What Will Slow the Earth’s Population Growth?


Since the 1950’s, the Earth’s human population has exponentially boomed. Billions of people have been born, and the global population is reaching eight billion. Many geographers debate what is Earth’s carrying capacity in terms of human population, but there is only one true resource that will slow the Earth’s human population, and this is water.

Only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh water, meaning no it has no salt content. However, in this 2.5%, only a fraction of the water is drinkable because, as we know, water must be filtered for usability. As the Earth’s population continues to grow, it will become more and more difficult to supply water to growing populations. Desaltification plants would cost the world billions, and it is a difficult way to purify water. People also need water for things other than drinking. Water is used to bathe, wash clothes, remove waste, and produce food. So with water’s vast usage, it is the world’s most precious resource. Continue reading What Will Slow the Earth’s Population Growth?

Mysterious Places Around the World


This week we will venture around the world to talk about the top five most mysterious place around the world. First up we have Ladakh, India. This place is known for its strange magnetic hills. It is said that if you turn off your car and put it in neutral, it will start to roll UP the hill at speeds of twenty km/h. Not only is this strange, but it also breaks the laws of gravity. This is just so weird that scientist had to study it. Scientists have discovered that the hill is not actually a hill. This slight downward slope is covered by an illusion your brain makes up.

The second most interesting place in the world is the Black Sea Underwater River. This strange scene was discovered in August of 2010. This strange place is made by the flowing salt water through the Bosphorus Strait from the Mediterranean Sea. This river is measured to be thirty-seven miles long, one hundred fifteen feet deep, and one thousand fifty-six yards wide. Scientists say that if this river was on the surface it would be the sixth largest river on the planet. Continue reading Mysterious Places Around the World

The Lost One; Chapter 2, Part 1


Mild pain to the figure was caused as it ripped apart its hand in the process. As it got face to face with me, I could see  lines of razor sharp teeth, almost like a sharks but bigger and had more teeth than one could imagine. When it grabbed me one last time, I took the hardest swing at its hand. As the object went straight through, it got stuck in its big hands that were meant for killing and nothing else.

I took this time to escape, running as fast as I could out the door and seeing all of the innocent people begging me to let them down before more showed up. I could not do anything to help them because the device that was keeping them bound up high was to heavy for me to lift. The only way out of the dangerous hell hole of a place that these creatures call home was down a very dark hole. I took my chances and jumped as soon as I saw more piling into the room. Continue reading The Lost One; Chapter 2, Part 1

The Questionable Importance of a College Education


All throughout students’ high school careers, they are shown the importance of a college education. College can be important for students who want further their education. However, not every student is made for college, not everyone wants to go to college, or wants a career that requires a college education. As a senior in high school, I have witnessed first hand how some teachers push college at their students time and time again. Yes, college is important if it is going to benefit someone and their career choice.

Some people may want to go right into a full time job, or the military, or maybe they will take a gap year to decide what they really want. When you pressure students on a consistent basis, then they are given unnecessary amount of stress to find out what they want to do. Every high school student is different. Some are made for college, and some are not. Some have their plan mapped out, and others do not. Continue reading The Questionable Importance of a College Education

Summer Activities


The three months of the year starting in May and ending in September happen to be most people’s favorite months of the year, mainly because we get some free time away from the busy school life. However, some people say by July they get a little bored of summer, probably because they are out of fun activities to participate in. To make summer the very best, here are a few ideas that could be enjoyed by all different kinds of people.

In Kenosha some activities are hanging out by the lake near Common Grounds and going to the beach on a warm summer day. Or, also in downtown Kenosha on Saturday mornings there is a farmer’s market that is welcome to all people. The farmer’s market has tons of vendors of delicious food, beautiful flowers, and many sorts of decorations for your lawn or house. Continue reading Summer Activities

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?


