Lincoln Middle School Before and After School Programs

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO BUS for after school programs at this time. All dismissal will take place at door 8, the ramp doors, off of 17th Avenue.

To attend: Unless otherwise stated in the description, all you need is a permission slip from the instructor.

*DREAM GIRLS                      

DAYS: TUES           TIME: 4:10-5:15         TEACHER: MOSLEY LOCATION: Room 108 Counseling Area

DESCRIPTION: A group designed to encourage self-respect, personal empowerment, self-confidence, positive self-image, and physical fitness. 


DAY: TUES             TIME: 7:30 -8:30 AM    TEACHERS: WOODARD & TICHA LOCATION: Room 13

DESCRIPTION: Student Council students are leaders of the school and are often asked to help the Administrators and teachers with many duties like: providing tours of the building at Open House & Orientations, running the school book store, participating in the Reading Buddies program. Some of the other activities that Student Council members have participated in or have initiated over the years are:  Lincoln’s Walk for Cancer, volunteer work, haunted house, and more All essential paper work must be turned in prior to a student starting.


DAYS: M & TH        TIME: 4:10-5:15            TEACHERS: FINNIGAN & ERICKSON LOCATION: ROOM 211

Forget to finish your homework? Need access to computers? Then POWER is for you! Teachers are standing by to assist you in POWER!



DESCRIPTION: Students will work on fitness and strength training to help start healthy habits! Students must see Mr. Blise to join since there is a limit to the number that can attend. Meet outside Room 222


DAY: THURS               TIME: 4:10- 5:15pm            TEACHER: PICCOLO LOCATION: Art room 208

DESCRIPTION: Students will work on creating fun and innovative art projects. This year art studio will be focusing on painting a mural in the cafeteria. Another focus of art club will be to make art by taking apart every day found objects that people are going to throw away and to make something new with them. Items collected so far are: old computers, keyboards, a satellite dish, printers, a toaster, etc.



DAYS:  M, T, W           TIME: 4:10-5:30 pm           TEACHER:  STONE LOCATION: Gym/Auditorium

DESCRIPTION: The Lincoln Cheerleaders encourage and motivate our school athletic teams to do their best.  They involve the school community in supporting Lincoln Middle School.  The cheerleaders learn to develop individual self-esteem, discipline, and personal accountability, while learning the importance of being a team player. (Sign up is closed for this year but listen in Spring to sign up for next year!

*CHAMBER ORCHESTRA                   

DAYS: M, T, F           TIME: 7:30-8:30am                TEACHER: MARVIN           LOCATION: Room 114

DESCRIPTION: Chamber Orchestra is an extra-curricular group open to all 6,7,8th grade orchestra students. In this ensemble we leaven a variety of music from different styles (fiddle, jazz, popular, classical, etc) and time periods. The Chamber Orchestra participates in the Lincoln School concerts, KUSD Solo/Ensemble contest, and a concert tour of Lincoln's feeder elementary schools.

*STEP TEAM               

DAYS:  T & TR          TIME: 4:10-5:15                  TEACHER: TATE LOCATION: Auditorium

DESCRIPTION:  This is a form of percussive dance in which the body is used as an instrument through a mixture of footsteps and hand claps. Students will learn choreographed dance routines, individual and groups, that they will perform during KUSD events. Meet outside room



DAYS: T, W & TR          TIME:  7:30am            TEACHER:  ROVIK        LOCATION:  Band Room

DESCRIPTION:  An instrumental ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of improvisation and the jazz style.  Focus will be on performance, jazz history, music theory, and improvisation.  This group rehearses very difficult music and previous experience playing a wind or rhythm section instrument is encouraged.

*MORNING BASKETBALL (Not until January)

DAYS: M, T, TR, F           TIME: 7:30 am                      TEACHER: NIEMAN

DESCRIPTION: Students will have the opportunity to play pick up basketball and practice their fundamental skills in a safe and warm environment. THIS WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL JANUARY.


DAYS: M               TIME: 4:10-5:15             TEACHER: PAPADOLIAS LOCATION:  ROOM 210

DESCRIPTION: Garage Band welcomes both beginning and experienced guitar players, bass players, drummers, singers, rappers, and aspiring performers to join a band that will perform rock, folk, blues, international, fusion, and experimental music. Club members may play their own instruments or share. We will learn tabs, chords, improv, and common song structures that will open doors to cultures and eras of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Make your dreams come true and try something new. It makes no difference if you have no idea how to. Come learn and we'll make musicians out of you.

*LATIN DANCE            

DAYS:  T & TR          TIME: 4:10-5:15           TEACHER: MACIAS LOCATION: 232

DESCRIPTION:  This club will be learning a variety of Latin style dance. Students will learn choreographed dance routines, individual and groups, that they will perform during KUSD events.


DAYS:  T (not until 2nd QTR)       TIME: 4:10-5:15    TEACHER: TICHA & ZAZULA LOCATION: 13

DESCRIPTION:  This is a club devoted to expanding the minds of students through Robotics, Coding, and 3D Printing


DAYS: TR             TIME: 4:10-5:15           TEACHER: PAPADOLIS LOCATION: ROOM 210

DESCRIPTION: Knight Riders is for skateboarders and longboarders. You don't have to know how. We will practice safety and basic cruising while having a good time sidewalk surfing.


DAYS: T                     TIME: 4:10-5:15               TEACHER: ASELTINE LOCATION: LIBRARY

DESCRIPTION: Magic: The Gathering was the first trading card game, started in 1993, and continues to thrive today with over 20 million players worldwide.Do you play or want to learn? Come join us for a good time! Cards can be provided to build decks or bring your own.

Learn strategy, deck building, and build camaraderie.


DAYS: M                  TIME: 4:10-5:15    TEACHER: RASMUSSEN LOCATION: ROOM 124

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy writing, drawing or just collaborating with peers? Come join us! Newspaper club is open to all students. We will create and publish our own newspaper; make student voices be heard while reporting news about our school.


Please note:  All students participating in the after school programs need to remain at Lincoln until the 5:15 dismissal.  Dismissal will happen through door 8 (the ramp door) on 17th Ave.