How to Get Through Senior Year


Many people think of senior year as the “easiest year”. For most people, this is a very false statement. Regardless of how easy and simple you try to project your senior year to be, things are bound to happen that will cause you to struggle. However, there are things you can do to make senior year a little more manageable no matter what life throws at you.

Mental health is the most important part of getting through the year. No matter what comes your way you have to make sure that you are good mentally. To do this, I suggest talking to a trusted adult like a counselor or teacher when things get tough and not to just hold things in. Taking days to yourself and making sure your happiness comes first is key.

Stay on top of school work. The end of the year comes faster than you think and it is very easy to fall behind. Making sure that all of your assignments are completed each week will help.

Apply to colleges as early as you can. This increases your acceptance rate and helps to get the burden of applying out of your mind so you can focus on other things towards the end of the year.

Stay active. Exercising improves both physical and mental health. This can help deal with any stress while keeping you healthy simultaneously.

Participate in school events. There are many “lasts” that come with senior year. Go to the football and basketball games, the dances, class events, etc.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun. Senior year is your last year being with the same people everyday. Make the most of it while you can because ten years from now you may regret not living in the moment.


Act Okay


 You were here one second….

Now, you’re not….

…pfft…why did I even?….

I might seem okay….but deep down…I’m still hurt. I never thought you will ever leave my side but then you just left me in the dirt. What we had meant the world to me….something I never had….I don’t get why it had to be so curt. Didn’t try work it out…just went on and left with a single spurt. I gave you everything….you went ahead, and became a flirt. The memories of you hit me like a person with a quirt. I can’t explain to you what I feel about you ever again….so I act okay….even though you avert. Since you been gone, I feel like I’m lost in a desert. So lost….that I’m becoming a introvert. Thanks to you….I’m starting to disconcert. I might diss, but I know I won’t mean what I say….I will just do it because I’m still hurting….we both know our love for each other is overt. I see you over there trying get rid of your feelings for me with another lady….didn’t think I know what you’re trying to do….ha! Think again! Yeah… you can’t divert. We know our feelings are not ever going to change….oh honey….I wish we can revert. The day you walked away from it….I thought it was subvert. Until the day you told me you still love me….I wonder if we can ever go back what we started….one thing I do know….as long you’re not by my side…I can’t be unhurt. Something about you…yeah! Nobody understands what I felt when I was with you…so I act okay….but mannn…I really want to be in your sweatshirt. You don’t know how many times I pray to god that you will come back, and exert. Yeah! Until then…I act okay…even though…deep down I’m still hurt.

Ways to Exercise Without Really Exercising


Be a tourist. Even if you’re not on vacation, you can play tourist in your own hometown or somewhere not too far away. Make it a point to walk around to museums or new places, not only will you challenge yourself physically, but you’ll get a great night’s sleep as a result.

Hike. Hiking anywhere, whether it be an easy trail or steep terrain, offers the benefit of challenging yourself physically in exchange for beautiful views and a serene landscape. Depending on where you live, hiking spots can be available almost year round, so don’t be afraid to take a day to check out a new spot.

Dance. If you are listening to music just get up and dance, even if it’s only a few minutes. Those minutes will add up eventually.

Clean. We all need to spend some time each week tidying up our living space, and straightening up is yet another way to get moving. Vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing are good calorie burners. Continue reading Ways to Exercise Without Really Exercising

Australia’s Feral Cat Problem


The Australian ecosystem suffers from many invasive species like tilapia, cane toads, feral pigs, and foxes. However, the feral cat issue has deemed the worst of all the invasive species, as they have caused many native mammalian species to become endangered or even extinct. Australia’s economy relies on their ecosystems for tourism, and with these cats destroying it, the government has come up with ideas to exterminate these pest-like cats.

Animal rights activist disagree completely with the idea of exterminating these cats, but how will the government capture the millions of cats running loose and find them all homes? It seems it would be nearly impossible to take care of all these cats, so killing them is much cheaper and more effective.

The plan of action for this extermination in a mass production of poison sausages that the government will drop in cat hotspots to kill large numbers of the cats. The government hopes to kill at least 2 million of these felines, and they will likely have to continue with these exterminations. However, some biologists are worried other native animals will eat these sausages and be killed, and that they should hire hunters instead. There are already existing cat vigilante groups all across Australia, yet the price for ammunition, traps, and labor surrounding the extermination of 2 million cats seems far too expensive. So, for now, we might be hearing some news about cat massacres in Australia unless a better idea is thought of.

The Spiral Gestalt


The Spiral Gestalt is an interesting and not well known theory. Before we talk about the theory as a whole, we need to know what a spiral is. A spiral is a circular line(s) that goes around either into itself or out. The line can be a certain measurement or an infinite one. Now a gestalt is by definition, “an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts”. Gestalts also have to do with ESPs (Extrasensory Perception), also known as a sixth sense. Gestalts follow these six laws: Law of Similarity, Law of Pragnanz, Law of Proximity, Law of Continuity, Law of Closure, and the Law of Common Region. These laws help to explain how we perceive the world around us.

Now what if we took the spiral of your normal perception of this world and cut it and added another strand to make it two spirals what would happen. There is an idea of what could happen. From the point in which the spiral of normal perception is split you would “lose” all memories of the events leading up to that point in your life. You would start fresh with memories from that day forward, in your new spiral perception. If you found key items from your past, you may regain some memories but they would be very faded; this is the only way that the spirals are connected. The new spiral of perception would be your understanding of the world, but if your life was ended during this spiral, it would reset to the point where your original spiral perception was cut.

