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Early College Credit and Start College Now

Early College Credit and Start College Now

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Under two different State of Wisconsin programs, high school students may apply to take college or technical college courses for both high school and college credit.  This information was placed in the high school student handbook. Tuition and books for students enrolled in approved courses will be paid by Kenosha Unified School District.

To participate in this program, students must:

  • Explore the KUSD website and complete the necessary paperwork before they meet with their counselor by the due date during the semester prior to enrollment
    • The technical college system program is called Start College Now.
      • The applications are due October 1st (Spring 2020 courses) and March 1st (Fall 2019 courses)
      • Only for students in grades 11-12
      • No summer courses are allowed for the technical college system
    • The university program for public and private colleges is called Early College Credit.
      • The applications are due October 1st (Spring 2020 courses) and March 1st (Summer and Fall 2019 courses)
      • Only for students in grades 9-12
    • Explore each college by selecting the links below
  • Meet the admission requirements set by the participating colleges
  • Meet district-approved guidelines     
  • Schedule a meeting with their school counselor to discuss 
    • their interest
    • course approval and guidelines
    • impact the desired course work may have on their high school educational program and future plan
  • Check to see if the course they selected is comparable to any KUSD high school course offered in the district.  If the course is comparable it will not be approved.
  • High school students are limited to a maximum of 18 post-secondary credits and they may not have concurrent enrollment in the Start College Now Program and Early College Credit Program

Families may have additional fees such as placement tests, exams, parking permits, cosmetology kits, flight school, welding supplies, workbooks, and other materials or supplies that would become the property of the student. Kenosha Unified School District does not provided transportation to the colleges.

KUSD Policy and Rule 6435 (PDF) - WI Technical College Start College Now Program
KUSD Policy and Rule 6450 (PDF) - Early College Credit Program

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