Peterson earns IT first, heads to Baylor in fall

Photo by Curtis Lindgren, Photo Director

Article by Sophia Hysaw, Staff Writer & Opinion Editor

                  Sophia Hysaw

Baylor University is a prestigious school in Waco, Texas that has been around since 1845, and Lily Peterson is the first Indian Trail High School student to ever be accepted to it and with plans to attend.

Peterson’s drive to aspire is apparent in her school resume: Student Council for four years, vice president currently; National Honor Society member; and set records for most service hours every year of high school. Though she has been part of many things, Peterson explained it was not always easy and quite a learning experience.

“Through tough situations like planning our school’s entire homecoming, as well as AP and honor classes, running multiple clubs, and having three jobs, I learned how to prioritize tasks and chaos management,” she said. “I think all of this has helped me control chaos and how to live happily while still being active and choose the right

people to surround myself with and associate with.

I think that’ll help me in college for sure and help me stay mature.”

Peterson has numerous hobbies and interests, but she has always had a particular interest in engineering and plans to explore that throughout her time at Baylor.

“I plan on majoring in mechanical engineering or general engineering and go into what I am most interested in, while double majoring in law school. I might also minor in languages like Spanish or Italian,” she said.

Peterson is beyond excited for all the prospects offered at the university she will soon attend.

“It was built before the state of Texas was a part of the US, so it’s super historical and has a lot of tradition. The big change will be fun for me,” she said. “They really prioritize student well-being, and everyone in Texas is nice, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.”