This is like a groundhog day effect. You would keep all the memories of your life that was just ended and would be able to avoid the dangers that you faced previously. The people around you would not notice this effect. This would make life as you know it a living hell, because it is unknown whether or not it would stop after a natural cause of death or if the spiral would just stop randomly. Even though this is just a theory, there is a chance that this scary set of events could be proven and tested.



I listen to my heartbeat in the night alone in my room,

As it thumps and quiets and thumps again.

I think about how I’ve lasted this long,

And there is no telling how far I can go on.

My heartbeat is the music of my body,

The beat of the blood rushing in and out rushing out into my hands.

The music flows to every part of my body flooding to my head which thinks in the dark,

The music is in my soul.

Slowly and quietly the melody fades as my eyes close,

I am at peace and in the clam of water.

I float through heartbreak and anxiety,

Through depression and anorexia. Continue reading Music

Development of Virtual Reality Technology


The View-Master, a toy many children had growing up, was their first introduction to the world of virtual reality; allowing them to immerse themselves in an image for the first time. While the View-Master was a step in the right direction, the Franklin Institute determined that Jaron Lanier took the first step towards true virtual reality, who developed both gloves and goggles in the mid-1980s. However, creating the virtual reality took a multitude of other technologies coming together; of which the most central are virtual simulations and head-mounted visual displays.

These technologies earned their importance to virtual reality by dealing with the immersion of the user. Immersive experiences suffer most when users become aware of the real world around them or that they are using a piece of technology at all. As a result, developers of virtual reality have focused heavily on improving its latency and interactive capacity. When a virtual reality experience has high latency, it can cause users to experience motion sickness as they are moving, due to the surrounding environment reacting too slowly. This latency presents the greatest difficulty to virtual reality because even short exposure to virtual reality can cause users to become motion sick if the developers have not fine tuned the experience. While latency presents a major issue to developers, it is the interactive capacity that lies at the heart of every virtual reality experience. The entire purpose for the use of a head-mounted display, headphones, and hand controls is to deliver as interactive an experience as possible.

Interactivity deals not only with hardware, as most of the interactivity in virtual reality also comes from the user’s ability to engage with the simulated environment. Interactivity in the simulation depends on three factors, speed, range, and mapping. Speed has to do with the computer’s ability to input the data from a user and express it in a way the user can perceive. Range deals with the variability of the simulation, meaning how many ways can the computer respond to different inputs. Mapping is its ability to track the user and produce natural responses to the user’s behavior. As developers have tinkered and changed the technology to reach a usable state, the shift has been towards marketing this product in as many directions as possible.


The End of the Beginning: Gotham Series Finale Short Review


Last Thursday was the series finale of the television series Gotham.  The series ended on a pretty big bang.  The episode featured many different characters that were explored throughout the five seasons of the show.  The final episode takes place ten years after Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham at the end of the episode prior to the finale.  The episode consists of the DC Comics characters: The Riddler, The Penguin, The Joker, Catwoman, the show’s version of Harley Quinn, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and of course The World’s Greatest Detective himself, Batman!  

This episode was one of if not the best episode the series has had to offer. All of the characters were using their iconic comic book appearances. For example, they made Penguin gain a bit of weight and gave him a monocle like he has in the comics.  Another great example is the appearance they incorporated for The Riddler. In the previous episodes and seasons of Gotham, The Riddler had just worn a green suit with a green hat. The showrunners took that appearance a step further and included putting question marks all over his suit, giving him his iconic comic book appearance.  The most anticipated part of the episode was the reveal of the Gotham batsuit which would be used.  The suit is very reminiscent of Christian Bale’s Batman batsuit from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Franchise.  The batsuit in Gotham seems to be more armor plated than Ben Affleck’s Batman batsuit from Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and more like Bale’s.  Personally, the Gotham batsuit looks a lot better than Affleck’s suit which is immensely sad due to the fact that they used a movie budget for his batsuit, while the producers of Gotham only had a television sized budget yet their vision appears more appealing to the eyes.



Being a first generation Serbian American, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be so closely tied with my heritage through cultural celebrations and maintaining traditions over thousands of years old. Although small in size and population, the Serbian culture is so heavily rich with history and has continued practices since the beginning of the nation’s history. A religious tradition held sacred to Serbians is the slava. Because our whole culture being based off of our Orthodox Christianity, religion plays a vital role in our day to day lives.

The slava is the celebration and anniversary of the family patron saint on the day of the saint’s glorification. Our religion has thousands of saints we commemorate; however, each family has their own saint they specifically celebrate each year. When a female marries into a new family, she takes up the slava of her husband. Slava celebrations include inviting many guests over to enjoy a meal and all come together as Orthodox Christians in the commemoration of a holy religious figure. My slava is now May 6th: Djurdjevdan or the day of Saint George.

What is so beautiful and truly amazing about our slavas is the continuity of them. These slavas have been celebrated for over thousands of years and the practices and routines have remained the exact same since the celebration of the very first slava. With the circumstances of the modern day world, Serbs are dispersed throughout all regions of the world with Chicago having the 2nd largest Serbian population next to the capital Belgrade. The farther away we are from our home and roots, the more crucial it is to understand who we are, where we come from, and our people to not let our heritage fade and eventually be forgotten about. In maintaining the slava even when thousands of miles away from Serbia, we are able to preserve such an astounding and unique practice.



