemy movements and direct airstrikes. Technical Sgt. John Chapman, a US Air Force combat controller, was among those men. At 2:50 am the MH-47 helicopter carrying the team was ambushed when the attempt to land on the mountaintop was made.

While taking fire from an RPG, Officer Neil Roberts is knocked off the helicopter and onto the cold snow of mountain Tucker Guard. Alone, Neil Roberts was in desperate need of support. At 4:57 am, the rest of the men had returned to the mountain in another MH-47 to rescue Officer Roberts. Knowing the risk, the Seals push forward. John Chapman then spots a hidden enemy bunker in front of his team. Continue reading Battle of Takur Ghar

Homecoming: How it Began 

By Vivien Zgorzelski 

Since 1914 Homecoming has been a huge American tradition. Many high schools and colleges have different traditions on how they celebrate it. Homecoming has become a week-long event, including dances, games and different spirit activities.

The tradition dates back to the 1800’s in the football games between Harvard and Yale, but NCAA credits the first Homecoming game with the University of Missouri in 1911 and the idea evolved in 1909.  The main purpose of Homecoming is to bring alumni together from different high schools and colleges to celebrate with the current students.  Continue reading Homecoming: How it Began 

Five Things to Do in South Carolina

By Emma Wideman

Last summer, I traveled to South Carolina with my family. It was a memorable trip, and, despite the heat, I had a lot of fun. If you ever want to plan a trip to the Palmetto state, here are five places and activities that I would definitely recommend:

The Middleton Place – The Middleton Place was our first stop when we arrived in Charleston. It is home to the oldest landscape gardens in America, and along with that, has a rich history.  According to their website, “The Middleton Place is operated by the Middleton Place Foundation whose overall mission is to use historic preservation and research to educate and create a sense of understanding and positive change.” The gardens were absolutely beautiful when I went and I enjoyed learning more about it from the knowledgeable tour guides. They also have a house tour in the South Flanker, which  was built in 1755 as a gentleman’s guest quarters and business office. The Middleton place also includes a gift shop and a restaurant with great food. Continue reading Five Things to Do in South Carolina

Fantasy Football: Week 1

By Nolan Peltier

Boom or bust? In fantasy football the most common measure of player success is classified boom or bust. Each week every player has a projected point amount and the low projection is called bust and the high projection is called boom. Week one had some surprising results and has the whole fantasy nation questioning what to do for week two.

Boom: In week one the league had some breakout wide receivers. A majority of them were expected, but a few came by surprise. Deondre Hopkins, a receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, put up a whopping 26 points in the Cardinals 38-13 win over the Titans. His point production was three points over his projected boom. He was a huge help for all coaches who had him on their fantasy team. Ceedee Lamb, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, produced 23 points in their loss against the Buccaneers. He was two points over his projected boom and made a lot of fantasy coaches take a second guess on keeping him on the bench. Lastly Deebo Samuel, a receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, put up a massive 31 points in their win against the Lions. Samuel was nine points over his projected boom which is massive for a week one game. If he wasn’t drafted, there’s a fight in every league for him, and whoever had him on their team is getting some interesting trades. Continue reading Fantasy Football: Week 1

The King of Bachata

By Ashley Osorio

Music has many Latin genres, and one of the most known is Bachata. There have been many major singers who have greatly impacted most of the recent artists. Of course they all aspire to be the best, to be a legend. Many want to be the king and be remembered as one of the greats such as Blas Duran, Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas, or Frank Reyes. However, only one man has been considered the King: Romeo Santos. 

As a young teen growing up in the Bronx with a Dominican background, Romeo was surrounded by bachata music all his life. Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and was something very sacred to their island. The biggest influence on Romeo Santos was Blas Duran and Anthony Santos. When he was a teen, Romeo and his cousin, Henry Santos, along with two of their friends, brothers Lenny Santos and Max Santos, formed a group and called themselves Aventura. They started making Bachata music and would perform in little restaurants and small reunions on their block. They started getting popular and would get called to perform all around their neighborhood in the Bronx. Continue reading The King of Bachata

Tremper Mens’ Volleyball

By Wyatt Modory

Wednesday the 15th Tremper Trojans faced the Indian Trail Hawks in an intense volleyball match. Unfortunately for the Tremper team and students they lost in three sets, the scores being 25-18, 25-23, and 25-21. Nathan Hill led Indian trail to the win getting multiple spikes resulting in long runs for the team. 

In the first set there was a lot of back and forth between the teams. Josh Krueger started the game off for Tremper getting multiple kills and blocks to spark the teams hope in winning the next sets. Wyatt Modory led the team in assists, setting up Krueger, and starting up a dynamic Tremper duo. After the slow start to the game with line up complications, Indian Trail had the edge in the opening points. The fans and players could tell the remaining sets would be close.  Continue reading Tremper Mens’ Volleyball


by Maddy Lowe

Walking closer to the door makes me realize how much I miss it. “It” refers to the love of my life. My joy, my sorrow, my heartbreak, and my darling inspiration. Everything is spinning around me, touching this very door handle used to be a lot easier. ¨Will she remember my name?¨ I ask as I recall old summer days spent collecting wild flowers in vibrant fields and eating gooey peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

