School Supply Lists

Nash Elementary utilizes multi-age classrooms for grades 1 – 5 to best provide our students with personalized learning in our Next Generation Learning program. Our Next Generation Learning Classrooms use supplies in a “community” way. Therefore, our requested supply lists are somewhat different from the standard KUSD supply list. Please see the links that have been created to the general supply lists for our 4th/5th grade classrooms, 2nd/3rd grade classrooms, 1st grade classrooms, and Kindergarten classrooms. Any students continuing in a pod for next year, should have received a pod specific supply list in their final report card envelope. For any students going in to a new pod, new to Nash, or that didn’t receive a specific list at the end of last year, the general list should cover just about everything on the individual pod lists. Specific classroom (pod) lists will be available at open house, but for those of you who would like to take advantage of the summer sales, we have posted the supply lists for your convenience.