School Community Celebrations – Usually by grade level. When our school acknowledges our hard work as a community to work together. It can be celebrated many different ways with fun activities by grade level several times a year.  Glowstick games, special seasonal movie times, etc.

Veteran’s Day Celebration – Get those family photos out of loves ones who have or are serving in the military. We put together a slide show yearly to honor our special family members and give our students time to share some special stories.

5th Grade Celebration & Video – We celebrate the time we have had with our 5th graders and their families, anywhere from 1-7 years we have seen them grow and get ready for middle school. A very special time for us to say goodbye and let them know how proud we are of them.

5th Grade Character Award – Given to one boy and one girl from each 5th grade class to students who have demonstrated exemplary character during their entire time at PPE. This is a plaque that gets engraved yearly.

Celebration Flowers

  • 5th Grade flowers.  Each class or 5th grade staff picks a perennial flower or plant to represent the 5th grade class of that year. These are planted in the garden around the school to represent that our 5th graders have contributed to the beauty of our school and will always be a part of the PPE family.
  • Retirement flowers. As each staff member that retires tells us a favorite perennial flower to plant in one of our gardens for the past two years. The idea is that their hard work here will continue to help us grow as they begin the next chapter of retirement.