FashClash: Current trends aren’t working with the dress code

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.40.49 AMBy Katrina Smith | Staff writer

While shopping, you are bound to see sweaters with risqué designs, sleeveless shirts, leggings, distressed jeans, short-shorts and skirts. All of these items and more are what’s popular among today’s young and fashionable, but how does today’s trend affect parents and teens when clothes shopping for school? What might come as a surprise to some people is that most students don’t feel truly inhibited by the school dress code.

“The dress code has zero effect on what I wear to school,” says Morgan Davis, a freshman in the Business Academy.

When out shopping on the weekends, students aren’t thinking about what’s deemed appropriate for school. No, what’s most prevalent on their minds is finding what they like at an affordable price.

So what happens when a young teen stumbles upon an article of clothing that’s perfect in every way, except it’s against dress code?

They buy it anyways; they don’t have to wear everything they buy to school. Yet you’ll still find a plethora of students in the Office of Student Management for dress code violations. The fact of the matter is some teens still wear items that are technically against code to school, but if they get caught, it isn’t the end of the world for them. Students aren’t going to start rioting because they have to cover up some exposed skin.

Although what students buy and wear to school isn’t too heavily impacted by the dress code, there are some slight changes they would make to the policy.

“I think we should be able to wear sleeveless shirts as long as they have two-finger width,” says Ashley Reifenberger, a senior in the Communications Academy.