Halloween is a big deal all across the US, but why do we celebrate the holiday? The history of the holiday goes all the way back to early European colonies who at first called it All Hallows’ Eve. All Hallows’ Eve (October 31) and All Saints’ Day     (November 1) both paid homage to saints which at the time was a very big deal in the religious aspects of Europe. We celebrate Halloween on October 31 because the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain occurred on this day. It marked a pivotal time of year when seasons changed, and observers also believed the boundary between this world and the next became especially thin at this time, enabling them to connect with their loved ones who have passed away.

This belief is shared by some other cultures: A similar idea is mentioned around the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, which also typically occurs in October and involves saying prayers for the dead. Continue reading Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

Local Restaurants You Need To Try


Frank’s Diner. Located in downtown Kenosha, Frank’s Diner is a breakfast time staple for locals. Known for its Garbage plate and pancakes the size of your head, the refurbished train car is the place to be for a hearty home cooked meal.

Tommy’s Home Run. Located right next to historic Simmons Field, Tommy’s home run serves up some Wisconsin classics, with fresh grilled burgers and an all you can eat fish fry on Fridays. Tommy’s has been locally owned and operated and remains a Kenosha favorite.

The Boat House. Serving up fresh fish right on the water, The Boat House is the place to be for a Friday night fish fry. They offer packages for customers to catch their own fish and have it cooked on site. The Boat House is not only the place to be for fish, they serve classics like burgers, mac and cheese and much more. Continue reading Local Restaurants You Need To Try

The Supreme Court


With all the controversy surrounding the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it can be hard to understand why this one event is so important. To understand why so much significance is placed on filling this role, one must understand the role of the Supreme Court. When the framers of the Constitution were forming the structure of our government, they created three separate branches and gave them each a different component of governing to ensure that none became too powerful. These three branches are the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. The legislative branch, or Congress, creates the laws. The executive branch, which is composed of the president and those who work for him or her, have the job of executing the law. Finally, the judicial branch, the highest level of which is the Supreme Court, interprets the laws. This encompasses deciding whether laws are constitutional and how the law applies to certain cases.

To further ensure a balanced government, the framers put a system of checks and balances in place. This means that each branch has some power over the other two. For example, Congress writes bills, but they need the signature of the president to become laws. Then, the  Supreme Court can strike laws down as unconstitutional. Furthermore, while the president appoints Supreme Court Justices, he needs the advice and consent of the Senate in order for his nominee to be confirmed. Unlike other governmental roles, Supreme Court Justices serve for life. Therefore, appointing a judge is a significant task for a president because it could be the most lasting impact they have on public policy after they leave office. Continue reading The Supreme Court

Tromanettes are Back!


Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is back. In 2013, a group of spirited boys joined forces to create a dance team. Based off of the Tremper dance team Trojanettes, this group decided to name themselves the Tromanettes. The group was originally formed to perform at the Homecoming powder puff game, but after this halftime performance, Tremper wanted more. Soon the team was performing at every basketball game and pep assembly that Tremper had to offer. Sadly, the group only lasted a few years and was never rejoined, until now.

Starting during the 2018-2019 basketball season, the Tremper Tromanettes are back in business. This group will consist of some of Tremper’s senior boys. The choreographers include Chloe Dethorne, Lauren Hackeloer, and yours truly. These boys will be performing at most of the Tremper boys’ games. In hopes to live up to the legacy that the 2013 team has created, the team consists of some of the most outgoing boys that Tremper High School has to offer. Continue reading Tromanettes are Back!

American Danger


On the early morning of October 1st, Iran launched six missiles across Iraq in Saudi Arabia, although the message they were trying to send across ways aimed for the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The missiles all read Death to America, Death to Israel, and Death to Al Saudi. The United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have all formed a compacted alliance to protect each other’s country and defend themselves against any attack Iran presents. Iran’s president has spoken out saying that all former and future attacks are all a result of the mission to try and cease importing foreign oils into Iran. President Trump addressed the issue saying the attack against Saudi Arabia was “reckless” and Iran needs to “look in the mirror.”

