Student Attendance

Attendance is a critical aspect of your child’s education. Being at school is essential for your child’s academic and social growth. We monitor student attendance closely at Mahone. One way we communicate attendance concerns is through letters. The state of Wisconsin allows us to excuse up to ten days of school with a parent notification (no doctor’s note). This includes vacations and sick days.

Absences with a note from the doctor are marked as “medical” do not count against the ten days allowed. Any time your child is absent and has seen a doctor, please provide a note so it doesn’t count against your ten days. After ten days of non-medical excused absences, a doctor’s note is required for all further absences. Any further absences that do not have a doctor’s note are marked as “unexcused” and count as “truancies” (discussed further below).


Mahone tries to keep parents up to date in regards to their child’s absences. We send a “friendly letter” after three days of excused absences to make parents aware of what was discussed in the paragraphs above. This letter is simply meant to be informative. We send a “7 day letter” after seven days of excused absences to let families know they are approaching the ten day mark. We send a “10 day letter” after the ten days of excused absences to let parents know that doctor’s notes will be required for any further absences.


It is extremely important to notify the school when your child is absent. You can call 359-8101 at any time of day or night and leave a message that your child will be absent. You can tell us after the fact if you forgot to notify us by calling 359-8101. Any absences we are not notified of count as “truancies”. If your child gets two truancies in a semester, you will receive the “initial truancy letter” to notify you. If your child reaches five truancies in a semester, your child is considered habitually truant.  You will receive the “habitual truancy letter” informing you of a meeting with the school and the district’s attendance officers. This meeting could result in a court referral for habitual truancy.

Examples of the letters are linked below.

Friendly Letter

7 - Day Letter

10 - Day Letter

Initial Truancy

Habitual Truancy

Excessive Tardiness