ACCESS for ELLs | Kenosha Unified School District


General Document(s)
Form English Spanish
1819 WI Online Checklist PDF icon 1819-WI-ACCESS-Checklist.pdf
1819 Interpretive Guide for Score Reports PDF icon ACCESS-Interpretive-Guide.pdf
1819 Accessibility and Accommodations Supplement PDF icon ACCESS-Accessibility-Accommodations-Supplement_2018-19.pdf
1819 Test Coordinator Manual PDF icon ACCESS-Training-District-School-Test-Coordinator-Manual_2018-19.pdf
1819 Test Administrator Manual PDF icon Test-Administrator-Manual_2018-19.pdf
1819 WIDA AMS User Guide PDF icon WIDA-AMS-User-Guide_2018-19.pdf
1819 Test Coordinator Training PowerPoint PDF icon 1819-ACCESS-for-ELLs_110818.pdf
1819 Accommodation Selection Worksheet PDF icon ACCESS-Online-Accommodations-Checklist.pdf
1819 Accommodation Selection Kindergarten Worksheet PDF icon Kinder-ACCESS-Accommodations-Checklist.pdf
1819 DRC Insight Technology User Guide PDF icon Technology-User-Guide_All Volumes_WIDA_09_06_18.pdf
1819 ACCESS Parent Handout PDF icon ACCESS-Parent-Handout-English.pdf
1819 Parent/Guardian Guide to the Individual Student Report K-12 PDF icon ACCESS-Score-Reports-Parent-Guide-English.pdf PDF icon ACCESS-Score-Reports-Parent-Guide-Spanish.pdf
1819 Parent/Guardian Guide to the Alternate ACCESS Score Report PDF icon Parent-Guide-for-Alt-ACCESS-Score-Reports-English.pdf PDF icon Parent-Guide-for-Alt-ACCESS-Score-Reports-Spanish.pdf