Home-School Connection

Kenosha Community Supports!

Kenosha has a wide variety of supports for our families.  If you find yourself with a “need” please reach out to our counselor: Heidi Bassler to get connected to one of our community programs.  Listed below are a few resources and agencies to keep in mind!

Kenosha Community Resource Guide:  This site hosts a regularly updated “resource guide” that serves as the home of all Kenosha community services, programs, and assistance.  It is an amazing data base for any community member and will provide information to assist your family with a variety of needs or services.

Prevention Service Network: Prevention Services Network (PSN) is a community-wide collaboration dedicated to strengthening families. PSN is a voluntary program that connects Kenosha County families to beneficial resources and services at no charge to the families.

Shalom Center: A community non-profit that offers emergency family shelter, food distribution, and soup kitchen services.

Safe Families: Offers many programs including host family and family mentor.  Safe Families for Children is a network of families who volunteer to care for your children for as long as you need. Through our host family program our goal is to keep your family intact. Once you feel like you and your home environment is stable and healthy we’ll work with you to reunite your family as soon as possible.  A Family Mentor to help you Raising children without support from family or friends can be quite difficult. It becomes even more challenging when various stressors are added such as difficulty paying bills, under employment, etc. Connecting with another adult who can provide a listening ear and support can make all the difference in the world.