East Wing

Grade 1 email
Mrs. Klein Room 306 kklein@kusd.edu
Mrs. Voelz Room 305 nvoelz@kusd.edu
Grade 2
Mrs. Gross Room 303 mgross@kusd.edu
Mrs. Hanover Room 304 khanover@kusd.edu

Grade 1 Q1 Math Criteria for Proficiency (1)

 Math Video Resources for Parents!

How easily does your first grader add or subtract?

Does your first grader understand the tens and ones place?

Can your first grader tackle word problems?

Does your 2nd grader add and subtract numbers up to 100?

Does your 2nd grader understand three-digit numbers?

Does your 2nd grader solve word problems?

Reading Resource videos for Parents!

Can your second grader figure out the meaning of new words?