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Math concepts at KTEC, at the K-1 level, will be taught utilizing the Everyday Math curriculum. These concepts will be enhanced and extended when technology is brought in to reinforce and “cement” key ideas. For example, students in Kindergarten may be taught “skip counting by 2′s”, but then once mastery is achieved, they may have their skip counting Podcast by the teacher. It will then be attached to the classroom webpage.To prepare students for a rigorous middle school math program, teachers will complement the Everyday Math Curriculum in grades 2 through 5 with additional practice through a more traditional program. Students will use math manipulatives and technology tools like Spreadsheets, online simulations, and graphing calculators to produce a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. In order to ensure success with the Project Lead the Way curriculum, students at KTEC will take Pre-Algebra in seventh grade and Algebra 1 in eighth grade.Like with reading, all students at KTEC will complete regular electronic math assessments to identify areas of progress and areas that need attention. Teachers will use a variety of electronic programs such as Accelerated Math and Gold Medal Challenge to monitor student progress and to encourage the development of computation and problem-solving skills. These programs provide