I need to be alone, no one knows

What’s behind these closed doors, let it go

It’s sickening, I can’t believe that

I need you more

I can’t find a way to lock my doors

Fallen deep and I just sink

Deeper for you

Will you be the one that saves me? Who?

I feel your hands around my neck

Twisting knots in my chain

Fingertips across my lips

The taste of fear and pain

May 3, 2019


I can feel the winds lost words ripple against my frail skin.

The suns rage seeping through my bones,

Changing my chromosomes to be filled

With anger.

The lime green grass softly poking at my feet.

I feel safe when I feel the dirt at my feet.

At one with Mother Earth.

The yearning of the waves to meet the shore.

Is the same I have to meet my future.

The longing of the oceans secrets to come aboard.

Aboard the lost mans ship searching

For comfort among the creatures of the sea.

Ignoring the sirens calls,

And the search for Davy Jones Locker. Continue reading May 3, 2019


When the morning comes

You’ll be gone

I cannot bear to see

The look on your face when I tell you

I am done being the gum under your shoes

I am finished letting the words

You spit into my face

Hurt what I worked for

It is only a number

But it defines what I have worked for

Through a lifetime of

Trying to find what is worth it

I am more than the things you say

More than the words you spew

Like venom Continue reading Above

Racist Promposal


A student at an Ohio high school is apologizing for a racist promposal sign that got him banned from prom. Promposals are supposed to be fun. They are not supposed to be racist. “If I was black I’d be picking cotton but I’m white so I’m picking u for prom,” read a Clear Fork High School student’s sign. CNN affiliate WJW, who obtained a photo of the sign, is not naming the student; he has since received a number of death threats. It’s unclear if the sign got him the prom date, but the school superintendent says he’s not going to prom.

This is not the first time a sign like this has been used in a promposal. In April 2018, a Florida high school senior held a sign with the same phrase on it. “What I thought was, how disappointing — this is in 2019 — we are still dealing with this stuff, with racial slurs,” Clear Fork Valley Local Schools Superintendent Janice Wyckoff told CNN. She said this is a teachable moment; school administrators have spoken with the student and he has apologized. Although the student’s family has declined to make a statement, the superintendent said the student apologized on their social media. “I’m sorry for upsetting anyone, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m really sorry, I will say sorry to anyone,” he wrote, according to Wyckoff. “I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything like that, it was just for a laugh. I’m sorry, I really am. I’ll say it to your face or anything really.” Wyckoff said she’ll use this as an opportunity to educate her students about race in America.

How to Have Better Study Skills


Get Organized. Between homework, tests, and sports, it’s all too easy for things to slip through the cracks. A planner can help your child keep everything organized. Students should write down assignments, appointments and to-do lists, then review items in the planner at both the beginning and end of the day to stay on track.

Know the Expectations. Students shouldn’t have any surprises when it comes to how and what they will be graded on. By high school, most teachers will provide a course outline or syllabus, which can serve as a guide for the semester.

Designate a Study Area. Studying at the local coffee shop may seem like a good idea, but not if there are constantly people interrupting or other disruptions. Even at home, studying in front of the TV won’t be the best use of your time.

Develop a Study Plan. Students need to know when a test will take place, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered. From there, your student should create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare. There’s nothing worse than cramming the night before an exam. Continue reading How to Have Better Study Skills


There is so much to ponder on,

Whether it is about life or what our purpose is here,

Or about what we’re doing with my life or how we all judgmental.

We all say that we are open and welcoming but that’s never how it pans out,

We want to open up and agree with everyone and their opinions,

We want to approve all kinds of beliefs but we aren’t built to.

It takes time to break the cycle of judging the person or the culture that  is different than you,

It takes skill to accept people’s opinions and to understand where they’re coming from,

It doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

Continue reading Lies

The Burning of Notre Dame


Residing in the heart of Paris, the famous Notre Dame cathedral caught fire on April 15 at 6:43 p.m., causing shock to the people of Paris and to all the world. Built in the 12th and 13th centuries on the ruins of two earlier churches, Notre Dame was designed by medieval architects in the Gothic style. Built by master stone masons, the cathedral holds 856 years of history. Visited by 13 million people a year, Notre Dame, known for its antiquity and architectural interest, is not only admired and adored by the people of France but also by the whole world.

The fire started within the wooden-beamed attic, nicknamed “the forest,” and though the first alarm went off at 6:20 p.m., officials could not locate fire until the second alarm at 6:43 p.m. As the fire spread throughout the wooden framework of the attic, hundreds of firefighters arrived at the scene and did all they could to fight the consuming flames. Shocking videos streamed online as the world watched the renowned iconic spire, added in the 19th century, fall amidst the flames. At 9:30 a.m. the next day, they officially announced that the fire had been extinguished, although the stability of the structure was unpredictable.

The aftermath of the fire is still being investigated, but the three great rose stained glass windows, still retaining their 13th century glass, seem to have survived as well as the two western facade towers. The cause of the fire is not entirely known, although Notre Dame had been undergoing renovation, and inspectors say it was most likely an accident due to an electrical mishap. The Notre Dame restoration project was to focus on reinforcing the spire and repairing some of the attic beams, but experts say that the beams became tinder-dry as they aged. Fortunately, the president of France reassured all that the cathedral would be restored, and many donations are being contributed to the cause.

The Launch of Mortal Kombat 11


Mortal Kombat 11 launches next Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019.  Mortal Kombat 11 was first revealed at The Game Awards show back in December 2018.  The game will feature many returning characters from the previous games including their most recent release: Mortal Kombat X.  The game will also feature new, original characters that have not been introduced in any previous games.  There will also be six Downloadable Content, DLC, characters available for purchase post launch of the game.  

