6th Grade

6th Grade Resource Page

Extra-Curricular Activites Survey

Ms. Keckler's Science/Social Studies Class

Earthquake Newspaper - Red

Earthquake Newspaper - White

Earthquake Newspaper - Blue

Moon Phases Resources

Ms. Thomas' Science/Social Studies Class

Deserts, Savannas, Temperate Forests, Temperate Grasslands, Tropical Rain Forest, Tundra

Ice Cap


Mountain Grassland and Brush


All English Classes

Famous Volcanoes

History's Most Destructive Volcanoes

Smithsonian - Global Volcanism Program

Top 10 Famous Volcanoes

Top 10 Great Volcano Eruptions

Volcanoes: Fact, Information and Resources

7th Grade

7th Grade Resource Page


Math Survey 1

Math Survey 2

Math Survey 3

Math Survey 4

Social Studies

Ancient Artifacts

Ancient Greek Gods

Black Death Webquest

-The Basics


-The Spread


-Ring Aropund the Rosie

Dome of the Sky

Manor Webquest

Medieval Webquest

Mummy Maker

NASA's The Space Place

Planning Your Afterlife


Body Systems

Cell Interactive 1

Cell Interactive 2

Cells Website

Cells Pictures

Cells Video

Energy Flow

Extinct - Plant Survival Game

Genetics - DNA From the Beginning

Genetics - Furry Family

Genetics - Quest

Green Squad

Human Biology

Quizlet Royal Core 1

Quizlet Royal Core 2

Quizlet Royal Core 3

Quizlet Royal Core 4

Snowflake WebQuest

-Go to Website 1 to answer questions 1-7

-Go to Website 2 to answer questions 8-9


8th Grade

8th Grade Resource Page

Ms Finnigan's Math Class

Algebra 1

Math 8

Ms. Rasmussen's English Class


Honors English

Social Studies

13 Colonies Travel Brochure Project

---13 Colonies - Google Brochure Template (Make copy to use template)

---13 Colonies - Web Resources

---"13 Colonies Info" Site

---"Land of the Brave" Site


Encore Resource Page

Mr Nieman Computer Science

Gates v Jobs

Ms Ticha's STEM Class

CSI: The Experience

Ecological Footprint

Recycle City

Wind with Miller


Samsung Project ICE

Permeable Paving

Wikipedia - Permeable Paving

Porous Pavement in Cold Climates

Pervious Pavement

Rain Gardens

Wisconsin DNR - Rain Gardens

WI Natural Resources Magazine - Rain Gardens

FAQs - Rain Gardens

Salt Tolerant Plants - Rain Gardens

Road Salt Alternatives:

Indiana Warm Floors Video

Solar Powered Pavement Video

Magic Salt Video 1

Magic Salt Video 2

Magic Salt Website

Magic Salt FAQs

GreenVenture Alternatives

Solar Salt Machine Video


Line Bounder