The conflict between middle eastern countries and the United States has been escalating for decades, but the frightening reality is the conflict is progressively getting worse as days go by. Just in 2018 alone, middle eastern countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran have made numerous threats against the United States and our allies having launched countless missiles to our surrounding military bases. President Trump states he is not taking these threats lightly and will do what needs to be done to protect his country, even if that results in war. President Trump has made it clear, he is not afraid of war and spends additional money in aiding the proper training of the military insuring they have adequate weapons and equipment. Continue reading American Danger

Senior Year

Senior year is the year when you’re supposed to have the best time in your life because it’s your last year. But it’s not. Senior year, to me, is a very stressful year, at least for right now, but people tell me that it’s your best year of high school. It’s very hard to really take my time senior year and enjoy the year with my friends because of all the work my teachers assign me and all the college things at are getting thrown at me.

Everyday I have at least one or two assignments in every class, and since I’m planning on majoring in Chemistry, I’m now taking AP Chemistry and so I’m really trying to do everything in my power to keep my grade up and try do do everything that I could to pass the AP test. All my classes just stress me out. The thought of  going to college next year is a just little crazy because I feel like yesterday I was a freshman and now I’m in my last year trying to get everything in place and not fall behind because college is nothing like high school. Continue reading Senior Year

All You Need To Know About Fallout 76


This year Bethesda Studios is releasing the next game in the Fallout series, Fallout 76. There has been a huge amount of controversy around Fallout 76 because this is Bethesda’s first ever attempt at creating an all Multiplayer game, and they are doing it in the Fallout franchise which has long been associated with the single player experience. The Fallout series really came into its own with the release of Fallout 3. This game established the franchise on big name platforms and brought with it the concept of a totally single player open world survival game.

With other installments like Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4, players got relatively used to the idea that this franchise is for the single player experience. Certainly with the main characters being called “The Lone Wanderer” or “The Sole Survivor”, it makes sense that they be single player.  Needless to say, people are hesitant to say whether or not this game is going to succeed.

Knowing multiplayer might be a serious shock to Bethesda’s core fan base, they made sure Fallout 76 has some seriously ambitious and exciting new features. The Fallout series is all about the giant and diverse environment in which the players get to explore and play, Bethesda certainly remembers this as the map for Fallout 76 is going to be four times the size of Fallout 4 which already had a ginormous map. This in itself is really exciting because it means players will have just that much more space to explore and play with in, which is always better. Now that map has to be filled with something, and the game is said to have six distinct territories; Toxic Valley, The Forest (where vault 76 will be located), Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, and Cranberry Bog. While they have not release information about what makes each territory distinct from one another they did say players will know when they enter a new territory as everything from the scenery to the type of monsters they will experience will all change. Continue reading All You Need To Know About Fallout 76

Thrills of Thrifting


Shopping at thrift stores can be just as fun as shopping at major retail stores and is better for the environment. At thrift stores, the discoveries are endless: a pair of vintage pants, a dainty bracelet, a new favorite mug, a cozy couch, etc. There are multiple locations locally each with their own unique merchandise. Each thrifting trip has its own individual finds for a lot less than the typical retailer like Walmart or Target.

Stopping by a thrift store to check for anything on the shopping list can save the shopper money and help the environment out. Buying second hand reduce the need to manufacture new products versus buying products brand new. It also prevents those items from ending up in a landfill that would only pollute the earth. Thrift stores contain everything from clothes to knickknacks to dishware and much more. Even trying it out before hitting the bigger name stores is an effort to bettering the planet. Continue reading Thrills of Thrifting

Top Billboard Hits


If you know anything about pop culture, you know that the Billboard Top 100 song picks definitely has a big impact on musician’s lives. If you don’t know what Billboard or the Top 100 is, let me sum it up for you. Essentially, you pick a week and it gives you the top 100 songs for that week, their rank, what their rank was the previous week, and how many weeks that song has been on the charts! This list ranges from every genre, every artist, every song that you could ever think of. To stick to the basics, I’m going to be giving a review on the first five songs on the list and whether or not I agree with their placing!

Girls Like You by Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B. This song was placed at number one and last week it stood placed at spot number two, and while being on the charts for seventeen weeks, Maroon 5 and Cardi B are doing mighty fine. This song has a great up-beat tempo, great lyricage, and just an overall good vibe. This song rightfully deserves to sit at the top spot on the Hot 100!

