ACCESS for ELLs | Kenosha Unified School District


General Document(s)
Form English Spanish
2021 Interpretive Guide for Score Reports PDF icon access-interpretive-guide.pdf
ACCESS Assessment Parent Notification Letter Template PDF icon access-parent-letter-template.pdf PDF icon access-parent-letter-template-sp.pdf
ACCESS for ELLs Accommodation Selections - Online PDF icon access-online-accommodations.pdf
ACCESS for ELLS Information for Families PDF icon access-brochure.pdf PDF icon access-brochure-sp.pdf
ACCESS for ELLs Test Coordinator Training PDF icon access-test-coordinator-training.pdf
Accessibility and Accommodations Supplement 2020-21 PDF icon access-accessibility-accommodations.pdf
Alternate ACCESS for ELLS Information for Families PDF icon access-alt-brochure.pdf PDF icon access-alt-brochure-sp.pdf
Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs Accommodation Selections PDF icon access-kindergarten-accommodations.pdf
Parent/Guardian Guide to the Alternate ACCESS Score Report PDF icon Parent-Guide-for-Alt-ACCESS-Score-Reports-English.pdf PDF icon Parent-Guide-for-Alt-ACCESS-Score-Reports-Spanish.pdf
Parent/Guardian Guide to the Individual Student Report K-12 PDF icon ACCESS-Score-Reports-Parent-Guide-English.pdf PDF icon ACCESS-Score-Reports-Parent-Guide-Spanish.pdf
Strategies and Considerations for In-Person Assessment During a Pandemic PDF icon strategies-considerations-in-person-assessment-pandemic.pdf
Test Administrator Manual 2020-21 PDF icon access-test-administrator-manual.pdf
Test Coordinator Manual 2020-2021 PDF icon access-test-coordinator-manual.pdf
WI Online Checklist 2020-21 PDF icon access-wi-online-checklist.pdf
WIDA AMS User Guide 2020-21 PDF icon wida-ams-user-guide.pdf
WIDA Technology User Guide PDF icon wida-technology-user-guide.pdf