1996 was the best year of my life. Everything fell into place, and the light of my life was born. Amanda; meaning worthy of love. After seeing her large, lovely eyes stare at me for the first time, it wasn’t hard to believe. Growing up must have been tough for her; she never really was the social butterfly I wanted her to be. I guess you tend to be that way when your father leaves you and your mom in the dust. Everything I told her must be drained from her memory like how a relaxing warm bath ends so suddenly as soon as you turn the water off. When you hear the sounds of the water twisting in an endless circle and disappearing, you know that reality will strike again. Continue reading 1996

Why Corner Bakery Café is Better Than Panera

By Jacob Loveall

The whole notion of opinions is fascinating.  Opinions are what differentiates people, ideas, and concepts and make them unique from one another.  Strangely enough, however, opinions are also what bring these people, concepts, and ideas together as well.  Opinions tell others and ourselves how we feel about pretty much everything.  Because opinions are based on what you think and believe, there are technically no wrong opinions.  That being said, some opinions are based on very poor perspectives or lack of education.  Racism or prejudice are obviously the best examples of bad opinions or views, but right below that is liking Panera over Corner Bakery Café.

When comparing restaurants, especially when they are so similar in food type, there are a couple main things that should be considered.  The first thing that should be compared is the variety and quality of food on both sides.  Both Corner Bakery and Panera serve breakfast in the morning.  At Panera for breakfast, your choices include breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and bagels.  The breakfast sandwiches are like a glorified McGriddle that is three times the price.  At Corner Bakery breakfast is served all day and choices can include pancakes, breakfast paninis, scramblers, egg bowls, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and muffins.  By breakfast alone Corner Bakery has at least double the choice Panera has with most of the choices being items you can not find anywhere else nearby.  Continue reading Why Corner Bakery Café is Better Than Panera

Persona 5 is a Revolutionary Game 

By Jenasia Johnson

I’ve been looking for a game like Persona 5 my whole life without even realizing it. The clear and smooth animations to the immersive battles give the game 100+ hours of gameplay. To someone hearing that, they may believe no one would stay entertained by a game for that long. I assure whoever is thinking that, that I haven’t heard a single person have that thought about Persona 5. In fact, the majority of its fans, including myself, have played the game more than once or played the remastered version. What makes this game so popular and revolutionary?

To start at the beginning, we must start at the end which creates a hook immediately inside of the game. It starts with the main character, Ren Amamiya, and his partners in crime entering a metaphysical form of someone’s heart. It indeed sounds complicated, but think about it as being able to look into someone’s mind and heart and knowing the root of their evil desires. While stealing the root of someone’s desires, Ren is caught by the police and interrogated. This is where the creators of Persona 5 make the brilliant choice to start explaining more of the story told through Ren’s flashbacks. There are many other big and small details that pull the game together making it an unforgettable experience, but you should see for yourself before you let curiosity spoil something potentially amazing. Continue reading Persona 5 is a Revolutionary Game 

The Delay of DONDA

By Lukas Jensen

Donda is Kanye West’s tenth studio album and is his most recent project to date. West, who I shall professionally address as “Ye”, named the album after his late mother who sadly passed away on November 7th, 2007. Ye has talked about his mother before in songs and even sampled her talking in his music. This project is the first in which Ye comes to terms with his mothers death, and dedicates the whole album to her memory. I’ve even seen some people compare this album to the seventh stage of grief: acceptance. 

I can think back to the summer of 2020 when I first heard of the announcement of Ye’s new album. I won’t claim to be a longtime fan of Ye, but I will say that his music has had an enormous impact on the development of my character, and for that alone, the joy that washed over me was comparable to the Teletubbies Sun Baby. I rode this wave of emotion like a surfer for a couple months until the hype began to fade when Ye announced that he would not be releasing any more music under Universal Music Group, the parent organization of his record label, Def Jam Recordings. This would be the last we hear of Donda for a long time. Continue reading The Delay of DONDA

Reasons To Have a Cat

by Moose

There are plenty of reasons to have a cat. As someone who does not own a cat, it takes less than a second to think of why I would get one in the future. In recent years, there has been a rise in hatred towards cats, but there are hundreds of reasons to love them.

First, cats can bathe themselves. Pets can become smelly since they cannot hop in the shower after a day the way humans can. However, cats are able to wash themselves when they feel they need it. Though they do not use shampoo to clean their fur, they use their own prickly tongue to run through their hair and keep it clean and soft. The prickly ‘things’ on their tongues are called papillae, and they work as natural combs. Continue reading Reasons To Have a Cat

The Social Construct of Gender

By Ayah Gharib

Throughout history, the concept of gender has always been in place, playing a humongous role in our world and in our everyday life. While gender and identity are important, the way we as a society approach the concept is completely wrong. The belief that personality traits can only reside in specific genders is idiotic. The concept of a male being strong or a female being high maintenance doesn’t relay specifically to one gender. These are all traits any gender can express. While there are two sexes that everyone is assigned at birth, the belief that a woman must act a certain way to be considered a female, and vice versa, is ridiculous.

Gender is a human made concept. Everyone has feminine and masculine energy. Some stray further to one side or the other, but everyone has a little of both. Nothing on this planet is feminine or masculine, no toy, no color, nothing. Everything just is, and the sooner we come to terms with this, the sooner we can evolve as a society. A male wearing a skirt is no different than a female wearing one. What about a skirt is feminine? What makes any article of clothing feminine or masculine? What makes the female chest sexualized that doesn’t make a male as well? Society has chosen random beliefs to install into generations for centuries on end. Continue reading The Social Construct of Gender