COVID-19 Forms

These forms are to be filled out by principals/supervisors if a student or staff member is COVID-positive. This will allow the COVID Team to begin their process of confirming the positive result; gathering the exposure, quarantine, and return dates; as well as pulling rosters for principal review and approval. Please follow the COVID Checklist for more details.  

These forms should be filled out principals, supervisors or the COVID Team only. 

Principals/supervisors should fill out this form when an employee reports they are a close contact to a positive case outside of KUSD (e.g. spouse, child, friend, etc.). The HR COVID Team member will reference the spreadsheet to determine if quarantine information has been received from the health department and will the notify principal of the staff member's return to work date. If it has not been received, the HR COVID Team member will work to gather this information from the health department and share with the principal/supervisor upon receipt.