The first DLC character will be soul stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung who hasn’t made a debut in a Mortal Kombat game since Mortal Kombat (2011).  The Mortal Kombat 11 storyline will follow directly after the events of Mortal Kombat X.  Confirmed by Netherrealm Studios, the developers of the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises, there will indeed be heavy influence of time travel and manipulation throughout the entire story mode of Mortal Kombat 11.  This is a unique way for the developers to tie in every Mortal Kombat video game, including the classic games that were originally only available on arcade cabinets.

The gameplay mechanics are getting a big revamp too. In the most recent and previous installments of the franchise, there was a bar with three sections on the lower left and right corners of the screen.  The more hits you would land and the more blows you would take would fill the sections up. Once a section was filled up, you could make your special moves more powerful. Once all three sections were filled to the maximum, you would be able to perform an X-Ray attack which would deal a lot of damage to your opponent.  X-Ray attacks are removed from Mortal Kombat 11 and are replaced with Fatal Blows.  Fatal Blows are animated attacks like the X-Ray ones, but with more blood than the X-Ray ones and can only be activated when at thirty percent or lower health.  There are also four sections to fill up instead of three. Two of these bars are used to enhance defensive attacks and the other two are used for offensive attacks.  This game is going to be one of, if not the best Mortal Kombat game in the entire franchise.

KPOP Favorite Songs


In the past couple of weeks, my eyes are wide open to a new aspect of music. This type of music being KPOP! My favorite group that I’ve discovered is BTS which is short for Bangtan Boyz or Bulletproof Boyscouts. So this article is going to be based off of my top five favorite songs from this group, and maybe I’ll throw in an extra from my other favorite group!

Boy With Luv – BTS: This song, for starters, slaps. Even if you don’t like kpop or Korean styled music, if someone turned this on, the beat is so catchy you can’t help but at least nod your head or bounce your knee. The lyrics and beat are so catchy, you’ll have no choice but dance.

IDOL – BTS: This song actually comes with a challenge the boys made themselves. This song also goes hard. The beats for all BTS songs go crazy, to be honest, but these last two definitely go harder than any other song that’s going to be on this list.

DNA – BTS: This song and music video is so vibrant, it really caught my attention the first time I watched it. The song is an absolute banger, and if you’re able to whistle – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as I do, try it out! Continue reading KPOP Favorite Songs

What you Need to Know For Summerfest


Your playlist is made, your sunscreen is bought — the only thing left to do is get there. Here’s everything you need to know before going to Summerfest.

Hours: Noon to midnight

Days: June 26th to July 7th

General admission tickets: $20; $13 for weekday admission (noon to 4 p.m.); $8 at ticket window for senior citizens and children under 10; free for children under 2. $48 for a three-day pass and $85 for a five-day pass. Tickets do not include admission to the Marcus Amphitheater shows.

BMO Harris Pavilion tickets: The majority of the seats, including the upfront seats, will be offered on a free, first-come-first-serve basis. These seats will be an option for all headlining performances.

Re-entry policy: Wristbands must be worn to exit and re-enter the festival. They can be obtained at all gates from noon to 6:30 p.m. daily and will be valid only for the day they are obtained until 7 p.m. No wristbands will be given out July 10. Continue reading What you Need to Know For Summerfest



“So how dare you mock your mother when she opens her mouth and broken English spills out. Don’t be ashamed of the fact that she split through countries to be here so that you wouldn’t have to cross a shoreline. Her accent is thick like honey hold it with your life. It’s the only thing she has left of home, don’t you stomp on that richness. Instead hang it up on the walls of museums, next to Dali and van Gogh. Her life is brilliant and tragic. Kiss the side of her tender cheek she already knows what it feels like to have an entire nation laugh when she speaks. She is more than our punctuation and language. We might be able to paint pictures and write stories but she made an entire world for herself.”  -Rupi Kaur

I wish I was told this sooner.

My mother risked her life for her children

And the children she did not yet have.

She seldom speaks of the life she had.

I wonder if she left a lover behind.

The friends she had to desert.

I wonder of her first love.

Of the poems she might have written.

If she was soft before she came to this

Nation. Continue reading Borderline



Since summer is coming up a lot of students are starting to apply for jobs, so here are some tips for the job interview:

Tip 1: Arrive On Time

  • You should be there at least 10-15 minutes early
  • Practice where you are going the day before
  • Time out how long it takes you to get from place to place
  • If you are nervous run your arm with cold water

Tip 2: Dress appropriately

  • Never wear shorts, leggings, spandex, t shirt, sweatshirt, flip flops, hats, obnoxious jewelry
  • Minimum of a polo shirt

Tip 3: Go Alone

  • If someone brings you tell them to leave you at the door go in alone
  • They need someone who is independent and not someone who is going to count on others

Tip 4: Be prepared

  • You have to practice
  • Get interviews with other places rather than the interview that you really want being your first interview
  • If you don’t have previous interviews set up, then at least practice at home
  • You have to practice out loud so you are used to it
  • Ask questions about that company
  • You should never say no that you don’t have a question for the company

Continue reading Blog

The Downfall of Chelsea


Leicester City rocked the sporting world with their summit of the Premier League in the 15/16 season. A small club with almost no funding in comparison to the giants arose victorious, showing that football is about class of talent, not class of club. The driving force in the unstoppable Foxes side from 15/16 was Frenchman N’Golo Kante, a defensively minded midfielder whom even the world’s great fail to escape. After 15/16 he transferred to Chelsea, one of the ‘Big Six’ clubs in English football, where he won his second consecutive title. Chelsea dominated the league, deploying  an innovative 3-4-2-1 formation which was masterminded by former manager Antonio Conte.

