Graduation Requirements: Students look to fill 10 hours of community service required

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.59.46 AMBy Jennifer Gomez | Staff writer, Copy editor, Photographer

The class of 2014 and beyond have three less credits re- quired for graduation than previous years, but must now complete a mandatory 10 hours of community service to walk across the stage.

Volunteer hours can be served at local soup kitchens, senior citizens homes, animal shelters, the Boys & Girls Club, the Salvation Army, or any other place where there is no financial gain for the student.

An easy way to find a community service opportunity is to join Indian Trail High School and Academy’s Key Club. The club does a number of community outreaches during the year such as helping at elementary schools’ family fun nights, cleaning up at beaches, parks, and Indian Trail, and raising money for worthy causes. All students are welcome to join Key Club at any time.

Another way to find volunteer work is by looking at IT’s scholarship bulletin board where flyers for service opportunities are posted. Hours can also be done at faith-based organizations, but only if activities are not evangelized or religious in nature.

Some students may have already started on their service hours without knowing. Working concession stands at an Indian Trail event can count as service hours as well as interning for a teacher (for no credit).

Once service hours are completed they can be turned into the guidance counselor’s office. Students don’t have to stop there though, doing more community service looks great on college applications and can bring a sense of reward from helping others.