Vision Statement

“Tremper High School is a comprehensive high school in a diversely supportive and respectful environment that encourages students to succeed in core and elective subjects while developing life skills and experiences through intense study, exploration of personal talents, and a commitment to life-long learning.”

School Goals

  1. We will increase academic success for all students within our diverse student population.
  2. All members of our school community will display respectful behaviors toward one another.


Tremper High School was named after Mr. George Nelson Tremper, who was Kenosha’s Bradford High School Principal from 1912 to 1944. The 272,786 square foot Tremper High School was completed in the fall of 1964 and opened in January 1965. The first class to graduate from Tremper High School did so in June 1965. Tremper High School was designed by John J. Flad Architects in Madison, Wisconsin, and built by Camosy Incorporated, Kenosha, Wisconsin, for a cost of approximately $4,860,000.

Alma Mater

Alma Mater, dear Tremper High
Proudly do your colors fly.
With love and pride we honor you.
This our pledge, forever true.
Symbol of great strength and beauty,
Comradeship, loyalty and duty,
Alma Mater, dear Tremper High
Proudly do your colors fly.

Spirit Song

For Tremper High School, Alma Mater,
and the honor of her name.
Her sons shall raise with loyal praise,
the glory of her fame.
For Tremper High School, Alma Mater,
fight on forever true.
Hearts once in tune beneath the red and blue,
forever she will win.


Tremper Trojan logo
Tremper Trojan

School Colors

Royal Blue: PMS 286 – Web #0035AD

Scarlet Red: PMS 201 – Web #9E1B34