School Socials

We would like to explain a little about our school Socials at Lance Middle School for parents new to Lance Middle School.

We hold Socials about once a month on Thursdays or Fridays from 4:00-6:00pm.  All of the Social dates are listed on the Lance Middle School website - click on the calendar tab at the top.  A different school club, activity, or athletic team sponsors each Social.

Each student must purchase a Social ticket for $3, have parent/ guardian signed permission slip turned in, and wear their school issued lanyard and ID during the Social.  The tickets are sold in the student's classes.  All of the school rules and expectations apply for a Social (no cell phones in the building).  A student can be withheld from a Social for disciplinary issues throughout the month.  Students report to the auditorium directly after school to wait to be dismissed to the Social.  They may leave their belongings in the auditorium until dismissal at 6:00pm.  The auditorium is locked during the entire time of the Social to ensure all belongings are safe.

Students are able to dance and/or listen to music in the gym being played by a DJ, eat food and play games in the cafeteria, or play games in the commons.  Each Social has different activities and games set up for the students depending on the sponsor of the Social.

Socials are well supervised, and allow for students to have fun at school, outside the school day.  If a student purchases a Social ticket and does not attend the Social, his or her parent/ guardian is called to notify them that they are not in attendance.  This allows the parents to know if their child is attending the Social or not.  No students are allowed to leave until 6:00pm.  We cannot make accommodations to manage a large group of students if many students are leaving at various times.  Please make plans accordingly if your child is attending a Social.

Parents cannot enter the school to pick up their child at 6:00pm, for security reasons.  The supervisor/ chaperone at the main door may not know all of the students or parents, and we do not want to let anyone that we do not know in the building.  If you care to chaperone, please call the main office.  We release all students at 6:00pm, so you can meet your child out in the parking lot.  We recommend planning a specific location to pick your child, as the parking lot is very congested at this time.

Students can bring some extra money to purchase snacks and drinks.  Please make sure that the money is secured in their locker throughout the day.  It is very sad to see a student lose their money.

Socials are fun way for the students to "blow off some steam" and have some fun with friends.   We encourage your child to attend and have fun at school, outside of the classroom.  If you have any questions regarding Socials, please contact the Lance Main Office at 359-2240.  Thank you.