The Pleasant Prairie Way

The Pleasant Prairie Promise.docx

School-Wide Expectations – “The Pleasant Prairie Way”

Character is one of the key pillars of our school culture. It shapes who we are.  It shapes how we treat each other.  It teaches us how to be compassionate, honest, and work hard.  Our School wide effort produces not only smart students but students with good character that are kind, sharing, giving, and willing to put forth that added effort to be the best they can be.

What does character look like?  Great question:  it shows through a common school language.  It is evident in the “feel” or atmosphere of the school.  It is displayed in positive acts of students and staff.  It is the welcoming presence of parents, volunteers and visitors. It is the displays and messages that we want to be the best of who we are. It is the friendliness of each other and kindness students show to others.  It is the connection that binds us together around something good.