• To provide a combined career/college prep program recognizing that some of the skills needed for employment are higher and different than the skills needed for college.
  • To develop and implement an integrated technology, science, math and English curriculum for grades 9-16 in consultation with an advisory committee that prepares students for employment and lifelong learning at the Technical College and University levels incorporating training such as Youth Apprenticeship.
  • To provide a hands-on, yet conceptual based learning environment in which teachers of technology, science, math and English collaborate to foster problem-solving individuals and create within the students the aptitude to learn how to learn.
  • To develop a program in collaboration with other public and private technical colleges and universities.
  • To expand working and unprecedented partnerships with area businesses and industries in programs such as job shadowing for teachers, job shadowing for students, and Youth Apprenticeship.
  • To include parent and community involvement at the Academy and District level in an effort to re-establish families as the central support structure for children.