Students can no longer be picked up after 3:00pm (2:30pm on Fridays) unless a prearranged absence form has been completed and approved. Prearrenged absence forms are available below.

Athletic Event Announcement:

Students are required to wear their grade level school photo IDs to all athletic events, both home and away. Also, students that have received an Office Disciplinary Referral (ODR) during the week of or the week prior to the athletic event, are not eligible to attend.

KUSD Laude System

 The laude system is a tiered acknowledgement system that recognizes students for the rigor of their academic program as well as their success in that program rather than a traditional class ranking system.

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"Partners In Learning"

Community Conversation

Building Our Future - Community Conversation - Survey

Student-Parent-Teacher Agreement - En Espanol

Important Forms

Early Dismissal Form

Medication Authorization Form

Prearranged Absence Form

6th Grade Lunchroom Procedures

Important Websites:

City of Kenosha Parking Regulations

Web Link
Name of Website
Purpose of Site

Allows parents to view assignments, grades, attendance and schedule of students.

You must have a working email address on file with KUSD to access the Infinite Campus portal.

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2019 Summer Infinate Campus Update

My School Bucks My School Bucks
Allows parents to manage their student's lunch money account online.

NO Home-Prepared Foods in Schools


Kenosha Unified School District continues to support Kenosha County’s request to encourage schools to adhere to the safe public health practice of NO home-prepared foods in schools.


Adhering to this safe public health practice and requesting food items which are manufactured from a licensed facility promotes the following:


-Controls the spread of communicable disease from infected individuals and minimize the transmission to student and staff.  Licensed facilities are inspected and monitored by public health officials.


-Reduces economic hardship for parents/guardians that would require staying home from work with infected children when their child is excluded from school during a communicable disease outbreak.


-Reduces the risk of a life-threatening reaction for students with known allergies to certain food products.


Therefore, Kenosha Unified Schools will continue to encourage safe food practices in our school settings in order to maintain a healthy student and staff population.  These safe and health practices promote school attendance, yield a safer school environment and support the District’s educational goals.