Two years on from Chelsea’s title run, they face collapse in the upcoming months. Star forward Eden Hazard has been heavily linked to European giants Real Madrid with a reported transfer fee of over 100 million euros, joining a barrage of aging players and  dead weight which are expected to leave the club this summer. Due to their shady transfer dealings regarding under 18 players from foreign nations, Chelsea have been given a two transfer window ban from signing any new players. New manager Maurizio Sarri faces constant criticism for his tactics, often deploying fellow italian Jorginho in the defensive midfield role, despite having the best DM in world football with N’golo Kante’ The system by which Sarri operates has been figured out by regular opponents, leaving the whole team exposed. From English champions to a good club with too many problems, Chelsea face losing their title as a European Giant if dealings surrounding the club do not improve.

Why Los Angeles is the Best City


Over spring break my friends and I took a trip to Los Angeles, California. We endured many things on this trip even though we only stayed there for five days. Throughout our short stay I discovered a love for this city, and here is why.

The food. The number one reason why I love this city is the variety of food. Being vegetarian it is usually fairly hard to eat out or find good food. Here, that was never an issue. There are so many vegan restaurants or regular restaurants that have more plant based options rather than just salad.

The people. Everyone is very chill and very weird. While walking the streets we could tell that no one cared about us or judged us. It was a great feeling.

The weather. The mornings are cool and chilly but not too cold like “Spring” in Wisconsin. It gradually gets warmer throughout the day and then right once you think it might get too hot it starts to cool down again as night approaches. Perfect.

Never boring. There is ALWAYS something to do. Whether it be going to shows or concerts, shopping, eating, people watching, or just hanging at the beach you will never be bored.

You do not even need a car, technically. This city is filled with constant Uber or Lyft drivers making sure you always get to where you need to be fast and cheap. You can literally call your driver unlike a normal Taxi. Aside from just going places, this city has many food delivery options as well. From Postmates to Doordash or Grubhub you can always get your favorite foods without even having to leave your house.



Netflix is an easy way to watch many different shows. You have to pay each month for it, but it is totally worth it.  There are many different genres on Netflix such as horror, comedy, drama, action, and so much more. You can find many shows that interest you, and you will never get bored because there are so many different things you can watch.  A few of my favorite shows on Netflix are Friends, That 70’s Show, The Vampire Diaries, and Breaking Bad.  All of these shows interest me, and I’m sure could appeal to you as well.  Some good movies that I like are Bird Box, A Kissing Booth, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.  If you are into romance and teen drama, some of these options may be a good choice for you.  

Also, Netflix has no commercials, which is a big plus for me. A con to having Netflix is that the shows are not updated.  So more episodes will be released, but they will not be on Netflix for a long while. I think paying for Netflix is worth it because you have so many options that you can watch, and you can watch at any time.  Although you become a little behind on some of your tv shows, you still can watch seasons and seasons of your favorite shows, and at some point, the new episodes will come out.

Phone In My Hand….Myself In My Mind


 Phone in my hand on the daily…scrolling through social media…responding to texts or ignoring some. Doing my own thing…pretty girls looking cute… and I keep scrolling through with my thumb. Don’t get me wrong….I don’t have a lot of guys hitting me up like shoot girl! Where are you from?;).  But you must know….these guys like to make me feel numb. Everywhere I go…there they are…trying to make me get with them. Nah, just being myself in my mind….because I know what’s to come. Keep scrolling through…learning behind a screen….not trying to get with their outcome. I don’t want to do what they do….yeah! Drama-free not dumb. I don’t want to lie….my life is full of drama…I don’t even want it…but I guess it’s this generation’s sum. Living it how it is…but always bounce back…being myself…yeah myself… my strength is like a disposable income. Believe me….they trying to test me…but in my life, they’re all just a scum.  They’re gonna see my pictures I’m gonna post when I’m a alum. Gotta prove them wrong….not going nowhere anytime soon…ain’t gonna be a bum. I’m gonna make them say um….yeah! I’m gonna make them say um. Didn’t expect that huh? Being a low life then became a top dog to the next…gonna make them all succumb. Watch me stick to you like a gum. Phone in my hand…myself in my mind…now watch what I become.

The Cheetah Crisis


Similar to many other African mammals, cheetahs have experience huge environmental pressures introduced from increasing climate change as well increasing demand for cheetah pelts on the black market trade. With the average global temperature continually increasing, the wet and dry seasons in the African Savannah have become increasingly dry and harsh. Cheetahs in the past have had their population destroyed by intense droughts in what is known as the bottleneck effect. The bottleneck effect describes an instance where an environmental pressure kills off a large part of a population and only some survive. Because of this, cheetahs already have decreased genetic diversity, so they are unable to adapt to the harsher environment humans have caused. As the dry seasons become longer and harsher, cheetahs will continue to perish in the wild at an alarming rate.

Additionally, cheetahs are highly targeted by poachers as many other African animals are for their pelts. Most of the demand for things like ivory or cheetah pelts stems from Asia, as there are few enforced laws on smuggling there. These buyers from Asia then turn to the wealthy of their country and sell these exotic tokens without considering the damage they are causing. Governments have put immense time and effort to limit poaching, but it seems the demand is too big for poachers to put down their guns and find another way to make a living. So, for now, it seems the global issue regarding pollution and climate change will only get worse, poachers will keep on poaching, and the cheetahs will likely die off, as many other African animals have in recent years.