In My Feelings by Drake. This song has been on the charts for twelve weeks, last week sitting at the top spot, and this week moving down to number two. Personally, this song is overplayed and has started to become tacky as once the ‘Keke, do you love me’ challenge started, the song became so played out and eventually got annoying. However, I can still bop to it from time to time, therefore leaving it as a good spot staying at number two! Continue reading Top Billboard Hits

Tips for Winter Driving

If you live in Wisconsin, you know how bad winter can be from just commuting to work or going to the store or even pulling out of your own driveway. We all hate the first day when you get enough snow. You have to wake up extra early to go shovel your driveway, or if you’re lucky you have a snowblower you can use.

When it comes to driving in the snow, you always have to be very careful. If your car is rear wheel drive, you’re out of luck. those are the worst cars in the snow unless you have snow tires. A car that is front wheel drive does a lot better in the snow than a rear wheel drive car because the tires are pulling the car forward instead of pushing the car. front wheel drive is good because most of the weight from the engine is sitting on top of the tires which gives you more traction.

But, of course, the best cars in the snow are four wheel or all wheel drive. the difference between them is all wheel drive means the power is always getting sent to all tires no matter what the condition is, and four wheel drive usually give you an option to switch the car from rear wheel drive to four wheel drive. Continue reading Tips for Winter Driving

Top Winter Activities


Wilmot Mountain: If you’re of the outdoorsy bent and like downhill skiing, head for Wilmot Mountain, celebrating its 81st anniversary this year. Started in 1938 by Walter Stopa, the resort has twenty five runs, four terrain parks and tubing runs. It’s twenty miles from Kenosha in western Kenosha County at 11931 Fox River Road, Wilmot.

Winter Harbor Market: If you’re on the hunt for fresh veggies, the indoor Winter Harbor Market is open  from nine a.m. to one p.m. Saturdays in the Rhode Center for the Arts, 514 56th St. It has produce, cheese, meats, pastries, chocolate, soaps, arts and crafts, prepared foods and more.

Bristol Woods Park: For snowshoers, there are trails in Bristol Woods Park, 9800 160th Ave., Bristol, where you can rent snowshoes. And in the Kenosha’s Washington Park, 225 Washington Road, there is now ice skating for the first time, weather permitting. The county also has miles of snowmobile trails, groomed by club members. See  or call the Kenosha County Snowmobile Hotline for trail conditions at (262) 671-4944. Continue reading Top Winter Activities

Bullpen or Bust


Amidst a miraculous season, the Milwaukee Brewers have risen to take the National League (NL) title. By beating the Chicago Cubs in Monday’s rare game 163, the Brew Crew claimed home field advantage through the NL playoffs. This victory did not come without a dominant performance from the bullpen. Such a performance was not uncommon for this surprising division winner as time and time again the bullpen carried them to victory. Their importance to the team becomes even more evident as they enter the postseason. B

rewers manager, Craig Counsell, intends to utilize the bullpen in a number of ways throughout not only the National League Division Series (NLDS), but beyond. This begins with the essential game one, as Counsell elects to forgo a traditional starting pitcher and instead opt for a “bullpen game”. This form of managing a game with multiple short appearances by a flurry of pitchers is not uncommon in today’s baseball, Counsell himself has utilized the technique on multiple occasions this season. However utilizing such a plan in game one of playoff series is nearly unheard of. Continue reading Bullpen or Bust

What Am I Doing?

Okay, so I read this article by an unknown writer of  how humans sort of…self destruct? Not completely in that sense, though when things are stagnant, we often find something to obsess about. Whether it be paranoia, anxiousness, sadness, or fear of not doing enough. I understand this, but it makes no sense. When I was younger, I used to enjoy being by myself, being reserved. But I got in trouble a lot for it, so now even if I don’t enjoy the state I am in, I won’t shut up. I fall into this dependency of other people, what should I do? How..blahblahblah. It is annoying. I can see this in others, although I question it.

In psychology they have a word for doing what you can for people even if you don’t like them… Supposedly it something that helps with stress, though how do you stop it? Wouldn’t it be less stressful to be honest? The brain makes no sense. It does what it can to give you less stress, tells you what you NEED. It is uncomfortable. Though I do enjoy self destruction where you get a sense of self. The codependency drops, the need for socialization stops, the need for others stops. But humans are social creatures; why does it feel so much better to be away from them? Nothing makes sense. Then, you bring in resistance. Continue reading What Am I Doing?



Everybody loves music. I’ve been listening to music for as long as I can remember. My dad really got me into rock music when I was growing up because that’s all he listened to. For one of my birthday presents I received an MP3 player and it had all rock songs on it. I used to listen to it wherever I went. I added more songs on it as the year went by.

After a while I got tired of listening to the same songs over and over again, so I went on Youtube and started looking up music. Some of my favorite bands were Linkin Park, Green Day, Three days Grace, and Blink 182. I used to listen to them on Youtube all the time, and when I would click on the videos it would give me recommendations on the side.

Some of the recommendations were rap songs, and I clicked on them and I found a new favorite genre. I fell in love with rap music and its beats and rhythms. The first rapper I really started listening to was Eminem. I watched all of his music videos on Youtube. Eventually I started to look up other rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, and Asap Rocky. Continue reading Music

Chick Fil A to Kenosha


Chick Fil A is slowly making its way into Kenosha.  This big debut will make all of Kenosha happy due to the fact that almost everyone around here has been begging for one since the one in Racine opened.  Since it is coming here, it is much more convenient and will end up being the biggest thing in town. They approached the idea from all of the requests coming in, and in August 2018 they approved construction in the Pleasant Prairie area.  This Atlanta based food chain is hoping to finish construction around the first quarter of 2019.

Chick Fil A is famously known for their fried chicken, while also having grilled chicken options. The pricing is very reasonable, and they even don’t charge for sauce! Going along with the sauce category, they have so many choices to choose from. The one that they are most known for is “Chick Fil A Sauce.”  Their signature sauce is made up of mayo, honey mustard, and barbecue. It might sound nasty due to the mixture of flavors, but if you ever go into Chick Fil A, you need to give it a try. Continue reading Chick Fil A to Kenosha



Today 158 million people use the app Snapchat. It is an app where you can post videos and pictures to your friends, and you can also individually send videos and pictures to all your friends. Despite how many people use Snapchat, there are many changes that were made to it once it became a bigger app that people were not fond of. 

Constantly people are begging for them to bring back the feature when you press on someone’s name you can see who is in their top three best friends. Many people likes this feature because they could see who people talk to and add more people on Snapchat. They also changed that you see everyone’s story going through at once instead of individually seeing whose you were looking at.  But no matter what Snapchat changes, people still enjoy using it to talk to friends. Continue reading Snapchat

Kanye West Delays Album Release Date


Popular recording artist Kanye West publicly stated his latest Yahndi  would be available for listening on September 29th, 2018. At the time of writing it has been four days since September 29th, and there is no album. West publicly stated the reasoning for his delay was his desire to record the album in Africa. His wife, Kim Kardashian, tweeted that Yahndi will be arriving through the worlds headphones on November 23rd, 2018.

The controversial Hollywood mainstay has also explained his desire to have his new album sound unlike any other in Hip-Hop history. Ye told TMZ the album is planned to be recorded in the African wild to capture the true essence of nature within his music. Yahndi is the sequel to  Yeezus, an album West released in 2013. With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt in 2018, his fan base is expecting nothing but the best from Ye. Continue reading Kanye West Delays Album Release Date

The Boston Celtics


My favorite sports team is the Boston Celtics Here are some facts about the Celtics. The Celtics are a team in the NBA and were  chosen to compete in the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division which was founded in 1946. They were one of the eight team to survive the league decades,  so they been around the NBA for a long time. TD Garden is where they play their home games and they share this space with the Boston Bruins Hockey team.

