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How am I able to come to the library?
Students must have a pass to come to the library (even if you are on your lunch or release).  Hand your pass to the library aide at the desk and sign into the google form on the computer (this is your attendance record).  Passes are not needed before and after school but you still need to sign into the computer. 

What do I need to check out books (or any other items)?
You need your student ID or you need to know your student ID number. Your library account needs to be clear, with no overdue books or fines.

How many items can I check out?
You can have up to 10 books checked out at a time and 3 DVDs.

How long can I have the items I checked out?
The loan period for books is 3 weeks and for DVDs/Magazines/AudioCDs it is 1 week. You will receive the due date when you check out a book.

Where do I return my book?
Library materials may be turned in to the “Book Return” in the hallway next to the library entrance, the book deposit just outside of the Library Media Center Office, or inside the library at the north end of the circulation desk.  Watch this video to see where these book returns are located.

What if my book is past due?
If your book is past due or late, you can come in and renew the book (you must bring the book with you to renew it).

What if I lose or damage my book or other items?
Unfortunately, if you lose or badly damage a library book/item you will be responsible for the cost of it. (Do not check out books for other people, if they lose it or damage it the only person I will have on record for being responsible for it is YOU.)  Lost or damaged book fines go to your Infinite Campus account if they are not rectified before the end of the school year.

What type of technology is available for me to use?
Students may use PC laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, zSpace 3D machine, Mac Video Editing Desktop, eReaders, Promethean board, video and still cameras. 

May I take technology home with me?
Students may check out Chromebooks, Kajeets, Video/Still cameras, and eReaders for short-term use IF you have a parent permission form filled out, signed, and verified.  Please see Ms. Rivera at the circ desk to get a form if you are interested in this option. Completed forms are kept on file for the remainder of the school year.  Technology checkouts are short-term, meaning 1-2 days at a time. This ensures that all students have access to devices when they need them.

Can I eat in the library?
No, food is not allowed in the library!  You may have a beverage with you as long as it has a lid.