Anime of the Month


This week we will be looking at the anime Plastic Memories. Plastic Memories takes place in a city in the near future where humans live among androids. Androids are “synthetic humans” (kind of like robots) that are almost indistinguishable from humans and have human emotions and memories. The company SAI Corp. released the Giftia, the most human like android, that people can purchase. The only catch is that a Giftia can only live for a maximum of 81,920 hours (around nine years and four months). After this time expires the Giftia will experience personality disintegration, memory loss, and outbreaks of violence.

During the anime we follow the main character, Tsukasa Mizugaki, right after he fails his college entrance exam. He manages to get a job at Terminal Service One, whose main job is to collect Giftia that are nearing the end of their lifespan. Tsukasa is assigned the role of spotter, a human overseer of the operation, and a marksman, a Giftia that is doing the collection and erasing their memories. Tsukasa is partnered up with Isla and now has to take part in the task of collecting Giftia. This job is not easy because to the owners of the Giftia they are losing their child or sibling. During Tsukasa’s and Isla’s first assignment it is noticed that Isla is clumsy and not good with people due to a lack of being in the field. She also doesn’t want to hurt Tsukasa after what happened with her old partner. I highly recommend this anime to anyone that is new to Japanese animations.



After analyzing twenty items around my house, the two most common locations that the items were manufactured were in the United States, and China.  Out of the twenty random items I picked, ten of them were manufactured in the United States, and six of them in China. I was quite surprised to learn that so many items were manufactured nearby in our country, but after understanding the concepts of site and situation factors, it makes sense why certain items would be manufactured here. Some site factors that influence where the items are manufactured are land, labor, and capital. Situation factors influencing location consist of proximity to inputs, single market manufacturers, and perishable products. I happened to notice that China produces items more commonly such as furniture, electronics, and clothing. On the other hand, the United States produces items like cosmetics, books, and household supplies. A few of the items I found were manufactured in Europe, and these items were things such as plates, bowls, and jewelry.  Many of the items made in Europe were more unique, detailed, and expensive items, therefore they were created near skilled workers. Continue reading Industry

Where have we been

Where did we go wrong?

How do we fix all that we have broken, we ask ourselves.

Yet we do nothing to fix it.

Do something that will change this world,

Over the Earth’s surface there is so much pollution, we need to take care of it.

We all need to protect the place that we live on if we don’t our future may be limited,

Everyone needs to work together instead of working against because of simple things.

For the future generations we need to wake up,

In the world there is so much damage to the place we call home.

Going forward the things we love will die and decay,

Here on Earth we need to come together and fight against the problems that we cause.

Today should be when we start. Continue reading Where have we been

Teas for Every Occasion


This week, I spent two days home from school with a bad cold. During this time, I drank dozens of cups of tea. While recently my go-to drink has been coffee, my time at home reminded me of the vast variety of teas and the occasions when each can best be enjoyed.

Because I am sick, I find hot teas soothing to my throat and sinuses. My favorites for when I am feeling under the weather are Traditional Medicinals’ organic peppermint tea and Celestial Seasonings’ throat tamer tea. These two teas are caffeine free and perfect for making you feel better.

In the morning, I prefer a tea with caffeine to help me start my day. Salada’s green tea is a basic staple for any tea cabinet, but when I want something with a little more flavor, I opt for David’s Tea’s  organic goji green tea. This delicious green tea is the perfect mix of fruity and bitter and a great way to start your morning. For days where it is particularly hard to roll out of bed, I like to pack Tazo’s awake English breakfast tea in my to-go mug to give me the energy I need for school.

If I need something to sip on while I am studying, I choose from a selection of more flavorful teas. Tazo’s orange tea is perfect when paired with honey. It both smells and tastes delicious. For hot days this tea can also be enjoyed on ice. I also appreciate David’s Tea’s Vanilla Chai. When mixed with milk and sugar, it tastes straight out of Starbucks. These drinks make my time studying go by much more swiftly.

As you can see, there are teas for every occasion. Next time you want to try something new, I suggest testing one of these out.

Book Review: Okay for Now


I’m sure many of us have experienced in one way or another the situation of somebody moving to a new town. It can be very challenging for that person to get used to the town and the people in it. This is precisely what happened to the main character in the book Okay For Now. The main character, Doug, must move to a new city where he knows no one. This is until he meets a young girl named Lil. Doug meets Lil during a very hard time in his life. Lil saves Doug in his time of need by being his friend when he had none. Therefore, when Lil develops a sickness, Doug faces an even bigger struggle than what he was faced with in the beginning. The climax of the story displays itself  when Lil becomes sick because it helps carry out the theme of the story, as well as testing the strength of the protagonist.

To continue, Lil helps Doug through his time of need. She is always there for him whenever he needs it. But what if Lil needed help? Would Doug be there for her? This is tested during the climax of the story when Lil becomes sick with cancer. This causes many struggles for Doug. He already is going through so many changes in his life and now he has to go through the biggest problem of them all, the woman he loves is dying. Though the reader never finds out the fate of Lil, the theme of the novel is shown by Doug’s love and care for Lil in her time of need. This climax tests the strength of the protagonist when someone other than himself is in need.  the climax is shown when Lil becomes very sick. This climax helps the protagonist, Doug, realize that some people’s problems are much bigger than his own.