The team is probably the most successful team ever with their 17 NBA Championships which is 23.9%  all NBA championship since the league started. They have a big rival with the Los Angeles Lakers The rivalry as been going on for decades now and is still a big rivalry today. The name Celtics and their mascot, the Lucky Leprechaun, come from the large Irish population in Boston. Continue reading The Boston Celtics

This Room


This room has never looked different. The same deep red walls like it was painted with the blood of an animal. Maybe a horse or a cow. Something with lots of blood to be able to cover the pain underneath. This room is empty besides a bed and a chair. The bed has a red cover, like the walls. It is not soft, but the mattress is completely white. It looks better when the blanket is off, adds some color to the dull. The chair is dark brown, like the leaves at the end of fall. There are no windows. Must be in the middle of the house. But wait? Is it really a house?

Never been outside of this room. There is no door and no window. The ceiling is black with little white dots all over, shaped like crosses. Would remember them as stars, but haven’t been outside in what feels like a century. Staring at the ceiling feels like a starry night. It is cold in here, so it really feels like outside. Someday the moon will shine through the ceiling and set the lonely red walls free. The floor never creaks, almost like it is sound proof. What could be under it? Another room? Maybe that one has blue walls. Do not remember what any other colors look like besides the ones I see everyday in this room. The bed looks better white. The chair has the blanket on it. Does sleep come when the stars come up? They are always up. Why isn’t the moon up? Was it forgotten? Like me?

Why Are High School Students Stressed?


It is no secret that high school students are under a lot pressure and stress, but the question is, why? Many jokes are made about how students are stressed and teenagers going into high school are told about the stress and the toll it will take on them. It is a phenomenon that is accepted but never questioned. Here are just some common factors that contribute to the stress of  high school students.

Some students who have struggled with school for years may be afraid to fail. Due to this fear, students do not ask for help when needed and force themselves to figure out difficult subjects and topics on their own. Not only does fear play a part of this, but as students get older they receive tougher academics and have more responsibilities. The amount of work can quickly pile up on someone, therefore causing an overwhelming feeling no one is fond of.

Besides the intellectual aspects there is also social stress, the feeling of needing to be accepted and fit in. Some students feel the need to be popular and have a lot of friends, this can cause risky situations where they may need to make some tough decisions. Continue reading Why Are High School Students Stressed?

High School Relationships


People, especially parents, like to tell high school students that their relationships “won’t last” or that “they don’t matter.” The thing that they fail to realize is that they do. High school relationships have a huge impact on teenagers and their life. Adults think that teenagers don’t know what real love is, but that is a lie. Teenagers may not know everything there is to know about “love,” but most of them know what it’s like to find someone they just can’t stop thinking about. They find that one person that makes them question everything they thought they knew.

All relationships are like a sunny day that turns into a really terrible storm. When that happens, people tend to not even try to fight to keep the relationship going. That is why most high school relationships fail; when things get hard they give up. It’s the ones where both people have been through so much and got past all the really difficult times that have the biggest impact. Those relationships show a person how to keep going for what they want even if it gets really hard. Continue reading High School Relationships

Trench is Finally Here


The wait is finally over soon. On Friday, October 5th, the new album by twenty one pilots, called Trench, will be finally out.  The extremely popular band is coming out with their hyped up album and the internet is more than excited about it.

The two man band took a one year hiatus that had lasted from June of 2017 and had ended in July of 2018.  The hiatus was extremely difficult for fans because they were worried that the bandmates and best friends, lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, might have been done with the band altogether; however, that was not the case.

The band had surprised fans this past July with two new songs called Jumpsuit and Nico and the Niners.  The song Jumpsuit was released with a music video, but Nico and the Niners, however, did not have a music video when it was first released. Continue reading Trench is Finally Here

Bucket List


Being an outdoor and adventurous person has made me add many things to my bucket list. First on my list is to visit every state at least once because I want to try new things and am excited to try new foods from all over the country. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, and I believe that I will definitely be conquering this within the next five years.

