Frequently Asked Questions

Breakfast & Lunch

The KTEC School Milk Program offers K-5 students an opportunity to order milk for their daily snack.

If you would like to eat lunch with your student, you need to sign in at the office.  You are allowed to bring food for your student only.


School Meal Charge Procedures

Home Prepared Foods Memo

Home Prepared Foods Memo Spanish

Building Requests

KTEC families can request the use of the KTEC campuses for approved clubs, scouts, meetings, PTSC events, 8th grade fundraisers, sports practices, etc.  Please see the guidelines and form below:

Building Request Form 2019-20

Before- and After-School Program

KTEC will no longer offer Konnections. The new program will be run by the YMCA.

Ashley Proctor, Site Director, KTEC east and west          262-654-9622  

            YMCA Frequently Asked Questions

             YMCA Attendance Policy

Please continue to pay your Konnections balance using this link

Charter School

KTEC is a public charter school and an instrumentality of the KUSD.  This means we teach the same benchmarks and standards as all students in the district.  We are held accountable in the same way and take the state standardized test.  Our students have all of the same services available to them through the district including OT, PT, speech, ELL services and special education plans.  Our students are also allowed to participate in middle-school sports through their boundary school.  There is no tuition and openings are filled through a lottery system.  We are called a charter school because we have a signed agreement (charter) with the district specifying the things we are allowed to do differently.  KTEC is accountable to our Governance Board.  They approve the budget and policy decisions.

KTEC receives state education money given to the district; however, only 80% of what non-charter schools are given.  While the district provides the student services listed above, KTEC uses its own funds for all facility expenses, technology, and staff development and salaries.  The KTEC Fit for Growth Endowment Fund is an account used to cover some of these costs.  Learn more about the fund here.

2018 KTEC Charter

Class Size

4 Preschool classrooms of 16-18 students (all at West)

5 Kindergarten classrooms of 20 students (2 at East and 3 at West)

5 classrooms of  each 1st and 2nd grades with 22 students in each ( 2 of each at East and 3 of each at West)

5 3rd-grade classrooms with 24 students (2 at East and 3 at West)

5 classrooms of each 4th and 5th grades with 26 students in each (2 of each at East and 3 of each at West)

6 classrooms of each 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-grade classrooms of 26 students (2 of each at East and 4 of each at West)

Co-curricular Activities

KTEC offers many groups and clubs for students to join.  You can find more information about the options here.

Dress Code

KTEC follows the KUSD Dress Code (PDF).

Drop Off and Pick Up

There is no transportation provided to KTEC by the school or the district.  If your student is planning on taking a Kenosha city bus, you can find bus fares, times and schedules at the link below.  Parents may also set up their own carpools with other parents.  

Kenosha Transportation Information

West Campus Drop Off and Pick Up Information

East Campus Drop Off and Pick Up Information

Encore Classes

KTEC offers encore classes to all students.  Find more information attached below.

Encore KTEC

Inclement Weather Policy

KTEC follows the KUSD school closing policy.

Konnections – Before and After School Program Balance Payments

KTEC Konnections program has been discontinued.  Please see the information for Before- & After-School Program on this page.

Please continue to use this link to pay your Konnections balance:  Konnections Online Payment

KTEC Schedule

Charter schools can develop a calendar schedule that best fits the needs of the school.  Parent Teacher conferences and in-service days may be unique to our school.  Major breaks are the same as KUSD. (See the Calendar tab for more events)

2019-20 KTEC Calendar

Lottery Application Information

KTEC lottery applications for the next school year are accepted only during the month of January.  All students in the KUSD are eligible to apply.  Open spots are filled through a random lottery system.  A link to the online enrollment application will be available on the KTEC website homepage during open enrollment times.


KTEC follows the KUSD procedure for students taking prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

Parent Organization

The Parent Teacher Student Community (PTSC) is an organization open to all KTEC families.  Learn more here.

Prearranged Absences

Regular attendance is essential to a student’s education.  If you require your student to miss school, please fill out a prearranged absence form two weeks before or sooner, so the staff can evaluate the effect the absence will have on the child.

KUSD Attendance Policy (PDF)

KTEC Prearranged Absence Form

Registration – once you are accepted to KTEC

You must register with both KUSD and KTEC.  You need to register with KUSD BEFORE you register with KTEC

KUSD registration information

KUSD Online Registration Tips English

KUSD Online Registration Tips Spanish

KUSD Fee Information

KUSD Registration

KTEC registration dates and times are listed on the homepage of this website.

School Hours

KTEC east campus

The school day begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. with students in their classes, ready to learn.  The school day ends at 3:00 P.M. each day with the exception of Fridays.  Fridays school is dismissed at 2:00 P.M.  Half-day dismissal time is 11:30 A.M.

KTEC west campus

The school day begins promptly at 8:20 a.m. with students in their classes, ready to learn.  The school day ends at 3:20 p.m. each day with the exception of Fridays.  Fridays school is dismissed at 2:20 p.m. Half-day dismissal time is 11:50 A.M.

PreK Hours: AM 8:20-11:30    PM 12:05-3:20

School Supply List

2019-20 KTEC School Supply List (PDF)

Sick Day Guidelines

Not sure if you should keep your child home?  Read the guidelines below provided by the school nurse.

If you are going to keep your child home, please call the office (West: 359-7100    East:359-3800).

Sick Day Guidelines

Technology Use

KTEC does not require you to have a computer at home.  Although some textbooks and information are available online, it is not necessary to have a home computer.  Students who need access to technology will be able to access it at school.  Arrangements can also be made to stay after school to use computers.  KTEC follows all district policy on technology use.

KUSD Student Email Information

KUSD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Volunteer  and Chaperone Information

To volunteer in a classroom or chaperone any field trips, you must fill out the KTEC volunteer form below.  You must also complete the KUSD background check.

2019-20 Background Check Form