Time Management Tips


Do you ever feel like all your free time is taken from you? With school, sports, shows, and any other activity, life can quickly build up and stress you out, but you can learn to manage a busy schedule that will eventually benefit you in the future.

As you begin to explore tips and tricks to manage your busy life, take into account that you are not only focusing on the responsibilities but also on the healthy activities that help you de-stress. Creating a monthly schedule should be focusing on your consistent events such as school and perhaps practices, but these events should be predictable and occur regularly. Your monthly calendar should be an overall outlook of your schedule, and your weekly calendar should be more specific to each day; you can go into depth of timing out your events and think about day-to-day necessities that you should include to keep yourself healthy.

For these healthy activities, you should schedule times for lunch dates with friends, going for a run, spending time listening to music or playing an instrument, or for any other activity that helps you de-stress. Overwhelmed students who overextend themselves often have trouble functioning under all the stress. Taking that into account, these activities that you enjoy will encourage you to work harder and gives you a much-needed break.

While blocking out your times for studying, consider reducing distractions by planning around whether others will be in the house, or if you should put your phone in another room. Prioritize your work so that you complete the most urgent assignments first and so that you do not distract yourself with the smaller, less significant tasks.

Learn how to handle a busy schedule now, so that you are prepared for the future. Managing a busy schedule with these tips creates a firm solution to the stress of overloading of work, and mastering this skill provides an easier way to manage your future job and work load.


Details Revealed About New Disney Streaming Service


In November of 2018, the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger announced the name of the much anticipated Disney streaming service.  The name was revealed as Disney+. Just recently, Iger came out and actually revealed more about the service including the launch date of the new streaming service along with its pricing.  The streaming service will launch November 12th of this year. The pricing for the service will be $6.99 USD per month or $69.99 USD per year. This pricing is about half of its competitor Netflix, which prices their service at $12.99 USD per month.  

This service will provide a diverse selection of movies and television shows licensed by Disney which will be available for people to stream. The content will consist of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Captain Marvel, all of the Star Wars movies, Disney classics such as Snow White, and original series that will only be available on this particular streaming service such as the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a Star Wars spinoff series: The Mandalorian, a spinoff show about Thor’s mischievous brother Loki, and another spinoff show about the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision.  

Disney also announced that they are looking to bundle their subscription with Hulu and ESPN+, allowing people to bundle and save when combining two or all three services.  Because of Disney’s new streaming service, Netflix will lose out on newly released theatrics licensed by Disney, starting with Captain Marvel which will not be arriving on Netflix, but instead on Disney+ as soon as the service launches on November 12th.  Disney is trying their best to compete with Netflix and by the looks of it, they seem to be doing an adequate job keeping up with their competition.



Motivating yourself can be a struggle especially when you already have a lot on your plate. As nice as it would be to stay in bed a little longer or watch just one more episode, it is important to take care of your priorities whether that is writing your essay that was due last night or taking your car that has been making a weird noise to the mechanic shop. Tasks may very in their importance or their difficulty but either way, they must get done preferably sooner than later.

The longer you wait on something, the harder it will be for you to find motivation to start and finish whatever it may be. For example, if you have an assignment for school that is already past due, you may just wait even longer to turn it in because what is the rush if it is already late? Pushing all your responsibilities off will only cause you to dig yourself deeper and deeper into your hole of things to do. One key element of motivation is having the mindset to just dive head first and do it. That may not be easy for everyone because it is a lot easier said than done but once you finally finish, you will feel so relieved.

Some responsibilities may be less work or school related and require a different kind of motivation. For instance, when your house gets messy and needs a little cleaning, it can be difficult to start that cleaning process. A great way to motivate yourself to clean is through music. Music can put you in a great mood and fuel you to finish your chores around the house. Motivation comes in many forms but ultimately it is important for you to take responsibility and just do it.




I started getting deeply interested in documentaries and mysterious shows. Finding out who committed the crime, who the suspects could possibly be, then having the satisfaction when you finally find out who the criminal is. I’ve always been a kid that has loved the horror flicks, books, magazines, short stories, etc. I like the feeling of being scared while being in a safe environment so it’s a more intense feeling. If i’m not mistaken it’s scientifically proven that scary things attract people because of having that intense feeling.

That’s probably where my attraction grows, having a drastic change in the middle of the story grabs my attention. I like that because then I don’t sit there bored knowing the characters next move. They aren’t stereotyped as a movie when a popular pretty girl has a sudden urge to go swimming in a lake at a party, or a girl that is trying to escape her killer by running up the stairs. Not that the classic horror movies aren’t good, you start thinking about the outcome half way through and it becomes less interesting to watch.

My opinion on the topic is bias because i’m sharing my opinion only, but personally horror is more entertaining than comedy, or action, romance, etc. When watching comedy or action you know what to expect, you know that you’re going to laugh or watch one of you favorite fictional characters battle an enemy and become the hero. Horror movies don’t guarantee anything, one minute you could be plotting the ending of the movie in your head then suddenly there’s a plot twist that automatically has you mind boggled.


10 Things Nobody Tells You About Life After High School Graduation


Some friends will drift away. Even if it sounds unimaginable right now, your entire prom limo will not get together every summer to rent a house on the beach and reminisce about the good old times for the rest of your lives. Most people stay in touch with a handful of their very best friends from high school and that’s it. If that thought makes you sad, don’t worry: the people who are really worth keeping around in your life will always be there for you.

