Clubs/Activities - International Thespian Society


General Information
Troupe Number: 6435
Troupe Director: Mr. Nicolas Cicerale
Troupe Officers: Mary W. (President), Julie E. (Treasurer), Kendall R. (Secretary)
Official Website:
Meeting Information:  Final Wednesday of each month in the Studio Theatre.

Organization Explanation
Since its beginning in 1929 under the name National Thespians, the Educational Theatre Association has worked to promote and strengthen school theatre by recognizing and rewarding excellence. We strive, alongside educators, advocates, and artists, to make theatre an instrument of lifelong learning. The Association also serves as the eyes, ears, and voice of the school theatre community, advocating a stronger role for theatre education in the curriculum.
We are the professional association for theatre education. The International Thespian Society, our student division, is the world’s largest honor society for theatre arts students. Together, the Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society have been helping build strong school theatre programs for more than seventy-five years.

Membership Requirements
Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of a commitment to excellence in theatre arts that meets EdTA’s general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work.
Troupe directors should notify their students that records of their activities will be maintained and that Thespian membership will be conferred when qualifications have been met. The troupe secretary or clerk is usually responsible for maintaining these records, which should be available for the student’s review.
When the required number of points has been earned, the apprentices should be given Membership Notification Cards informing them that they may join the International Thespian Society.

Current Membership:
Emily L.
Leah O.
Josh P.
Jessie W.

Membership History:
Merissa Acerbi
Zac Cooper
Bethanne Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Kaycee Galitz
Clarissa Goldsmith
Alex Hambrock
Dayna Rodriguez
Amber Shinn
Jordan Smith
Raven Spencer
Chelsea Strachan
Erin Stummer
Olivia Taber
Annie Walaszek
Jon Walls
Lauren Westermeyer
Jensen Wohlgemuth
Jaclyn Yeary