Students petition KUSD to investigate quality of school lunches

Katelyn Wilson addresses the school board at its November meeting, calling on school officials to investigate the quality of lunches being served at KUSD schools. Photo by Elly Herrick

By Elly Herrick | Editor-in-chief

                 Elly Herrick

Indian Trail students are concerned about their school lunches, and they want their school district to address the problem.

So during a Kenosha Unified School District board meeting on Nov. 16, 2021, students presented a petition with almost 2,000 signatures, calling for school officials to address alleged problems with food quality and safety.

One of the students and creator of the lunch petition, Communications Academy sophomore Katelyn Wison, spoke and reported that her petition has reached 1,978 signatures and is still growing. (As of this story posting, the petition had received more than 2,000 signatures.)

“I decided to go to the school board meeting with this issue as I knew this was not just an issue ITA faced, but rather one that affected all of KUSD.” Wilson said.

Several students faced the board and said that for some people, this is their only meal a day. The lunches are now under investigation and  may change in the coming weeks as school officials look for new food suppliers that show better quality and are within the general nutritional requirements.

“There are two main issues with school lunches that we have observed, which are portion size and quality,” Wilson said. “Some solutions we could take towards this would be having more frequent inspections of the food quality and quantity, using proper temperature measuring steps, taking a closer inspection of all prepackaged items including storage, shipping times and temperature storage/control.”