After I get married, another one of my life goals is to watch an MLB game at every team’s stadium. A goal of mine is to eat at the top restaurants in the country throughout my lifetime. That will be hard to do without travel, so in order to achieve that, I have to add travel to the bucket list. When I get older and I have a sustainable amount of money, I would like to purchase a private jet with custom interior. Continue reading Bucket List

The Craft Fair


The Craft Fair is coming up quick! It takes place at Tremper on Saturday, October 13th, 2018. The Craft Fair is an event run by Tremper’s Student Government, where members of the club have the opportunity to help out with such a fun and large event. The Craft Fair is an event in which members of the community have the chance to sell and present their products, creations, and inventions through selling them at stands all over the Tremper gym and cafeteria. Continue reading The Craft Fair

Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted Answered


Can you actually die of old age? The answer is no. Even though cells have a finite life span, they do not just simply die. As people age, it becomes more difficult to fight off disease since cells are weaker. Organs can malfunction and shut down as a result, but you do not die simply because of old age.

Why do we get gray hair? Hair itself has no color, it is entirely based on the secretion of your pigmentation. It is also entirely genetic, so that is why people develop gray hair earlier than others. As the body naturally ages, it gradually stops producing pigmentation, this is why we get gray hair.

Why do you see stars when you rub your eyes? After rubbing your eyes, why do you see those little particles of light? Those particles are called phosphenes; they are triggered when you put pressure on the ganglion cells in the retina of your eye. As a result of the pressure, cells are stimulated the same way they would be with light, causing you to see light where it is not. Continue reading Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted Answered

Things to do in Kenosha


Kenosha, Wisconsin, may seem boring to the people who have lived here their entire lives. What they do not realize is that there are many exciting things to do that they may be taking advantage of. The biggest thing is Lake Michigan. The options of things to do downtown are endless. You could swim in the lake, get ice cream at Sandy’s Poppers, or get hot dogs at Trolley Dogs. If hot dogs are not for you, you could take a ride on the trolley itself.

During the summer you could walk by the pier and shop at the Harbor Market. They always have fresh flowers, homemade lemonade, and handmade crafts. On the other hand, there are numbers of museums all with different purposes. This includes the Kenosha Public Museum, the Civil War Museum, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, or the Kenosha History Center. These museums have opportunities for people of any age. Continue reading Things to do in Kenosha

Pros & Cons of Relationships


Pros: It’s like you always have someone there for you, whether it’s texting, calling, or actually being there physically. When you’ve reached the point of full comfort in a relationship, there aren’t any questions about the status of your relationship, so it’s always a given that S/he will be your date for whatever event you’ve got going on. You don’t even have to ask them; you basically just tell them what’s coming and s/he is expected to go. Your bf/gf should be someone you can feel really comfortable around, and be someone you can go to for basically anything. You get to do fun things like go on cute dates and have a good time. Continue reading Pros & Cons of Relationships

Why Draw?


Similar to singing and writing, drawing acts as a form of expression. All people share both a literal view of the world and an abstract view of the world. Some find the abstract perspective demeaning compared to its opposite. However, although finding the literal view offers an accurate representation of the world we live in, an abstract sort of view sparks our imaginations. Remember to note that the abstract perspective does not overpower the literal sense of mind but is more likely to be ignored and neglected because it is less obvious.

Drawing gives people a way to express who they are. It is like a world with no boundaries to tie them down. When it comes to drawing, it does not matter if it turns out what the drawer initially wanted their art to look like. It does not matter if that line looks too crooked or if the hands look greatly deformed or if the drawing is worst than the last one. What matters is the amount of expression the artist has while creating it. Sure there are certain principles of art that may improve the art if followed. Continue reading Why Draw?

What Counselors Can Do For You


Counselors can do so many things for you. In school they ask to speak with you about your grades, classes, or anything that might concern them that relates to you. Counselors worry about you and your grades. They want to be able to help you in any way. Especially in high school. They will talk to you or help you, even if you do not want it. Counselors know how hard classes can be, if homework is hard, or if you are behind in classes.

