Connors adds passion, humor, energy to physics classroom

Photo by Elly Herrick, Editor-in-Chief

Article by Katlyn Marotz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

             Katlyn Marotz

Patrick Connors can be seen sporting funky patterned vests around the halls, tempting students to sign up for AP Physics, and expressing his passion for his favorite science.

Overall, he’s seen as a very passionate and hard working teacher by many of his students and fellow faculty.

Connors started off his career as an engineer, but fell more in love with teaching when he started tutoring in college. He has been a teacher at Indian Trail High School for five years.

He has a 5-year-old son, enjoys playing various types of games, is an avid reader, and has collectible figurines or decorations littered around his classroom including a Dumbledore and Pokemon one which makes the classroom feel more full.

“I love when the theory and the math meet,” Connors said. “And you do something amazing and you can prove why it worked. That’s a great feeling.”

One reason he felt pulled toward teaching physics was his desire for others to have a positive experience with the subject, especially because it’s a gateway to more high paying careers.

“The feeling of being able to take something that goes over most people’s heads and rephrase it in a way that people understand … I really like that,” Connors said.

AP Physics student Julianne Nunez said her first impression of Connors was that he was really easy going and extremely excited when talking about science.

“You don’t get a lot of teachers that are really engulfed in what they’re talking about which makes you also want to get more involved,” Nunez said

She also said that having a good bond with your teachers is very important. The class gets even more enjoyable when you feel like your “buddy” is teaching you, she said, and you can still respect them as a teacher and an adult.

“He is very engaging, whether it’s by doing labs or having work days and helping people individually. He’s always very invested in the class and making sure everyone is caught up and things make sense for everyone,” Nunez said.

Connors said it’s most important for students to get the most out of their education and explore all opportunities they’re given, because it may frame what the rest of their lives will be like.

Nunez is considering a career related to physics, and said Connors was the reason she decided to take the class. He makes the class easier and enjoyable, she said.

“I felt I could have a positive role in making more students’ first experience with physics a positive one, so then they at least have an interest in it if they pursue it,” he said.

“The more things kids can see, more skills they can try, and classes they can take, the better they have of making the most of the life they’re given.”


“I love when the theory and the math meet. And you do something amazing and you can prove why it worked. That’s a great feeling.”

 ~ Patrick Connors Indian Trail Physics Teacher