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National Honor Society

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Safety Patrol


Student Council

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The National Honor Society, or NHS, is a nationwide organization at KTEC that recognizes stellar students, beginning at fourth grade.  

Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  A teacher selection committee carefully goes over each application and decides if students meet the four criteria.  If they do, they will participate in an induction ceremony in May.

National Elementary Honor Society is for grades 4-6

National Junior Honor Society is for grades 7-8


KTEC has safety patrol at both campuses.  They are a team of students who take on responsibilities to promote safety throughout the entire school.  They need to be a student in good academic standing, be a good role model, respectful, responsible and have a helpful attitude.

It is an honor and privilege to be a member of the patrol team.

Candidates are selected at the end of fourth grade. 5th-grade students new to KTEC will have the opportunity to be nominated for patrol by their teacher after first quarter.


Student council is open to all 5th-8th grade students who want to help make KTEC and the community a better place as well as gain leadership skills.

Student council runs programs like penny wars, talent shows, food drives, candy gram sales, and more!



PAWS is a group of students who volunteer their time to help staff with various tasks including tutoring students after school, helping with ongoing activities like helping a young student get ready at the end of the day, or a specific task like labeling a classroom library.

Students need to apply, be in good standing academically and be a positive leader in the school.


Food for Learning


 Battle of the Books

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Math Team



KTEC’s Food for Learning teaches Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and traditional gardening through after-school sessions throughout the year.

KTEC 4th and 5th graders can participate in the KUSD Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) program.  There are B.O.B. teams at both campuses.

KTEC middle-school students have the ability to participate in the WEMTA Battle of the Books program.  There will be one team for all KTEC students.


There are scouting troops for girls and boys across a variety of grades.  Information is sent home each year.


Math team is a group of 7th & 8th graders who enjoy playing with math.  We spend our meets practicing challenging math problems and playing games.  Our matheletes compete in several international, national and regional competitions, including MathCounts and Math Olympiads.  You don’t have to be great at math to join the math team.  You just have to want to play with it.
KTEC First LEGO League 

Theatre Program 

Young Rembrandts  


Chess Scholars

The primary goal of KTEC’s First LEGO League Club is to engage children in basic engineering challenges and teach engineering concepts. By using LEGO, it simplifies teaching engineering and allows children to learn through hands on experiences.  KTEC’s Theatre Program is comprised of staff and students who collectively come together to tell stories.  Through music, plays, improvisation, training, drama camp, and acting exercises, an infinite amount of stories can be told.  Whether someone is performing on the stage or working behind the scenes, every individual is an important part of the team. Young Rembrandts franchisees partner with schools and offers well-organized classes and teaching original, high-quality curriculum in a positive environment.

(Run by an outside organization at KTEC campuses)

 Chess Scholars programs are designed for children in grades K-8 and maintain a delicate balance between learning and fun. Children love our system of Chess Belts, and our excellent administrative team provides a turn-key experience to schools and community centers.

(Run by an outside organization at KTEC campuses)

Pantherettes Dance Team Computer Science Club

Cyber Patriots

 Leeward Business Advisors has partnered with KTEC to provide our middle-school students with the opportunity to increase their computer-science knowledge and experience.  Computer Science meets after winter break and is taught by professionals from LeewardBA. Cyber Patriots offers 7th and 8th grade girls the opportunity to explore the world of cyber security. Online registration is due by September 6. Contact Kristen Kief at Leeward Business Advisors for more information: