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Return 2020

Return 2020

Below is KUSD's approved Return 2020 plan: 

Updates other than grammatical changes made:

  • 4/14/21: Page 31 updated Staff Business Travel section
  • 3/2/21: Page 33 updated to align with new staff quarantine rules
  • 12/31/20: Page 31 Add note about FFCRA expiring
    • Page 34 Updated with note about FFCRA expiring
    • Page 42 Updated to align with current meal program offerings
    • Page 44 Updated Educator Effectiveness section to align with waiver request and what may still occur in the 2020-21 school year to carry over to next year
  • 12/14/20: Page 32 Updated to align with the new 10 day quarantine rule with monitoring for symptoms for days 11-14 we will follow beginning

Community Report

Technology Resources for Families

Click the button below for information regarding the district's technical support being offered for the 1:1 Device Program (i.e. Chromebooks, devices and hotspots).

Technology Resources for Families

KUSD Resources/Fliers

COVID-19 resources

KUSD COVID-19 Statistics

Charts are updated at least a few times each week, and more frequently to the best of our ability when positive cases are reported by Kenosha County Division of Health. Charts may or may not be updated on the weekend, the date above indicatees the last date of updating.


  • Not all in-person cases will result in a schoolwide notification. For example, student A was not in school for a week but then tests positive, thus not impacting anyone at that location.
  • Families will only receive emails/calls when positive cases impact others based on exposure dates received from the Kenosha County Division of Health. If a positive case noted below does not result in students and staff being considered close contacts who need to self-quarantine, the district will not be sending emails/calls about the case.


* The statistics below are now available in a new tabbed format.  Please click on the tabs below to view each chart.




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