Many students think that counselors do not do much to help them, but it is not like that. They care about your education and  what you plan on doing with your future. They are also an important part in your education. They provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in an elementary school, in middle school, high school or beyond. Students should also make sure they check with them once in awhile, ask questions to them if they have any, send emails if they cannot meet with them in person. Teachers can also be talked to if you can’t meet with a counselor. Continue reading What Counselors Can Do For You

The Game of Basketball


In 1891, James Naismith created the game of basketball at his local YMCA. Naismith was born November 6th, 1861, in the city of Almonte, Canada. Naismith studied physical education at McGill University in Montreal before moving to the United States where he designed the game in late 1981. About seven years after Naismith created the game, he arrived at Kansas University where he coached the Jayhawks.

How was the game created? Naismith had two peach baskets and cut out the bottom of the baskets and hung them about ten feet on side of the court. The basketball they used was made out of leather with laces on them. Basketball is played with twelve players on each team while just five players of each team is on the court. Whoever scores the most points wins. Points are calculated by free throws, two pointers, and three pointers. A basketball game is started with a “jump ball”. Continue reading The Game of Basketball

A Youtube King


Shane Dawson is a very intelligent human being. All of his viewers love watching his conspiracy theory videos and the series he does on other Youtubers. Dawson also brings in his other Youtuber friends on some of his adventures, whether it is staying twenty four hours inside a haunted cruise ship or surprising his friends with a trip flying first class, the videos are all entertaining to watch!

Dawson has been a Youtuber for as long as I can remember. His confidence has grown throughout his years of uploading videos. A lot of his viewers relate to topics he brings to the table. I believe that if people met him, besides on Youtube, they would say what a kind and honest person he truly is.   Continue reading A Youtube King

10 Things To Do This October


October is easily the BEST month of the year.  The weather is perfect, the colors are beautiful, and you can finally wear leggings and your favorite baggy sweatshirt!  There are so many fun things to do during the Halloween season. Here are just a few of them:

Carve a pumpkin with friends and family- This is always a blast.

Go to as many haunted houses as you can- Being scared is what Halloween is all about!

Have a Halloween party- Dress up with your friends as whatever you want.

Go to Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm- They have the most amazing cookies. Continue reading 10 Things To Do This October

Lennon Stella


Lennon Stella, from the hit television series, Nashville, became popular as a child. She created videos with her sister, Maisy Stella, to share their singing talent on Youtube. Their parents, Brad and Marylynne Stella, introduced music into their lives at a young age. Originally singing as a duo, the sisters sang covers of popular songs while incorporating their own harmonies and detail. Becoming viral in 2012, their channel currently has 800,000 subscribers.

Lennon Stella has recently split off to create her own music. After signing with  RECORDS LLC/Columbia Records, she released her first single, Everybody Else. She released this beautiful ballad with an emotional video, calling attention to her passion for music. There is no doubt that this video did not leave viewers waiting for more. Shortly after this debut, she released a new song titled, Bad. This upbeat song and video shared a more upbeat style compared to her first single, but did not ignore her immense talent for song writing. Her ability to perfect two different writing styles will attract more audience and contribute to her future success. Continue reading Lennon Stella

Wisconsin Badgers Football Season

Preseason hype surrounded the Badgers with a ranking inside the top four of the best teams in college football. Many thought right away that their ranking was too high, and so far the play of the team has proved those people right. Through the first four games they currently have three wins and one loss, which is pretty good. But with the expectations the Badgers have acquired, this is not good. Year after year Wisconsin has an exceptional football team and always seems to get discluded from the list of elite for for everything they aren’t. Losing this early does not help them either, but they can still recover.

As the rest of the schedule sits, the team can finish strong and give themselves time to achieve prominent recognition. The one key to possible success for the Badgers is the play of senior quarterback, Alex Hornibrook, who has been mediocre of late. This is something that has been a trend for Wisconsin they seem to be able to recruit good players at every other position except quarterback. Good quarterback play is the missing key for the Badgers, and everyone knows it. Continue reading Wisconsin Badgers Football Season