Blood Drive

Each year, Tremper Student Government organizes what the Blood Centers of Southeast Wisconsin have confirmed  to be the largest student-led blood drive in the state, and probably the nation. Although we recruit around 2000 donors, the actual capacity of the blood drive is 800 donors (we historically get about 50% turnout, and some donors are turned away because they are ineligible).  Because of the magnitude of this event, blood centers throughout southeast Wisconsin shut down  to send staff and medical equipment to our site.  We are very proud of the history we have with running a great blood drive.

On the day of the Blood Drive:

  • The Blood Centers arrive before 6am with the equipment.  The entire gym is converted into a donation center.
  • We provide food to our donors through corporate donations, our Tremper kitchen staff, and numerous contributions from Tremper Student Government members.
  • A child-care area is set-up for donors who need it.
  • Over 100 students are involved with set-up, keeping the donors moving, and clean up.

Because the Blood Drive is organized completely by students, we organize ourselves into the following committees:


  • Organizes phonathons with lists from previous year donors & phone numbers
  • Tallies amount of donor cards turned in by each government member
  • Conducts Goal Review days along with consequences


  • Enters each donor card into a master time schedule (every 15 minutes)
  • Arranges for all donor cards to be written onto printed post cards
  • Organizes reminder phonathons two nights before event day


  • Creates a poster to mount in area businesses
  • Conducts a button design contest and mass produces buttons for donors
  • Arranges for event day publicity through announcements and banners


  • Conducts refreshment donation phonathons and mass mailings
  • Determines necessary food to order through Tremper Kitchen Manager
  • Organizes a refreshment table process and schedule of workers


  • Arranges for gym set-up and clean-up, as well as a start-up crew on event morning
  • Schedules all government workers on shifts and stations during event day
  • Determines who will wear Blood Drop costumes on event day


  • Designs, orders, and distributes Tshirts to all members
  • Organizes heart cut-outs for event day
  • Creates and manages the “Thermometer” status as we work toward donor goal on event day

Because all donors are recruited strictly by students, we require the following:

  • All members of Community Relations and Special Events are required to recruit 20 blood donors.

  • Each freshmen advisory is responsible for 30 donors, through a contest coordinated by their Freshmen Transition Coaches.
  • All members of student government are encouraged to recruit blood donors, and one service hour will be awarded for every five donors obtained.