School Traditions

Character Spirit Days – “Start the Week With Character”! Each Monday, or first day of the week we are back together, wear your character shirt or school colors – blue, yellow & white!

Character Awards –  A sticker is given to students who have been “caught in the act” of demonstrating good character.  The staff  member will give the student a sticker to wear home as well as a certificate.  All staff make a point of asking a student what they did if they see the sticker to reinforce positive, friendly actions in our school.

Classroom Character Boards – Each classroom has an area designated to the character quote and trait of the month as well as an area to recognize students who have earned stickers from staff.

Token Parties – Small chips that go on a classroom token board to fill up are given to a whole class for working together demonstrating good character. It is a whole class effort and any staff member can recognize a class for this. Once the board is filled with all the token spots the class gets a “token party”. The party will be simple and not time consuming, often involving a team building activity or extra time to further build the concept of working together. We value acknowledgements of positive school actions that are not of material value.

Service – As a big focus with character, we provide opportunities for students to help others throughout the year.

  • Each winter we conduct a “Giving Tree” drive for community shelters to assist with warm weather gear for the greater Kenosha community Our school also partners with Whittier, Prairie Lane, Nash and Jeffery in the spring for needed items in the Shalom Center.  We make this a fun competition to drive up the donations and have some fun with other elementary schools. The losing teams get “slimed”.  Thankfully PPE hasn’t been on the receiving end of the sliming so far!
  • Our students make cards and decorations for nearby businesses and facilities to brighten up the winter season. You may have seen some of their work displayed, keep an eye out this winter!