Renaissance: Academic Excellence

Program Application

Renaissance is a recognition and incentive program that focuses on academic excellence, good attendance and appropriate behavior.  Tremper Renaissance is under the administration of the Academic Affairs branch of Student Government.


Achievements will be recognized as follows:

  • Recognition will take place annually during an end-of-the-year reception

  • Students will be recognized for achievements earned on a semester basis

Premier Status


  • minimum 4.5 GPA on weighted scale (3.5 GPA on unweighted), no discipline referrals, no D’s or F’s, no truancies,  no unexcused absences nor unexcused tardiness


  • An academic letter will be awarded upon achieving Premier status for two semesters

  • A medal will be issued each Renaissance year Premier status is achieved following the letter:

    • 4 semesters – Brass

    • 6 semesters– Silver

    • 7 semesters -- Gold

  • Renaissance Reception at end of the year

  • Renaissance pass to be used the semester following Premier Status

  • Seniors who have earned premier status for 6 semesters will be issued a Renaissance Medallion to be worn during the graduation ceremony

Strive Status


  • 3.5 GPA on weighted scale (2.5 GPA on unweighted) no discipline referrals, no failures, no truancies, no unexcused absences nor unexcused tardiness


  • Renaissance reception

Awards and Incentives

Special Scholarships

  • Renaissance awards two scholarships each year to high-achieving Renaissance seniors

Any Tremper student who wishes to be considered for the Renaissance program must complete and return an application to Mrs. Danielson in the Library.  You need apply only once to be entered in the Renaissance database. You may apply at any time!  Contact Ms. Richter ( or Mrs. Danielson ( if you have any questions.