You and your high school boyfriend/girlfriend might break up, even if you swore you’d last forever. Not every pair of high school sweethearts ends up together in the long run, and that’s OK. Breaking up can feel like your heart is going through a paper shredder, but eventually, you’ll come out on the other side single, happy, and more mature.

You don’t grow up all at once. Graduation is a HUGE milestone, but it’s not like you flip your tassel from right to left and suddenly feel worldly and wise. You’re still gonna feel like a lost little kid sometimes, especially when it comes time to file taxes for that summer job or make a big decision about your college major. The secret is knowing that every single other person your age feels exactly the same way.

Your parents will probably expect more of you. For starters, they might not have minded when you skipped emptying the dishwasher so you’d have more time to study. But now that you’re out of school, they’re going to start treating you like a real adult, which means more responsibilities.

Make as many friends as possible. We all get comfortable within our little tribe of friends. You will be saying goodbye to many good ones, but plenty more are waiting for you out there. Meet as many of them as possible. The most successful people I know are good at making friends. Join different groups, forge connections and experience people you’re unfamiliar with. These people will bring you joy (and may even help you get a job one day.) Not only that, but learning more about others will help you learn more about yourself. Become an extrovert and embrace the complex diversity of the people around you.


The (Not So Black) Black Hole


This past week has served as a revolutionary strive in astronomical history: the first picture of a black hole has been taken proving years of countless theories and scientific research. Many are not fathoming why people are rejoicing in the discovery of the picture as they merely see a picture of a black surface with orange-yellow smudges; however, this photo serves as evidence for over a century’s collection of studies and hypothesis.

The late theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking formulated a theory on black holes stating they are not entirely dark but rather emit light radiation. According to Business Insider, “He hypothesized that black holes had an ‘apparent’ horizon, across which matter and light could move, while leaving behind particles — now also known as Hawking radiation — that could leave the black hole”. Proving true to the Hawking black hole hypothesis, the picture surfacing the scientific world displays a black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy casting a light shadow of 25 billion miles. Research regarding information about the mysterious astronomical phenomenon consisted of scientists from 40 countries and has been accumulating since the development of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. With advancements in telescopes and other scientific technology, the knowledge of black holes has been able to dramatically progress in the past 15 years.

Deemed the name “Powehi”, the black hole’s is derived from the Hawaiian 18th century Kumulipo chant meaning “the adorned fathomless dark creature”. The Hawaiian language professor who determined the name says the name holds true symbolic meaning in the Hawaiian culture and is a honor to the people of the Hawaiian culture.

Recently passing away last year on March 14th, the late Stephen Hawking would have been in awe to watch the years of painstaking and strenuous research finally proven to be correct and a pivotal development in the world (or should I say universe(s)) of space.


How Classical Music Can Make You Smarter


Classical music is not only beautiful background noise. It is a proven way to increase brain activity and make you smarter. This article is going to be about how our famous composers such as Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven can help us become smarter and less stressed.

The first reason is because classical music lowers blood pressure. In a study done by the Journey of Health Psychology, participants who listened to classical music had a significantly lower blood pressure than participants who did not listen to any music. Listening to music can assist the heart reduce stress, which decreases blood pressure.

If sleep is an issue you have, classical music can help out with that too. A study done in 2006 shows that students with sleeping disorders had a better night’s sleep while falling asleep to classical music. Classical music also improves your memory. In an experiment, one class had a lecture with classical music playing in the background. Another class had a lecture without any music playing. The students that had classical music playing in the background scored significantly higher on a quiz than the other class. The music made students be more receptive to the information being told to them.

Therefore, classical can make individuals smarter. This was proven by two different studies. In the first study done, individuals who did not listen to any music at all had displayed an IQ score of about 10 points below individuals that listened to Mozart’s Sonata for only 10 minutes. So if you choose to bring your earbuds to work or at school, try out some classical music to boost your intelligence!



I cannot remember the man I once loved.

The way he spoke .

How the words spilled from his

Beautiful mouth.

I cannot remember the way he felt.

How his hands glided across

My skin like melted butter

On fresh toast.

I cannot remember the way he looked.

How his facial muscles moves

When he speaks.

I cannot remember if the scar is on his

Left or right eyebrow.

I cannot remember the tint of pink his lips were.

The curve of his eyes.

I cannot remember who he was.

I do not know who he is.

All I can remember is how he made

Me feel.

How he makes me feel. Continue reading Wilting

Messi Scores Two as Manchester United Exit The Champions league


Last night in a UEFA Champions League quarter-final the magician Lionel Messi scored two goals in a comfortable 3-0 win over Manchester United. Although United had some decent chances and a few shots on target, the left foot of Messi proved its placed in history with a thunderbolt of a strike into the top left corner of the net. He shot from between three of United’s defense from roughly 20 meters out on goal, curling a shot over –arguably the best goalkeeper in the world– David De Gea of Spain. Although the result showed which side was truly dominant, the quality of both teams cannot be denied with winners of The World Cup, football’s highest competition, turning out for both sides in this fixture. While Champions League competitors this year, Manchester United face the potential of missing the top 4 in the Premier League, eliminating them from contention next year. On the other end, Barcelona are on track for their third consecutive league title, making a giant collapse internally the only potential breaking point  on the Catalan outfit’s road to success. Both teams are regarded as needing a heavy rebuild in this summer’s transfer window, with aging players and holes which need plugging in either team. The next round of UCL Knockout games will be played on April, 30th, with Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, and Ajax remaining amongst Barcelona in the semi-final round while Manchester United leaves with nothing more than a participation badge